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Bender, Celentano, Parker headline top selections at 2022 MLS Draft


Charlotte FC added three new faces to its roster ahead of the start of its life in MLS, with University of Maryland standout Ben Bender leading the way as the No. 1 pick in Tuesday’s 2022 MLS Draft.

The expansion side added talent in midfield with the Generation adidas midfielder Bender joining Miguel Angel Ramirez’s side. Not only did Charlotte FC add depth to its midfield, but the Eastern Conference club also selected Wake Forest forward Kyle Holcomb and Clemson University goalkeeper George Marks with its other two selections on Tuesday.

Roman Celentano was the first goalkeeper taken in the MLS Draft, heading to FC Cincinnati with the No. 2 overall pick. Saint Louis University was well-represented in the first round, as Isaiah Parker (No. 3, FC Dallas), Kipp Keller (No. 5, Austin FC), Patrick Schulte (No. 12, Columbus Crew), and Simon Becher (No. 16, Vancouver) were all selected in the opening 16 picks.

The top five picks were rounded out by Duke University forward Thorleifur Ulfarsson being selected by the Houston Dynamo at No. 4. Five of the top 10 picks were defenders, with UCLA’s Ahmed Longmire rounding the opening 10 selections by heading to Nashville SC.

There were trades galore as teams used allocation money to maneuver around and jump up to select players they coveted.

Here is a rundown of all of Tuesday’s Draft Day trades:

  • The New York Red Bulls acquired the No. 7 overall pick after a series of trades with the Chicago Fire and CF Montreal. Chicago received the No. 11 overall pick and $100,000 in GAM from New York and CF Montreal received the No. 15 overall pick and $100,000 in GAM from New York.
  • Nashville SC acquired the No. 10 overall pick from the Colorado Rapids in exchange for the No. 26 overall pick, $125,000 in GAM and $50,000 in conditional GAM.
  • The San Jose Earthquakes acquired the No. 13 overall pick from D.C. United in exchange for the No. 36 overall pick and $100,000 in GAM.
  • The New York Red Bulls acquired the No. 20 overall pick from the Seattle Sounders in exchange for the No. 43 overall pick and $75,000 in GAM.
  • The Columbus Crew acquired the No. 25 overall pick from Real Salt Lake in exchange for $50,000 in GAM.
  • FC Dallas acquired the No. 28 overall pick from New York City FC in exchange for the No. 34 overall pick and $50,000 in GAM.

Here are all the selections of the 2022 MLS Draft:

2022 MLS Draft

First Round

1. Charlotte FC — Daniel Pereira, Maryland, Midfielder
2. FC Cincinnati — Roman Celentano, Indiana, Goalkeeper
3. FC Dallas — Isaiah Parker, Saint Louis, Forward
4. Houston Dynamo — Thorleifur Ulfarsson, Duke, Forward
5. Austin FC — Kipp Keller, Saint Louis, Defender
6. FC Dallas — Lucas Bartlett, St. John’s, Defender
7. New York Red Bulls — Matthew Nocita, Naval Academy, Defender
8. San Jose Earthquakes — Ousseni Bouda, Stanford, Forward
9. Inter Miami — Ryan Sailor, Washington, Defender
10. Nashville SC — Ahmed Longmire, UCLA, Defender
11. Chicago Fire — Kendall Burks, Washington, Defender
12. Columbus Crew — Patrick Schulte, Saint Louis, Goalkeeper
13. San Jose Earthquakes — Oskar Agren, Clemson, Defender
14. FC Cincinnati — Ian Murphy, Duke, Defender
15. CF Montreal — Jojea Kwizera, Utah Valley, Forward
16. Vancouver Whitecaps — Simon Becher, Saint Louis, Forward
17. Minnesota United — Tani Oluwaseyi, St. John’s, Forward
18. Orlando City — Jack Lynn, Notre Dame, Forward
19. Atlanta United — Erik Centeno, Pacific, Forward
20. New York Red Bulls— O’Vonte Mullings, Florida Gulf Coast, Forward
21. L.A. Galaxy— Farai Mutatu, Michigan State, Forward
22. Sporting Kansas City— Esai Easley, Grand Canyon, Defender
23. Colorado Rapids— Mohamed Omar, Notre Dame, Midfielder
24. New England Revolution — Jacob Jackson, Loyola Marymount, Goalkeeper
25. Columbus Crew— Philip Quinton, Notre Dame, Defender
27. Portland Timbers — Justin Rasmussen, Grand Canyon, Defender
28. FC Dallas—Tsiki Ntsabeleng , Oregon State, Forward

Second Round

28. Charlotte FC — Kyle Holcomb, Wake Forest, Forward
29. FC Cincinnati — Nicholas Markanich, Northern Illinois, Forward
30. Toronto FC — Luka Gavran, St. John’s, Goalkeeper
31. Houston Dynamo— Paulo Lima, Providence, Midfielder
32. Chicago Fire — Charlie Ostrem, Washington, Defender
33. New York City FC — Kevin O’Toole, Princeton, Forward
34. Austin FC — Charlie Asensio, Clemson, Defender
35. D.C. United— Sofiane Djeffel, Oregon State, Midfielder
36. Inter Miami — Lucas Meek,Washington, Midfielder
37. Nashville SC —Will Meyer , Akron, Goalkeeper
38. Houston Dynamo — Arturo Ordonez, Pittsburgh, Defender
39. Columbus Crew — Jacob Erlandson, Bowling Green, Defender
40. D.C. United— Alex Nagy, Vermont, Forward
41. L.A. Galaxy — Callum Johnson, Clemson, Midfielder
42. Seattle Sounders — Achille Robin, Washington, Defender
43. Vancouver Whitecaps — Luis Felipe Fernandez-Salvador, Clemson, Midfielder
44. Colorado Rapids —Roberto Molina, Las Vegas Lights, Forward
45. Orlando City — Nathan Dossantos, Marshall, Defender
46. Atlanta United — Tristan Trager, Air Force, Forward
47. Inter Miami — Justin Ingram, Loyola University, Midfielder
48. Vancouver Whitecaps — Giovanni Aguilar, Cal State, Midfielder
49. Sporting Kansas City— Brett St. Martin, Maryland, Defender
50. Colorado Rapids— PASS
51. New England Revolution — Ben Reveno, UCLA, Defender
52. Real Salt Lake — Pedro Fonseca, Louisville, Forward
53. Inter Miami— Tyler Bagley, Cornell, Forward
54. Portland Timbers— Julian Bravo, Santa Clara, Defender
55. New York City FC — Kingsford Adjei, Dayton, Forward

Third Round

55. Charlotte FC — George Marks, Clemson, Goalkeeper
56. FC Cincinnati —  PASS
57. Toronto FC — PASS
58. L.A. Galaxy —Chandler, Saint Louis, Defender
59. Austin FC — Michael Knapp, New York Red Bulls II, Midfielder
60. FC Dallas— PASS
61. Chicago Fire — Carlo Ritaccio, Akron, Defender.
62. San Jose Earthquakes — John Martin, Clemson, Defender
63. Inter Miami — PASS
64. FC Dallas — Chase Niece, Saint Louis, Defender
65. CF Montreal — Ivy Brisma, North Carolina State, Forward
66. Columbus Crew — Chris Donovan, Drexel, Forward
67. D.C. United — Skage Simonson, SMU, Midfielder
68. L.A. Galaxy— PASS
69. New York Red Bulls — Giannis Nikopolidis, Georgetown, Goalkeeper
70. Vancouver Whitecaps— Theo Collomb, North Carolina Greensboro, Forward
71. New York Red Bulls — Seth Kuhn, Penn State, Midfielder
72. Orlando City— Nick Taylor, Central Florida, Forward
73. Atlanta United — Daniel Bloyou, Penn State, Forward
74. Seattle Sounders — Hal Uderitz, Seattle, Midfielder
75. Nashville SC— PASS
76. Sporting Kansas City — PASS
77. Colorado Rapids— PASS
78. New England Revolution — PASS
79. Real Salt Lake — Jasper Loeffelsend, Pittsburgh, Defender
80. Philadelphia Union— PASS
81. Portland Timbers — Sivert Haugli, Virginia Tech, Defender
82. New York City FC — El Mehdi Youssoufi, St. Francis, Forward
83. Chicago Fire — Yanis Leerman, Central Florida, Defender
84. Vancouver Whitecaps — Vitor Dias, Marshall, Midfielder
85. FC Dallas— Holland Rula, Wake Forest, Defender
86 Atlanta United — Tola Showunmi, New Hampshire, Forward
87. San Jose Earthquakes – PASS


  1. Probably long past time somebody noticed what Mike Noonan is doing at Clemson. Not only did he not win a national title this year, he had six guys drafted, including Oskar Agren with pick #13, which marks something like six or seven straight years he’s had a guy drafted in the first round, including Robbie Robinson at #1 overall in 2019.

    That is an astounding record of evaluation and development. Might be time to start looking at Noonan for the U23’s or some higher position in US Soccer.

  2. Glad to see O’Toole was picked by NFC. He was an outstanding player at Princeton who has great ball control. The first time I saw him play, he had a ball coming at him waist high at 100 miles per hour; he controlled the ball with one soft touch and calmly looked to pass on the next touch as if that ball was gentle ball on the ground. He was unquestionably the leader on the Ivy League Champs. It will be exciting to see how he progresses without the limitations on training and games that the Ivy league imposes.


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