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Dike scores first goal for Barnsley to secure a fourth straight EFL Championship win


Daryl Dike registered his first goal for EFL Championship side Barnsley on Wednesday, helping the second-tier club continue its good run of form in league play.

Dike came off the bench and scored in the 90th minute as Barnsley downed Stoke City 2-0 at home. It was the club’s fourth consecutive win, which now has them one point back from the final playoff promotion spot in the division.

Callum Styles opened the scoring for Barnsley in the ninth minute and Dike was the one to finish off the home victory. After getting behind the Stoke City backline, the Orlando City loanee hit a low drive into the bottom-left corner for his first goal for the club.

Dike finished the match with 28 minutes played, while also making one clearance, and winning two of his six aerial battles. It was a strong outing for the U.S. Men’s National Team striker, who was coming off his first start over the weekend.

The 20-year-old has made five combined appearances for the club since arriving from Orlando City, totaling 232 minutes in total.

Up next for the club is a home date with Millwall on February 27th before a tricky road test at QPR.


  1. As I understand it, the purchase option of $20 million doesn’t preclude Barnsley and OCSC/MLS negotiating a transfer for a lower fee.

    • Sure… like any business transaction, you can always negotiate a lower number. $20 million is simply the number that guarantees Barnsley exclusivity. If Barnsley declined to purchase at this price, then OSCS/MLS would be able to negotiate with any other team, as well.

  2. One down, 24 more to go!! C’mon, Dike you got 4 months to meet unrealistic expectations. OCSC has put out, that they value Dike @ $20 mil. Playing 2 years of college to only one year of starting in MLS, then joining a Championship club would be respected, anywhere else. As a Lion, I would like to see Dike improve all around in order for the club’s estimate to be good. …but Johnny99 wants you to score 25 goals in 4 months in a tougher league. Doesn’t sound crazy, naive, or delusional at all!

    • Maybe you could put my whole post there for context. My point was not that scoring 25 goals this spring was realistic, but that the only scenario where Barnsley might consider exercising the $20 million option to buy Dike would be if he had a ridiculous half season (i.e. 25 goals in 4 months). In which case Barnsley might exercise the option and immediately flip him to an EPL team.

      The point being (and I guess I didn’t make it clear enough) that the purchase option of $20 million is basically irrelevant, barring the one very unrealistic scenario I presented.

      • Agree Johnny this is pretty much my interpretation, as well. My guess is the only reason they even bothered including the buyout involves MLS attempting to standardize its loan agreements to always include this provision. In the event neither party is comfortable setting a buyout price, they simply set a very high number, and fall back on the idea that they can negotiate if there is mutual interest..

      • Ok 99 let’s go there. Johnny Razor commented about $20 mill price tag, he’ll be back in Orlando by summer. Supfluos title said something about a typo. Helium 3 said something about if Barnsley had it, they would’ve bought him. No one said anything about Dike’s game, or about Oscar Pareja’s great coaching. Nothing about Orlando experiences in the trade market. No one said anything about Barnsley’s tactics, formation, players or coach. All went straight in on the 20 million!! No positivity at all! Gary Page was the only commenter that mentioned seeing Orlando play. Then I came in and brought up a similar deal. B. Reynolds and Roma and 8.5 milly loan. Asked if JR “ has seen Dike play as to why I think OCSC value is so high. I said something about ‘…he’s built like a NFL WR…!’ He was just in college, 1 year in MLS, now he’s in the EFL, let’s enjoy it!!” Your response to me, was ‘ The most Barnsley has ever paid is 1.5 million, for a transfer. There’s no way they’re paying that much. Ok, let me backtrack. (IF) he scores 25 goals in 4 months, Barnsley would flip him. What I left out was Roma is paying 8.5 for a player, who’s not going into the Starting XI, or even the 1st team. This was not the case for Dike. Almiron(Paraguay) is MLS highest transfer, Pity(Argentina) is second. Both for Atl United. City’s biggest rival (not 2 me) is the 5 stripes. City wants Dike to be the biggest American transfer. (20 million). Whether that happens, or not; we will see. Dike is 20 and was in college 2 years ago, and now he’s in the EFL Championship?!!! Is the EFL league tougher than Austria’s? or Belgium’s? Or MLS? Orlando values him more than Cyle Larin!! This deal is not irrelevant in no terms. He comes back, he’s gotten experience, EFL will elevate his game. If he does well, he stays in a top Euro League. Aaronson & McKenzie were constant starters and Union Academy alums, not Dike.

    • It’s OK, obviously your a fan of Dike, but my post was just being realistic. Barnsley isn’t capable of that fee. I watched Dike probably 4 or 5 times with Orlando saying he’ll be back was an economic fact not a dig and on Daryl’s play. If Jordan Morris’s buyout was 20 million I would have said the same. Your comparison of Reynolds and Dike doesn’t hold either. Barnsley’s roster according to Transfermkt is 24 million they can’t pay 80% of their roster value for one player no team in the Championship could do that they’d go bankrupt. Roma’s value is over 400 million, Reynolds deal would be 2% of their value. Dike may well be in Europe this Fall but it won’t be at Barnsley for 20 million. As the other Johnny (no relation) mentioned they could try to flip him if there was interest but the buyout is only for 80% of his rights so they’d need almost 27 million from the next club to make it worth it. Weah who had name cred, U20 WC success, and a good half with Celtic only got 10 million for PSG.


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