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Your November Questions Answered


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  1. I’ve been thinking the Nation’s League was a plot by UEFA to keep Europe the dominate confederation in the world. The “competitive friendly” idea is cute in off World Cup years – kind of. Being able to schedule the level of competition your national team needs at the time they need it is crucial to team development. By clogging the schedules with games versus only one’s own country’s confederation prevents a team like Ghana or the US from scrimmaging (scheduling a friendly) versus top caliber European or South American opponents due to scheduling conflicts. How are these B level (top 10-25) country’s teams able to grow and measure themselves against Spain or France or Brazil if they are stuck playing mandatory matches against similar or lesser teams from their own region . Nation’s League helps maintain the hierarchy of powerful footballing nations – none more so than UEFA’s. I think I asked this question to Ives a year or so back in a question and answer forum.

  2. just realized that the kid Alex Mighten’s Dad used to do games for ESPN back in the late 90s early 2000’s, and coached my alma mater. Small world


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