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USMNT, USWNT unveil new 2021 away jersey


The new U.S. national team jersey has arrived.

U.S. Soccer officially unveiled the 2021 away kit for the U.S. Men’s National Team and U.S. Women’s National Team on Wednesday, unveiling the new Nike top that will be used in some of the upcoming matches. The jersey, which features a dazzle camouflage design in navy blue and red, is the same one that leaked online earlier this week.

The price of the jersey, which replaces the predominantly blue away kit that has been used since 2020, is $90.00.

The new white training top that also surfaced in recent days was officially introduced on Wednesday, too. The jersey that includes a Volkswagen logo on the front and gray abstract design all over sells for $65.00.

What do you think of the new USMNT and USWNT away jerseys? Love the look and plan to buy one asap? Hate the design?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. There is one universal truth you can count on in life.
    Your wife my leave you, you dog may die, but you can always be assured a new team jersey will be hated far and wide.

  2. Would it really be THAT hard to just make the Waldo kit the permanent USA home kit? Do all the cash grabs you want with the away shirt….

    • I’m not a big fan of the “Waldo shirts” as they’re a bit…on the nose? But I understand they have a big cult following. Personally, I like a primarily white home shirt (sash or stripe or whatever is fine) and blue or white shorts like the Centennial kit. Away, we can mix it up a bit, but…not, not like this. One idea I saw someone express that I think would actually be super rad is a “Statue of Liberty patina” green with gold and black trim. Holy cow, that would be fantastic. Almost like Germany’s iconic away kits from the “Germany is awesome” era in the ’90s.

  3. It would look possibly okay if that middle line wouldn’t be there and the diagonal stripes actually were aligned. As someone pointed out before, maybe it’s to create confusion with the eyes of opponents.

  4. I love it…some people just have no sense of fashion or what looks good, this is one of our better jerseys over the years so I will be coping one of these

  5. What’s astonishing to me is how many people probably had to agree that this design looks good for it to become reality. US Soccer and MLS, fire all of your marketers, and don’t re-hire anyone in their place. Your constant desperate efforts to make people like you are counterproductive. The uniform changes, printing “states” on the jackets, the slogans, the rainbow flags, the MLS team names, the constant rebrandings, the game commentators constantly referring to “passionate supporters” as if they could will it to be true… every stupid cheeky thing you do to gain fans. Stop. You lose people this way. Just play soccer. You’re actually doing that part well these days.

  6. I didn’t like the design initially either, but when I saw the USWNT defeat Nigeria tonight in Austin, it started to grow on me. I like the back side with the player number on it. But not sure I’ll buy one. 🙂

    • No doubt. Looks like a defective clearance item as if the printer glitched out and moved the top half of the design off by a few inches to the right.

      • I got the red one from a year or two ago in Vaporknit or whatever they call it for $24.99 at Marshalls. No way I’m paying full retail for a monstrosity like that.

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