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The SBI Show: Episode 322 (Talking Pulisic cover, USMNT striker options, and more)


Christian Pulisic’s positive COVID-19 test has left his availability for World Cup qualifying in doubt and the latest episode of The SBI Show dives into Gregg Berhalter’s options.

Episode 322 discusses what Pulisic’s potential absence could mean, when we might expect him to be available, and the players Berhalter could turn to as replacement options.

Host Ives Galarcep also discusses USMNT striker options in the midst of a rash of injuries, and the one striker who Berhalter should be calling in to be part of the upcoming national team camp.

Episode 322 also previews the weekend’s MLS schedule, and gives you the best bets for Rivalry Week, including the New York derby.

You can listen to The SBI Show on Spotify, the Apple Podcast App, and Soundcloud, and you can listen to Episode 322 here:


  1. Agree with Ives. Time to bring in Pepi. Aside from Pefok, none of the other options are really crushing it. It may be “only” MLS but Pepi is on fire there and as anyone who plays the game knows, you need your strikers confident…

  2. We got a ton of talent I think even if we don’t have Pulisic we should have a W in all of the September games I beg our dear Greg Berhalter to call some of our incredibly talented dual nationals like Alex Mighten, Folarin Balogun, Maurice Malone, Kik Pierie, Phillipe Sandler, and Josh Cohen we incredibly these guys and I plead to Greg Berhalter to use 4-3-3 formation holding
    I know Weston Mckennie isn’t a holding but having an Adams/Mckennie partnership could be vital similar to the Pogba/Kante partnership and we seriously need a left footed winger on the right wing that’s why I put Alex Mighten and Maurice Malone.

  3. Here’s the important thing to remember about WC qualifying, or similar event. If you draw away and win at home, you are almost guaranteed a top 2 or 3 spot. We can play a B team and draw at El Salvador. The fact is that we have more talent than any other national team in CONCACAF. Even our Gold Cup team should be able to qualify for the WC if they put in the effort. The key is that the US has to be hungry and ready to fight since the other teams will be pointing toward us and will be willing to play dirty. We took T&T too lightly and that was the problem then, not lack of talent. On other issues, I think bringing in Pepi is a good idea. I prefer your new intro music. Personally, I think you can do away with the odds and betting picks. I have no interest in betting and if I did I would use my own judgment anyway. As for the length of the broadcast, just do what fits all the news available and don’t limit yourself to a certain time. If you need 43 minutes and no more, then do it for 43 minutes. Don’t pad it or cut it to fit some pre-set time.

    • I forgot to mention that I like it if you interview US players or coaches. I think that it is even better when it is someone who is abroad and we can learn about things that impact them apart from the game, like adjusting to another league, language, culture, etc.

  4. Thanks for the show

    I like the MLS rundowns/betting odds thing. The quick fire pace leaves out some of the intangibles that might otherwise influence your picks, but it’s still a solid format.

    Also, I’m always a fan of the hour long shows, but 30 minute shows on gamedays would be cool.

    As for guests, obviously you don’t do call-ins and things of that nature, but what about the possibility of having your readers/followers being guests?

    Even if it started out with something along the lines of audio submitted questions/statements and eventually over time evolved into brief interviews, that would be cool and promote more interaction…

    • Reader/Listener interviews is an epically bad idea. If you want to see the interaction follow Ives on Twitter. Interaction should stick to Twitter and the SBI comment section.

      • I’ve been following Ives for years.

        Interactions on social media are near impossible to screen and edit, unlike on a podcast where Ives can pick and choose what to include…

    • Yeah I get that part, I think Ives would just end up having to edit it all out. We aren’t journalists, we deal in feelings and emotions not facts. Just today the comment section had one guy wanting to play Zardes as a wing over Aaronson, Konrad, or Weah. Someone was putting out a theory that Gregg mislead Konrad into skipping the GC so he wouldn’t have to call him. I like the listener question idea but I think having them recorded is more work than the value it would add. There are now several grassroots US soccer programs on YouTube with varying production values but there’s very little news on them and even the best still fall into the crazy from time to time and the comments and “super chats” can be absolutely bizarre. Beyond that for a good pod the hosts have to have good interaction that would be incredibly lucky for Ives to get with random fans and could lead to some very uncomfortable pauses or a lot of editing for Ives. Let’s leave it to the professionals.

      • I think the best way to go about answering reader questions is setting up a number listeners can call into and leave messages with questions. I could then pick the best ones and incorporate them into the show.

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