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Jesus Ferreira passes father David in FC Dallas goalscoring ranks


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  1. JR, really! Help? You’re the president of the Jordan Pefok hater club! Just like Lost In Space is the CEO of the Shaq Moore Hater’s Inc. Just like, TK is the COO for the Julian Green hater clan. If you can’t say a positive thing about a player you criticize, U R A Hater!! Let me remind you, you are the one who posted about Tyler Boyd being a better positional defender than Jordan Morris!!! When both are forwards. Where’s Tyler Boyd? Where is J-Mo? Pefok isn’t a converted midfielder turn CF!? 6’3”to 5’9” not even close in skill set, height, weight or speed. Next thing you’re going to be telling me is 2 goals for Norwich City is worth 15g in the MLS. Dike, 2 inches taller, and 30 lbs heavier, plays like Lukaku. Tim Weah, who rarely passes with his left foot, while playing right winger is the best RW the US has. Busio is a defensive midfielder and is Pirlo reincarnated. Jedi Robinson, who does backflip celebrations- runs & plays -stiff. Dest is best LB for the US. Or my favorite- Dest playing for Barcelona is preparation for playing in El Salvador. (US scored 1g in 2 matches against ES). The 1st US player EVER to lead a 1st division European league in scoring, is being compared to a player, who has ONLY played in the MLS? I gotta start questioning if America is your 1st team? Especially, if you can’t even acknowledge this. These type of false comparisons & bad faith arguments are made by non-Americans, who ADOPTED the Stars & Stripes. America isn’t their 1st country, nor do they value the US team, because it’s their 2nd team. Look, Herc Gomez lead Liga MX Clausura in scoring ‘10 (I think). The only time an American has lead any 1st division league in scoring, outside the MLS. Just because you like another player better, doesn’t mean the other player is trash, or useless. It’s really absurd to me. You didn’t criticize Jesus Ferreira for missing any of his 3 shots on goal, for the US. 2 left footed shanks v El Tri (home & away) WCQ, and a right footed shank, from a LDT pass on a platter against Panama at home. This double standard stuff is getting extremely prejudice.

    • It’s Ok 2,I respect your opinions because you actually watch matches. However, on this one I guess I can’t help you.
      By the way lived my entire 44 years in the US, my first NT match I ever saw was USA vs Switzerland in ‘94 because we didn’t have cable so I didn’t see Italy ‘90. I introduced my college roommates to soccer in ‘98. Woke up in the middle of the night to watch Korea/Japan ‘02. Suffered thru ‘06. Screamed my head off for “Go go USA” while on my 10 year anniversary trip in 2010, and had my heart broken when Wondo sent that shot wide in’14.

      • So you do know what it’s like to try to pull people (who don’t care about soccer) into this sport!!!! ….Then we as Americans have to stop making false comparisons & bad faith arguments!! Every time a player we don’t like or don’t value, makes a mistake, there is no need to say another player would’ve done better. It takes a team! Sometimes things on the pitch happen. Pre-pandemic I spent most of my time, watching futbol with fans, who aren’t from this country from Atl to Orlando. I wanted to indulge myself within the sport. Actively seeking out futbol fans, was the best way to fully engulf myself, within the sport, as well as learning about different cultures (language, food, music, sport), without leaving the US. While it helped me to relate to people, I was constantly having to educate people on the Bruce Murray’s, Joe Max’s, Desmond Armstrong, Eddie Pope’s, & Chad Deerings, etc, as well as US culture and US soccer culture general. There’s so many people that move to this country, that say we don’t have any culture. I’ve had so many of these conversations in the last 15 years. (Frustrating!) No one can tell me, it’s not happening. Jesus Ferreira is a legacy player. (He’s not the only one, we have Weah, Reyna, Dike, Shaq, Harkes). He just broke his fathers record!! Awesome for that parents, to have your seed break your record. I think, he’s dynamic as it gets, for a midfielder. He’s a playmaker!, more so than he’s a scorer, at this moment. Pefok has nothing to do with this. Catarina Maccaro is going thru the same thing on the women’s side. Midfielder (club) turned CF (country). Btw -Great fn memories JR!! I remember, not having cable also. In 90’-94’, in NW FLA l, you had pay $2.75 in quarters for the USA Today newspaper. At that time, the local paper ($.75), didn’t cover soccer. I remember, those days, if no one you knew had cable, or you didn’t have friends who played this sport. You had to wait a day, a week, or a month to find news for a result. Now, I can rewatch matches and see players I only heard about thru word of mouth, back in the 90s. I’m informed so much more now, compared to that time, that I can appreciate the work SBI does. We’ve qualifyied for the WC. I do hope, Jesus is healthy enough to be on that plane to Qatar. He seems to be one of the few 1st time WCQ players who isn’t injured.

      • I will point out Ferreira is the same size as Neymar, taller than Messi and only an inch shorter than Mbappe all guys who have and can play CF. Obviously he’s no where near the talent. When Jesus first came up he was CF. Then management bought Jara paying him 6 mil a year so Luchi had to find somewhere else for him to play. He played all over 8, 10, wing that season. Last season he missed first 7 games and still ended with 8 and 8, but Pepi had established himself as CF and Jesus thrived in the space created by Pepi. This year he’s back as the CF and leading the line. He makes well timed runs in behind and reads defenders well in the box. If someone tells you he’s a false 9 they aren’t watching. For his height he does pretty well in the air as well. I think he’ll make his move to Europe in January. I hope Pomykal does as well.
        In ‘94 I had to go over to my Grandparents’ house and convince them to let me watch USA vs Colombia. Pretty sure it was the only soccer game they ever watched.

  2. If a goal is scored in MLS does it make a sound. If you don’t think someone scoring 7g in 10 games in MLS could score the same for the best team in Switzerland then I can’t help you.

    • Actually, I strongly believe that scoring X goals in MLS is more impressive than scoring the same number of goals for one of the best teams in Switzerland. Two leagues are of about the same level and Pefok is playing against teams that are on average significantly weaker.

      I do t understand how it’s even an argument.

      How many goals do you think Pefok would score in a year for FC Dallas? 30?


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