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The SBI Show: Episode 338 (USMNT roster breakdown, MLS Decision Day, and more)

The U.S. men’s national team roster for November’s World Cup qualifiers created quite a stir with some of the omissions, and inclusions, and the latest episode of The SBI Show breaks it all down.

Episode 338 takes a closer look at Gregg Berhalter’s roster selections, including Joe Scally’s first call-up, Jesus Ferreira’s return and inclusion as the second striker ahead of the likes of Josh Sargent, Jordan Pefok and Daryl Dike, and John Brooks’ surprise omission from the group.

Host Ives Galarcep takes a closer look at Brooks’ exclusion, and offers up his theory for Berhalter’s motivation, while also touching on the subject of some players that some USMNT fans weren’t happy about seeing called in.

MLS Decision Day is also discussed, including the big-stakes clashes between the LA Galaxy and Minnesota United, and the New York Red Bulls visit to Nashville SC.

You can listen to The SBI Show on Spotify, the Apple Podcast App and Soundcloud, and you can listen to episode 338 here:

What did you think of the episode? Which player omission from the USMNT roster did you take the most issue with? Which MLS teams do you see stepping up on Decision Day?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It seems to me, the most important thing going forward, is understanding what is required to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Not much else matters. If you’re a USA fan, and it’s your belief that qualifying is based on fielding a team of euro based Americans, that’s your opinion. Qualifying out of concacAf has never been based on this before. It’s almost as if some of these “fans” don’t want the USA to qualify if we are going to be using MLS talent, maybe Pepi excluded, and then these “fans” can be like, see I told you so.

    After this next round of games, we are going to be at the midway point of the ocTag, and have a clearer sense of what will be required to qualify. Honduras v Panama is probably the biggest game of qualifying so far, that does not include the USA. If Honduras does us a favor and takes care of Panama, we will keep a one game cushion on them, regardless of our Mexico result. Costa Rica could move up to 9 points, and if Canada manages a ties at home to the ticos, this would give us a game+ cushion on Costa Rica.

    USA is sitting on 11 points, and 4th place will be on 8,9,10,or11 points after this next round of games. If forth is 8 points after seven games, USA will have breathing room, if forth is on 11 points after 7 games, it’s going to be a dog fight and 3rd place will need to accumulate 23 points by the end of the OcTag.

    Win against Mexico, coupled with a Panama loss, and costs rica tie, and we are playing against Jamaica in Kingston, with a chance to almost guarantee a top three spot. This is where our thought needs to be.

  2. You picked a strawman with Luca de la Torre.

    Busio is better than all of them based on his performances in seria A.

    I don’t think you can replace all three with better players, but the list of questionable spots should be down to “pick two of” Acosta, lleget, Roldan

    • Shit Ives, we are bringing Busio. I must have been asleep when I read the Roster.

      Maybe we don’t have anyone better than Rolland, lleget and Acosta to fill out the bottom of the MF roster.

      But this also brings me to something about Football. I think we are calling Midfielders forwards these days. I mean the new Ronaldo started his career as a MF… but, playing the same position, he is now considered a FW. Is it because FE get paid more and agents want their guys to be called Forwards to get bigger paydays?

      I mean, look back at a guy like Nedved… I think Aaronson plays a similar style… why is one a MF and the other a FW?

      All this to say, I would bring Aaronson as a MF, and then also bring Sargent… and bring Lleget. I would bring Pulisic as a MF, and also then bring Dike… and I would drop Ariola. And so on. Obviously, can’t quote do that for Acosta… so he stays.

  3. – John Brooks in World Cup qualifying helped JK get fired. Maybe this manager doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him.
    – Saying there is an argument to be made for the inclusion of Roldan, Ariolla, Lletget and Acosta is called damning with faint praise. You’re right, those arguments exist but they aren’t very convincing.
    – Ferriera is said to partner very well with Pepi. I see him being called up as the manager going all in on Pepi. Possibly he would be a better partner for Pepi than either Josh or Pefok

    • Vacque, I don’t find your posts very convincing. Each of the players you mentioned have made contributions to the US National team, they all play in MLS, and most of them will add more going forward. Paul Arriola is a player that produces a positive affect on the field, and will be a key contributor over the next couple games. If we get the full 3 points against Mexico we are going for 6 points in November, and will be facing an attack minded Jamaica in the second game, on the road. Maximum defensive effort is going to be paramount in both of these upcoming games.


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