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The SBI Show: Episode 317 (USMNT Gold Cup final triumph recap)


The U.S. men’s national team made it two trophies and two wins over Mexico in one summer after Sunday’s Gold Cup final triumph and the latest episode of The SBI Show breaks down the unforgettable night in Las Vegas.

Episode 317 breaks down the 1-0 USA victory, and the top performers on the night, including Miles Robinson, Matt Turner, Kellyn Acosta and George Bello.

Host Ives Galarcep also discusses the U.S. women’s national team’s elimination from Olympic gold medal contention after losing to long-time rival Canada.

Also discussed is David Ochoa’s reported decision to play for Mexico and file a one-time switch, while the show closes out looking back at some of the results from around MLS.

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  1. Ives,

    Really enjoyed the podcast. Your analysis was ‘spot on’. Turner, Robinson and Acosta were outstanding. Robinson reminds me of Eddie Pope. Kudos to the team for the commitment and grit they showed during this tournament, particularly in the final. Needless to say I am so happy for them and proud of them. They honored US soccer with their performance. Also, Greg Berhalter deserves a lot of credit. They played for him and he seems to have created a great environment for the players in the pool. All due respect to Cylo,…but I would take Zardes and his limitations (as all players have) for the person and great teammate he is. You can tell how his teammates react to him. Furthermore, if we had a more predatory forward/winger with him up front, we may have benefitted from his ability to win the ball in the air (recall Brian McBride). He does a lot of good work for the team.

    Good vibrations!

  2. Ives, I have never seen a US centerback have a tourney like what Miles Robinson had since Brooks at Copa America and recently Nations League. Miles has to be given a chance to be paired up with Brooks. I haven’t seen the others in this pool have those games at center backs. Sorry, Ives, we still have to do much better then Zardes, he is who he is and that’s not good enough. Wow, he can press, Zardes still has a bad touch and can’t hold up the ball. More importantly, didn’t score as usual against the tougher teams.

    • I’m willing to give Dike a pass because it’s not easy to hold up the ball or challenge for headers with a bum shoulder but Zardes’ first touch is far better than Dike and he was much better at winning headers. Gyasi’s off ball movement is the best of any of our forwards so no one is saying let’s ride Gyasi to the WC finals but he’s our #2 striker right now and only 2nd because Sargent seems to have found his finishing boots.

      • I have to disagree that Zardes “off the ball movement is the best of any of our forwards”…Sargent’s movements are actually the best of the pool. He also has the best control and passing of the striker options. If/when he gets his finishing touch dialed in he’ll be miles ahead of the rest of the pool.
        The back-up to Sargent is still an open competition. Dike, Siebatcheu, & Zardes are all in contention. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.
        I think Dike is a good option to give us a physical presence who’ll be able to muscle CBs. Zardes is excellent as a speedy counter attacker. Siebatcheu is good mix of size & speed without giving up as much technical ability.

    • Lost: Sargent is getting better but his off ball movement was part of the reason he couldn’t score last year at Bremen and why this Summer he always seemed just a step off which caused his shots to go wide or high. Sargents finishing is better, his touch is much better, and he’s almost as good defensively maybe equal (let’s remember his save against Hon.) he works just as hard, but Josh still has to think about where to go whereas Gyasi just knows. Some of that might be comfort in 3Gs system but he’s also almost always in the right spot at the right time in Porter’s system. I agree with Ives, Josh is still #1 and when Dike and Pefok are on, their 2 & 3 but they both are very streaky. Gyasi is going to be the same every game. If Pepi keeps playing the way he has the last month he might pass them all and this discussion will be moot.


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