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The SBI Show: Episode 330 (Breaking down the USMNT roster for the October qualifiers)


The U.S. men’s national team’s roster for the October World Cup qualifiers featured some big-name absences, the return of some Gold Cup standouts, and a handful of surprise omissions and the latest episode of The SBI Show breaks it all down.

Episode 330 of The SBI Show takes an in-depth look at Gregg Berhalter’s selections for the October World Cup qualifying squad, including the return of Gianluca Busio and Matthew Hoppe, as well as the surprise omissions of Jordan Pefok and Josh Sargent, as well as Berhalter’s decision to bring in Shaq Moore ahead of Joe Scally.

Host Ives Galarcep also discusses the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame’s induction of Steve Cherundolo and Carlos Bocanegra, as well as the stunning revelations that have shaken up the NWSL and led to the departure of commissioner Lisa Baird and firing of long-time women’s coach Paul Riley.

Episode 330 wraps up with a look at the weekend’s MLS action, including our picks for all 13 matches this weekend.

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  1. I agree completely with Ives about the expanded roster and adding Scally, Pefok, and KDLF. In addition I would take Green over either Roldan or Arriola. While they don’t play the same roles or positions, you can mix and match and we’re not talking about starters, but about backups and Green is just better than the other 2, IMO. The national team coach has two main goals. !. Qualify for the World Cup. 2. Go as far as possible in the WC. So, whether or not a player might benefit more from staying with his club team should not be a major concern when working on either of those two goals. If you are talking about friendlies or even the Gold Cup, I can understand that and am okay with it. But, if you might have any need for a player for qualifying or WC play, you call him in regardless of his club situation. That is the coach’s job. As regards to Tyler Adams I agree generally with Ives, but I would leave him out of the team going to Panama because I think both Jamaica and CR are more dangerous offensively than Panama. Save him for the better offensive teams.

  2. Your last line is the onmly one that matters. KDLF is still so young w little first team experience. If u watch him u realize he has a lot to improve upon and learn… would still be great to have that option in camp. Even if he isn’t going to play, there could be an injury, and it least he can get more comfortable with the team. Why not bring him. Why not have one big body there for another option? Dike or Pefok. Just another option, possible look, get more experience, etc.
    Scally….if getting experience is key then why not have him come and just b part fo the group? Don’t fly him to Panama if travel and play r concerns. If he continues his play at Gadbach….which I think he will….then is next window just for experience, and u can only play him after that? We have such a young team. W that comes so many ups and downs. I just don’t get the process here, and I’ve managed large groups for close to 30 years now. This isn’t NL, or the GC, January Camp or some friendly window. This is freaking WC qualifying!!!!! Sorry…giving yourself less options, less safety, less room for error …. when u have the options is tough to swallow. It’s clear to me, after almost 2 years of Greg that he is suited for club ball….not international ball. Completely different animal. Have a simple plan, use your depth and talent and throw in some wrinkles when appropriate. Considering how little the team has played together, how unbelievably young and inexperienced it is, this should be the plan for qualies. He reminds m of an academic who can’t keep up/adjust in the real world…and I have seen plenty of those in my time. Those types r also very stubborn, due to their clear academic intelligence, which of course means this has to work outside of the classroom {!!!!!!!}, and their tendency to over think. They r slow to accept that their book smarts won’t work the way they want. If u hvae players everyday u can hammer things home relentlessly, at international level, w all the US pool challenges not so much….and it has shown. He clealry has doen some things right. The D, togetherness, spirit and organization r great after the Klinnsman insanity….but the narrow. limited rosters r perplexing. I for one have no issue w Arriola. Just like Roldan, Lleget, and Zardes. Something to be said for fighters who will die for the team, play their roles, do the dirty work, press and fight, fight, fight in qualies. Not gonna lie…..missing Pulisic does not bother me at all. A humble, hungry McKennie is fine by me. Hopefully we see Dest fight, play within himself and stip w the hero ball. Reyna playing underneath this group would have been great…they will all make runs into space and press, but would he pass in a timely fashion? Not a givn. Color me unimpressed w our Euro stars and qualifying so far…..Adams excluded, but he has never had ego issues.

  3. Some nice rants Ives! With you on the most of it. Sorry- here comes the but… much as I like Arriola- and I do- it’s hard for me to buy the explanation- justify him getting the automatic call-ups he does. He just has not been the same player since his injury. Unfortunately he’s slowed considerably, poses little threat on his side of the field- doesn’t finish opportunities, draws little attention from the defense, doesn’t high press effectively, and is usually gassed by the 60 minute mark. For sure KDF hasn’t yet looked for the National Team what he has at Marseille- but he is already more of a threat… already has more upside and for certain a bigger role to play in the future. Don’t see him as a starter- yet- but giving him time in camp and game time will pay off in spades as he becomes more comfortable. He’s always struck me as a very good character guy- so have to assume GB finds his locker room presence pretty important. Of course- there’s no reason at all why they both can’t be there.

    • “…..,doesnt high press effectively, and is usually gassed by the 60 min mark”. WTH are you even talking about? Seriously???

      • Seriously- I’ll explain. For sure- “usually” was a poor choice of words that doesn’t reflect my opinion of his career as a player- but I’ll stand by what I was trying to say. First of all- I’m not in the camp that says he shouldn’t have or should never again be called. You need Paul Arriola type players on a team. So my observation isn’t his qualities historically- I’m talking about my observation the last WC Quals and to some extent, recent history. A big part of Arriola’s game that has made him hard not to like is he’s smart with heaps of persistent effort, grit. A very tough guy to play against who’ll wear you down. I’m not calling into question the effort- you will always get that from him- I’m questioning his effectiveness on the press and I’ll add, hasn’t been able to turn the corner- get by anyone out wide. He’s appeared to have lost some speed/quickness- hasn’t ever quite returned to his previous level following the knee injury and he didn’t appear to be back to complete match fitness last quals following the GC injury. These things hurt his upside as a player. Cheers.

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