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The SBI Show: Episode 326 (Previewing USMNT-Canada, recapping USMNT-El Salvador, and more)


The U.S. men’s national team delivered a lackluster World Cup qualifying opener against El Salvador, and faces a stiff test in Nashville against Canada, and both matches get the in-depth looks on the latest episode of The SBI Show.

Episode 326 looks back at the USMNT’s 0-0 draw with El Salvador, and runs down the players who played well, and the several players who underperformed.

Host Ives Galarcep takes a close look at Sunday’s home qualifier against Canada, an opponent that is coming off its own disappointing Octagonal opener in a 1-1 home draw against Honduras.

Ives breaks down the key matchups, and takes a closer look at the lineup options Gregg Berhalter will have to choose from, including who to start at striker, and who will fill out the midfield.

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    • Why? Don’t you want more from this team? Or just get to WC and be embarrassed. This is the best quality players we have had and it is all wasted on GB program.

  1. Ives, are you working on bringing any of your Paramount+ crew on for a podcast interview? I mean they owe you after you saved the show by getting Gooch’s calculator binder.

  2. Haven’t listened yet— will do so on the flight down to Nashville. We can’t sleep on their lesser-name players. Particularly, the US has to keep Eustaqio from having time and space on the ball. If he doesn’t play, then whoever fills that role (Anthony-Kaye or Hutchison).

  3. The most pertinent thing you said Ives is that there were few players for the US who had a sense of urgency. I hear everything you and others are saying and it would definitely apply in the past. But you have a lot of players playing in the Championship League, one who won it (although he didn’t play).
    First they shouldn’t need to have someone motivate them. I remember a reporter asking a women’s national team player before their last WCF if they had it out for a certain team for some revenge and if that motivated them. The player replied, it’s the World Cup, if that doesn’t motivate you you shouldn’t be playing soccer. Same thing here. If qualifying for the World Cup doesn’t motivate you, you shouldn’t be playing soccer. Berhalter has failed if he can’t get his players to perform for WC qualifying. If a player isn’t going to show the urgency needed, then play somebody who will. The coach needs to crack down or do whatever is needed to get more out of this team. Get serious or go home. Based on talent and depth, the US should finish first in the group.

    • where the hell was this when JK was coaching? one excuse after the other from you for the literally broken locker room he created before our very eyes to destroy motivation from within the locker room…and you never saw it. nice Dershowitz impersonation from you here…LOL. yes, the coach has to do those things, and yes he may fail with this young squad (he hasn’t yet), but keep in mind Messi and Argentina have made a career of showing that CL players don’t necessarily make a national team win (England too, and innumerable others). Hard to take you seriously dude with your changing scale to evaluate what’s happening. If it’s your guy in charge, blindness sets in, if it’s not…….

      • Klinsmamnn had the experience finishing first in the Hexagonal with the most points for a UJS team in history. Then, in the World Cup he got the US into the knock out round from a group pf death and then into overtime vs. Belgium. People here said that Klinsmann had lost the locker room. That’s all I ever saw, speculation. Fact is, when Arena took over the US team underperformed under Arena. Did he lose the locker room, too? Klinsmann earned chances because of his past achievements. What has Berhalter earned? Winning the Nations Cup and Gold Cup count for very little if they don’t qualify for the WC. As I write this we just were tied by Canada with a much more talented group than Klinsmann ever had. That’s the difference.

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