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Report: Yedlin set to fight for new contract at Newcastle United

DeAndre Yedlin has previously been linked with a move away from the English Premier League, but reportedly is aiming for a stay at Newcastle United.

Yedlin recently triggered a contract negotiation based on the number of games he has played for the Magpies, Chronicle Live reported. The U.S. Men’s National Team veteran had been linked with both MLS and the Bundesliga this summer after falling out of favor in Steve Bruce’s starting lineup.

Yedlin, 27, made 20 combined appearances for Newcastle United this season, scoring one goal against EPL giants Manchester City. He missed 14 matches though with injuries to his groin, hip, and hand which saw Valentino Lazaro and Fabian Schar start at right back in his absence.

His current contract runs until June 2021 and is aiming to fight for his place at St. James Park next season. The club is also considering loan options for Yedlin as well as a permanent move away if the right offer comes in.

Yedlin has earned 62 caps with the USMNT to date and remains an experienced option both and club and international level. Newcastle United finished in 13th place last season, 10 points clear of the relegation zone.

The club’s new season is scheduled to begin the weekend of Sept. 12th, looking to fight for a top-ten finish.


  1. What a waste. Finding a good home needs to be a priority for US players. With his athletic abilities, someone should have been able to develop him, but Newcastle complete failed him. I don’t believe it was him, the Sounders had ZERO problems improving him.
    Maybe he got bored at Newcastle, most of the Prem tends to be like the second quarter of an NBA game in February.r

    • Please enlighten us on how Gio Reyna would develop better at NYCFC because Dortmund can’t compete with Bayern for titles. Yedlin was a ball watching FB that depended on his speed to make up for his mistakes, he had one move at Sounders run as fast as possible and hit and hope. He went to Europe and got better at his positioning but never really fixed his ball watching on the far post. He learned to at least vary his speed and cut inside once in awhile and his crossing got slightly better. Playing against weaker competition in MLS wouldn’t have developed him better if anything it would just reinforced his faults.

      • He didn’t say Germany, he said EPL. The style and ethos is different. They also don’t have the permit rules distorting who gets in or not. They do have international limits but that tends to favor Americans. In Germany it’s a more disciplined game. England to me is faster and sloppier. More to the point, I think he’s saying in different words something I routinely toss out, which is that if you are looking to “teach” or “fix” an American kid, send them there at age 18 or younger with the right passport. They will be slowly brought through a development system and worked on, because they are a youth acquisition. Those players I get interested to see growth. You send over a 23 year old veteran and they are looking for a first team item or asset to loan. They aren’t going to teach you a bunch. You are ready or not. If you cross a bar they keep you around. If you were brought in to sell shirts or disappoint, they start loaning you out. I don’t see a ton of midcareer types magically coming back changed. I see people who went through a system as a teenager who look like different players. I feel like a lot of this malarkey is people want for the difference to be “teaching” or “internal competition” — something active upon the player — instead of “game management,” “selection,” or “checkbooks,” where they sign a bunch of people we can’t afford and the coach picks the ones he likes and keeps his job based on how that goes. It’s simple. You go to Barca as a kid I expect their stamp on you. You go there now and it’s not to be taught, it’s Barca thinks you currently are capable of playing their style. I do think some players can flower from a suitable situation — a team that liberates them to do their thing — but that’s not the coach supposedly sitting down with a shaky wingback and magically teaching them defense. To me if you don’t have that by 20 you will be lucky if that ever dawns, and we probably should be moving you around.

      • Quit Whining is talking about MLS he promotes MLS extensively because of the parity. He believes that because 3/4ths of the teams battle to the last few matches for playoff spots that players develop better here because they have more to play for. He’s saying since Yedlin has played for predominantly low table clubs he didn’t develop as much as he would have had he stayed in Seattle.

      • I think the best players in MLS are EPL level and are often in good teams here with less desperate coaching and survival situations. I think regular minutes matter as much as where you are. I just think GB applies that issue in a ham fisted way where a good player with cap and production history who is sitting in Europe is treated as less than an indifferent international player seeing regular MLS minutes. But to me the key bit in there is demonstrated performance for the Nats, which to me overrides scouting concerns about where you play. We’re not scouting you for club transfer, but to play NT ball. If you’ve shown you do that well you’ve already passed the test. The rest is just a presumptuous p*ssing match among rival snobs who think their favorite league has magic powers. To me it’s like, OK, he did ok in MLS or in Germany or whatever, nice, but he’s been capped, what’s he done there? There’s abundant history as well as current examples where we thought someone would be a god based on league play and they turned out internationally useless. This is true both home and abroad.

  2. It’s negotiation season. Yedlin is gone. Hard to guess where (I doubt MLS). But something went wrong for both sides if he stays at Newcastle.

  3. City’s Ederson was not perfect either. The 3rd Lyon’s goal was awful. Even the first goal, Ederson was caught out of position and let Lyon’s forward to curl the ball easily into the empty goal. Steffen may have a shot for some minutes if he can eliminate those bone-headed self induced mistakes trying to force the ball & build from the back.

  4. I think Yedlin is going to struggle to find minutes w/ Newcastle this season. If he doesn’t secure a Loan/Transfer it’s going to create competition within the USMNT. Will all hinge on A. Robinson’s performances. If Robinson continues to play like he did to end the season he could force his way into the USMNT starting XI….freeing Dest to play his more natural RB position, and pushing Cannon/Yedlin to the bench or off the 23. There is also Chandler to keep in mind. While I’m not as high on Timmy as I once was, he’s still an experienced option.

    • I’ve said it numerous times here. No matter where Yedlin goes next season, he’s gotta remember what his strengths are – pace and aggressiveness. Go out and play again like what he used to. Go at opponents along the touchline when he’s got the space 1v1, instead of serving purely as a highly predictable, ball-shuttler on the right touchline. I wouldn’t start Yedlin if I were Steve Bruce the way Yedlin plays right now.

    • The deal to me is he is getting less time not just with NU but USMNT. We have alternatives eg Dest Cannon Robinson Lichaj etc. GB has even theorized a DM as a RB. If he doesn’t move he risks being the older player left out in musical chairs. This is the part of the cycle where a player makes a move to get where they get minutes so the NT coach has no club excuse — that they make or miss the NT based on their NT play rather than for being benched at club. Yedlin can chase club money but if he stays at NU or goes the wrong place he might be fighting for a NT role from a position of weakness.

  5. A smart sports move is if you’re playing half the time use a contract clause that lets you go someplace you’re wanted. An agent’s move is use that clause to nominally release your client only to ask the old team not playing him much for a raise. Snobs need to realize there’s what’s beneficial to your soccer and there’s what makes a buck and the two are not necessarily the same.

    • I think fans of a particular stripe always assume the best team for you pays the most. But in a bidding war sometimes a great option is willing at $25m but not at $30m + bidding war price. (McKennie). Conversely, teams that have more money to spend on players may also have more talent to choose from. It cannot be assumed that you are the only player of a type they have bought. The theory that only the team who wants to play you most will pay the highest price doesn’t inherently follow. All it shows is they were willing to pay. Not why. The best teams with the most to spend may in fact see you as a money-earning asset.

    • I think your just because they’re paying more money doesn’t mean they value you is dependent on the club. If Hertha Berlin pays 25 million for you, your going to get every opportunity to play. If Chelsea pays $25 million for you maybe not. At 27, and likely the 3rd choice at RB for the NT Yedlin is probably more concerned about a deal that is best for him. He supposedly makes between 1.3 and 2 million a year for NU I’m not sure he’d do better than that anywhere. There hasn’t really been a comparable move from Europe to MLS recently but I don’t think MLS would pay more than that for a RB. For sure Newcastle isn’t going to pay more than that going forward based on his age and spot on the depth chart. This seems like it might be talk to drive interest, if he extends the contract he can do a loan with an option to buy. If you take him on loan this season as is you risk he runs for MLS after one season.

      • Point one is that getting released from NU only to ask NU for a raise suggests agent and/or Yedlin are playing more of a money game than a sports one. If your primary concern was playing time you invoke your clause never to return. If this is a fundraiser if NU will bid — or is being kept in play as a fallback — then you go back to NU to ask. Because you’re concerned about money. Or because regardless how the year went if the money isn’t right you’re willing to go back. Point two, there is C’ship, there is lower EPL, there is the rest of Europe. If you had playing time in mind, MLS is not the only option. The smear on here is anything critiquing big clubs is pro MLS when it’s really like, for some players big club is too risky, and while MLS would often work, so would often a list besides. It’s only a lack of imagination if you end up seeing the choice as only being too expensive for MLS versus only worth that in EPL. Plus you neglect that a smart career minded player understanding that at their wealth level we are just talking about zeroes in the bank towards retirement, might say I am set so where would it be smart to play, perhaps take a slight pay cut to make the better fit. This is basically how the NE Patriots work. Come here to win. I bet. Ream could play EPL and bounce around — he instead gets rewarded for and with loyalty at Fulham. Some of the loan players might find similar loyalty if they signed lower down instead of kissing up to City or CFC. Or could do what Dempsey did and make the Spurs move later in their career.

    • Not sure where you are getting he’s asking for a raise maybe I missed something. Another possibility is that he kicked the tires on potential moves and didn’t like what he found.

      • You act like he made a decision already. My point is having just exercised his “out” at NU he is right back negotiating with them. That sounds less like a sports decision and more like an agent move. And as you pointed out before — pedantically — he may have all of September to decide. So the mere fact he exercised the clause and came back already doesn’t mean it’s over already. It could mean he is money motivated and his agent decided to start the auction by having NU bid against itself. That doesn’t foreclose he still goes to the other interested teams and says, “NU has offered me _______.” My point is playing the game that way suggests more of a financial concern than a laser focus on the sporting aspect of his career. I keep harping on Haaland. A player can accept slightly less money in exchange for better odds of success and more career control. Or a player can bid himself up and go to the team cutting the largest check. That does not necessarily mean the best playing situation. In fact sometimes I think players get too cute and bid themselves out of a good place, instead getting a bad one. But for a better check. A new Honduran international kid, wingback, had an offer 2 winters ago from Houston. He sounded all but signed then held out for more money. He played 1 cup game in frozen Sweden. He hasn’t been capped since. He would have started here. We instead signed some mediocrity from Chile who went quickly into the lineup. And with all the Honduran NT here it would probably have also been an “in” to more caps. No, some of these people y’all egg on grab for more money and prestige and don’t help their careers that much at all. I’m more about smart decisions.

      • Personally I think when you’re playing half the time and trip over a contract release clause where you can get out, the world is sending you a message. if your response is instead to try to get more money out of the team giving you less time, you’re basically greedy and running right past the obvious hint about your career.

    • I went back and looked and could find no articles saying he had a release clause. In mid-July Yedlin’s camp had a meeting with Newcastle were in the lead up the press assumed the two would agree to part ways. There really is no reports coming out of that meeting or any rumors of club interest until this week that says they are working on an extension. During that time a permanent deal for Lazaro to move from Inter has fallen thru so playing options for Yedlin have increased. If he’s got an offer to go be a starter in the Bundesliga he should go but I’m not sure that offer exists.

      • “DeAndre Yedlin has triggered a contract negotiation based on the number of games he has played for Newcastle United.”

        “The United States international is a well-liked member of the dressing room but if, say, a suitable loan offer came in, a temporary move away would allow Yedlin to get regular game time and Newcastle could then review the situation a year later rather than losing the player on a free.”

        it sounds like there is a clause


        it sounds like NU is roughly as positive a destination as i suggested — at least one idea is sign him only to loan him

        does this sound like where you want to land to actually play?? or does this sound like a money move where NU signs you, loans you, then you make money off the transfer fee?? this would please your accountant and perhaps agent. this is not your best sports move.

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