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The SBI Show: Episode 323 (Talking Weston McKennie, Ricardo Pepi, MLS-Liga MX, and more)


Weston McKennie’s club future has become the biggest story in American soccer this week and the latest episode of The SBI Show digs into the possibilities, and how we have apparently come to reach the end of McKennie’s time at Juventus.

Episode 323 digs into the McKennie transfer rumors, and where his future is most likely to be now that he is reportedly not in the plans of new Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri.

Host Ives Galarcep also discusses Ricardo Pepi’s U.S. men’s national team future, and why Gregg Berhalter needs to call him up whether Pepi is ready to commit to being cap-tied or not.

The MLS-Liga MX love affair goes under the SBI Show microscope, and Ives lays out why he thinks combining the two leagues into one super league is a terrible idea.

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  1. Interesting post on the Oldjuve website. It appears management was not happy with his Offield behavior including the party he hosted in April in violation of Covid rules, as well as his diet.

  2. Ives,

    As the USMNT resurgence has come on it has really rekindled in me a passion for soccer in our country as well as my interest in both MLS and club leagues across the globe. It is actually fun and exciting again following our players’ movements to different clubs and domestic leagues as well as being spoiled with the two trophies from finals this year. The nadir of 2017 for the USMNT really stifled my following of the game, the way the program was run and the priorities of Sunil Gulati types really turned me off. I was a Ber-hater at first but he’s completely sold me on his plans for this program and it makes me so happy again to see the kind of attitude a US team should have that he is instilling.

    In terms of feedback on the podcast, I love the longer format where you really dive into USMNT news of the day, Americans abroad, relevant global stories, and MLS. I have no problem with long podcasts as I’m back to driving quite a bit more. I enjoy your insights and can tell you are well connected and respected in the industry. Can’t wait to be treated to our former USMNT greats and yourself in the booth for WCQ, go ahead and tell the Paramount+ folks you earned them at least one subscription renewal!

    Thanks for all you do to promote the game, I’m sorry to say I was one who fell off when times got bad but I am fully back in and excited for the start of European leagues like I haven’t been in quite some time. Looking forward to following the ride with you.

  3. MLS wants to keep expanding. It may end up with 30 teams in 3 division or similar. Combining with League MX would be totally unwieldy and unworkable, it seems to me. Travel in MLS is already very tough, adding Mexico with all the sites at altitude would only make it work. Not worth spending a lot of time on this idea. As Ives says, concentrate on making what you have become better.


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