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USMNT vs. Haiti: Your Running Commentary


The U.S. men’s national team kicks off its 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup on Sunday night against Haiti at Children’s Mercy Park in Kansas City, Kansas (8:45 p.m., FS1).

The Americans will look to get off to a winning start in Group B, and will look to match Canada, which opened Group B play with a 4-1 win against Martinique earlier on Sunday.

Here is the USMNT starting lineup to face Haiti:

SBI will be providing thoughts in the comments section throughout the night. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion on tonight’s match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.



    • Should be pointed out that Busio played the majority of his appearance in a 3-5-2 with Williamson next to him. Far different responsibilities than being the sole 6 in a 4-4-2.

      Definitely isn’t to say that Busio isn’t better than Yueill, but more to say that simply using these 90 minutes to make that argument should have some context. Yueill didn’t have a good game, and if I were a betting man I’d bet on that being his only start of the tournament.

      All that said, we aren’t likely to see a 3-5-2 in the later rounds, and I’m not sure Busio is ready to play as a 6 in a 4-4-2 against a midfield like Mexico’s. Acosta would and should get that call. Busio will get his minutes though, and it is going to be fun watching him continue to develop. Sky’s the limit on his potential.

      • Thank you, Ives for pointing out the different formations after Busio came on as a sub tonight. I’m a local San Jose Earthquake’s fan, I do watch Yueill and know what he brings (or the lack of) to the table.

  1. 72nd minute- Kellyn Acosta sees yellow for a tactical foul after he lost the ball in midfield.

    Acosta has had a solid match up to that point. Yellow cards can add up in Gold Cup play so keep that in mind.

    Still 1-0 USA, 73rd minute.

  2. A world of difference after Busio and Dike came in for Yueill and Lewis. What I’m the world did Berhalter see in Jonathan Lewis, let alone starting Lewis?

  3. Haiti doing a much better job than the US tonight with the long diagonal switches. The US has been slow to switch the ball side to side.

  4. SBI OGs

    Y’all know I’m no MLS fan boy. I still got my tin foil MLS/SUM hats for sale. Had to order more from China cause they sold out a few years back. Pretty unfortunate.

    But, but. I really like the way we’re playing. Both the A squad and the B squads. Credit GB were it’s due. I’m a ‘show me’ type.

    I’m real real close like a step or two away from fully declaring myself on the GB bus. I’m still call him out if he starts giving out free bus passes to MLS has been or never weres.

    I’m in line to buy my ticket. Y’all skeptics can talk some sense into me but damn I’ve been a die hard USMNT fan for 20 years and this past 6 month has been the best I’ve ever seen the US play.

    Alright. TBH. I’m one bottle in tonight but talk me off the GB bus if you must but I’m in line to buy my ticket,

    • @Joe Dirt, I gotta respectfully disagree with your praise on Berhalter. Just exactly like Southgate with his lack of vision, courage and the abilities to evaluate talents, Berhalter will be the key reason for holding back the USMNT”s potential and progress as much as, or even more than, Southgate did on England.

      • So your telling me Southgate gets England to the first final it’s been to in 30+ years and the lose on penalties (it’s England). And somehow he’s to bkame for there best run in a major tournament in 30+ years?

        I will say. His 119’ subs both either failed to convert their penalties today.

      • @Joe Dirt, Exactly, you heard me. England is now good enough to win the 2020 Euros and even the World Cup. A bad manager, Southgate is the key reason why England lost earlier today. Berhalter will screw us exactly the same way despite we have lots of young talents.

      • England will always be hyped and overrated. Italy was the first good team they had to play. Super easy draw and most games in their home stadium. And Southgate gets an F for not starting Grealish.

  5. Should the US switch to a 4-4-2 so Zardes can play with Gioacchini? I feel like they can contain Haiti but I only watched the last 20 minutes.

    I REALLY want to see Dike score or even Hoppe.

    Going forward could Hoppe play in place of Arriola if Paul takes a little while to get back in shape?

  6. Lalas was gas’n up this squad pre-game. “There’s plenty of quality. 10 players out of starting XI play in the MLS! Lalas at halftime “Lewis is nonexistent out there!”

    • Yeah was just offsides on the pass a second ago on goal but was definitely dangerous. He’s doing what he’s supposed to do and creating chances from RB. We might be deepest at RB right now seriously rich at that position.

      And as I’m typing nearly draws a penalty. Breakout game.

      • Just a reminder that we are playing Haiti. Let’s see how he does against tougher CONCACAF opponents before we use “breakout.”

      • Only 45 minutes in might be to early to call it a breakout but his other caps were Ireland, France, England, Italy and Mexico so it’s not like he hasn’t played better competition before.

    • Josh it’s Haiti. That’s obvious. This whole GC is against less than competition. Even MX and CR are sending B squads. This is the 2009 GC all over again. We trying to find the bench pieces to compliment the A squad. Essentially which of these players is worthy of full squad call ups. Yeah it’s Haiti,but so far ‘so far’ Shaw definitely showing he deserves future call ups. No doubt the opposing coaching staff are making tactical adjustments because of his play. Maybe breakout is a little early but he’s showing extremely well this half.

      • Mexico sent an A- squad Olympics and injury took 4 or 5 guys, Costa Rica is A squad minus Navas (of course that might make it their C squad).

  7. Anybody watch Brazil Argentina last night? All the back passes from the Brazilian midfield we’re giving me flashbacks to 2017.

    • Yeah I agree he’s so far showing well.

      It’s so refreshing seeing and watching what is our C/B- team overpower Concavaf minnows again. This is how it’s supposed to be.

      And credit where it’s due. GB has this squad on BBC a level 9/10 in ‘want it more’ right now. Credit GB and coaching staff on the motivational piece. Pressing high I like too.

  8. 7th minute- GOAL USA! Sam Vines with the opening goal, set up by Gyasi Zardes, who chipped a ball up into space for Vines to race in and head it home.

    Shaq Moore with the cross in that Zardes redirected to Vines.

  9. 5th minute- USMNT comes very close on a corner kick, but send a shot off the crossbar. A few promising looks on that sequence. Haiti’s corner kick defending was pretty shambolic, which is a good sign for the Americans.

  10. Good evening folks. The USMNT is set to kick off its Gold Cup, and Gregg Berhalter has deployed a starting lineup with only one player who can be called a new face in his setup, Shaq Moore.

    Reggie Cannon is out due to a hamstring issue, giving Moore the assignment of trying to contain Haiti’s Derrick Etienne Jr.


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