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MLS launches investigation into Inter Miami’s 2020 signing of Blaise Matuidi


Inter Miami’s signing of Blaise Matuidi in 2020 turned heads. Now it has raised some eyebrows.

MLS announced on Friday morning that it has begun an investigation on Inter Miami’s signing of Matuidi. Specifically, the league is looking at whether the acquisition of the central midfielder complied with salary budget and roster guidelines.

Major League Soccer added that it will not make further comment until the formal review is completed. Inter Miami did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday that former Inter Miami sporting director Paul McDonough is not being looked at as part of the MLS investigation.

Inter Miami signed Matuidi last August as a Targeted Allocation Money player. The Frenchman was a free agent after departing European power Juventus.

“I could not be happier to welcome my friend Blaise to Inter Miami” said Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham in a statement released by the team last summer when the signing took place. “To have a World Cup winner of Blaise’s quality in our new team is such a proud moment – for us as owners and for our fans.

“For me personally, to have a former teammate joining our club is very special and I cannot wait to welcome him and his beautiful family to South Florida.”

Matuidi, 33, is currently gearing up for his second season with Inter Miami. He took part in voluntary workouts this week as the team prepared for the official start of preseason on Monday.

The veteran started 14 times in 15 matches for Inter Miami during the MLS regular season last year and also got the nod in the team’s lone playoff match. Matuidi scored one goal and delivered one assist for the Herons in 2020.


  1. Bam-Bam Zamorano in his debut with America (mx team) had huge ratings in U.S., Zamorano debut drew more ratings than any MLS games. Salary cap is too low complete in free-market of soccer, MLS behinds EPL, MX, UEFA Champions in ratings in the U.S. MLS does not need to be EPL but more Lique 1 (somewhat a farm league with strong clubs).

    • yes, we should do things like the NASL did them, which is now out of business twice.
      we had ground rules and it sounds like we’re looking at did they follow them. ie did matuidi as a 2021 DP cost in 2020 more than they should have had available in TAM.

      • Soccer is big money in U.S. but MLS is not part of it. T.V. income makes leagues stronger with proper youth system, note: MLS is not making any new fans with crappy games, top talent is attracts fans to watch the games. NASL never had strong T.V. income or any national players playing.

    • 1. Let’s pump the breaks in the name calling.

      2. If they contravened the rules, penalize them and make it right.

      3. These rules are terrible and need reforming. Make them OPAQUE and simple so that any joe blow can understand, I’d rate and converse about them in clear terms.

      4. @TIV … UNLEASH THE KRAKEN! This thing (MLS Modern era) is NOT like that thing (5 decade old NASL era). Stop the fear mongering. It is making us irrational and less creative and yielding less that improving outcomes.

      • is the debate literally going to be that stale from your end? sorry but the easy response to free market absolutism is europe routinely blows up teams eg gretna, pompey, rangers. the easier response is we have done NASL twice. but if you want a less stale response, MLS does $27m transfers and is fully merged into the buying and selling thing now. MLS DPs now get paid what used to one whole team’s hard cap. however, THERE ARE STILL RULES AND MIAMI DOESN’T GET TO DITCH THEM TO SIGN MORE EXPENSIVE PLAYERS THAN THE RULES PERMIT. if you’re in a cap league you play by cap rules. if the response is, “but caps are socialist” you’re having a political response that ignores the agreed ground rules.

      • it’s not fear mongering btw to point out that MLS with its caps and such is the much longer lasting league. several years back MLS surpassed NASL for the duration record. you can argue libertarian politics and i’ll point out in practical terms this is the model actually able to survive. as the economics expand the rules can adjust. but miami has to play by the rules and ICYMI played last season in front of empty seats. which in and of itself questions whether this is the time to be pimping the other version.

        FWIW do note that UEFA’s financial fair play rules depart from the cardboard cutout sales pitch and are actually converging towards MLS’ model. ie you can no longer just sign anyone you want and then be disciplined by financials or folding. there are spending limits there too, just not expressed in terms of caps.

  2. This is why I can’t stand MLS. Bring a world cup winner into the league from a Champions League contender? Let’s make that impossible, and punish teams that do. MLS will remain bush league until it isn’t run like a bush league.


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