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The latest MLS expansion team will be named St. Louis City SC

Major League Soccer’s 30th team now has a name and a crest.

The St. Louis MLS expansion group has chosen St. Louis City SC as the team’s new name, revealing the name and logo on Thursday.

“St. Louis City SC is a reflection of the STLMade movement that is at the heart of everything we do, and truly represents our region’s diverse and optimistic spirit,” said Carolyn Kindle Betz. “Our desire from day one has been to be bigger than soccer and to become part of the fabric of St. Louis and a symbol of our future. This is a significant step forward for our club – and our region.”

St. Louis City SC is scheduled to begin play in MLS in 2023, a year later than originally planned because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What do you think of the name and logo?

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  1. What is with the sideways text? I think it would be a lot better had they just made it vertical.

    I am glad they used SC though. SC gives it the “European FC vibe” but stays original with the States

  2. I am glad that St. Louis is getting an MLS team, as that market will prove to be a great one for MLS. That said, they tried to “recreate the wheel.” No need. They should have kept the name, crest, and color scheme, of St. Louis FC, which plays in the USL. All of the aforementioned are better for St. Louis FC, and they have done a GREAT JOB with merchandising, similar to what Sporting KC has accomplished in KC.


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