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The SBI Show: Episode 351 (Recapping USMNT-Honduras, and more)

The U.S. men’s national team’s triumph at a frozen Allianz Field on Wednesday helped boost the USMNT’s chances of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup and the latest episode of The SBI Show breaks it all down.

Host Ives Galarcep takes a closer look at the USMNT’s 3-0 win vs. Honduras, and runs down the top performers and storylines, including the complaints about the extreme weather. He also shares his thoughts on why those complaints ring hollow.

Episode 351 also touches on Americans Abroad news, including Gio Reyna’s long-awaited return to Borussia Dortmund.

Lastly, the episode discusses Jozy Altidore’s rumored move to the New England Revolution, and why it is a move that could help Altidore make a return to the USMNT.

You can listen to The SBI Show on Soundcloud, the Apple Podcast App and Spotify, and you can listen to Episode 351 right here.


  1. Thanks Ives, always enjoy the show.

    I’m all for using home field advantage, but I still think the fed went too far on the last one. I don’t know if this is the best expression, but it just seemed like the extremes they went to was “beneath us” as a soccer nation and supposed big dogs in the region.

    Also, I think it is not only ridiculous, but arrogant to leave out John Brooks in defense. Especially if we’re talking about form, since several players GB regularly brings in are inconsistent, as well.

    There just really wasn’t a well executed blending/transition of experience with the new. I think Jozy, Bradley, Yedlin, Brooks, Green, and a few others would strongly push the newer guys to even greater heights, and help them navigate qualifying and the World Cup itself.

    Missing 2018 was a blunder, but those guys shouldn’t have been completely erased from opportunities altogether…

    • Spot on. Beneath us. No need to expose our own players to the risk of injury. No reason to enter the window with the idea that we’re adapting to Canada and playing on Canada’s terms. And no reason at all to play these cards against the weakest opponent. Weak. Only reasons more folks arent more likely to agree are 1) petty feelings about the one or two times Honduras made us play in heat (in central America…) And 2) we won without injury to our own.

      • Quakeroats, you are aware that if Canada had chosen to play the game against the USA in Vancouver, the games against elsalvador and Honduras would not have been in Columbus and Minnesota? You understand this right?

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