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Jesse Marsch, Leeds United earn vital win versus Liverpool to climb out of relegation zone


The pressure has continued to build for Leeds United and Jesse Marsch over recent weeks due to a lenthy run of defeats, but the American manager and his team earned some breathing room after securing a crucial victory against a high-profile opponent.

Tyler Adams and Brenden Aaronson both played 90 minutes in Leeds United’s 2-1 road win over Liverpool at Anfield, ending the Lilywhites’ eight-match winless run in Premier League play. It was Liverpool’s first home league loss since January 2021 and their second consecutive defeat against bottom-half clubs.

Leeds United was handed an early advantage in the third minute after Joe Gomez’s error in the backline. Gomez’s back pass caught goalkeeper Alisson out of position, allowing Rodrigo the chance to tap home into an empty net.

Liverpool equalized in the 14th minute through Mo Salah’s finish in the box. Andrew Robertson’s cross from the left wing was one-timed home by Salah, giving the Reds a 1-1 scoreline.

Brenden Aaronson came close to propelling Leeds United back in front in the 21st minute. Aaronson’s volley in the box rattled the cross back and kept the two teams level at 1-1.

Although it was Liverpool looking more likely to claim a winning goal, Leeds United regained its advantage for good in the final minutes. Crysencio Summerville’s right-footed shot in the 89th minute nestled into the bottom-right corner, giving Leeds United a third league win of the new season.

Adams won five of his eight duels and made 12 recoveries in his return to action while Aaronson drew the most fouls (3) and won 7/14 duels.

Leeds United’s first league victory since August 21 bumped the Yorkshire club up to 16th in the league table. Up next for Leeds United is a home match with AFC Bournemouth on Nov. 5 before a road trip to Tottenham on Nov. 12.


  1. If I had the money and I were in charge at Leeds, I’d raid MLS come January. These guys represent some of THE BEST values at their age, skill and production level anywhere.

    1. Julian Carranza
    2. Brandon Vazquez
    3. Taty Castellanos (Girona)
    4. Glesnes
    5. Kai Wagner
    6. Thiago Almada
    7. Miles Robinson

    • Kai was prominently mentioned in the off season and at one point it looked like they were going to pull the trigger.

      They sure could have used him and they may yet bring him in.

      If Miles can get back to his best he would be another good addition.

  2. Quaker Otis,

    USMNT fans have long equated “mileage” with
    productivity on a soccer field.

    The sweatier you are and dirtier your uniform is the better a soccer player you are. That’s why we have Paul Ariolla headed to a World Cup.

    Somewhere , somehow, the idea that you can make up for a lack of skill by running a lot more has taken hold.

    And you can, but only to a certain extent. Paul would be great if soccer did not involve having to actually kick a ball and put it somewhere useful.

    Brenden has been a great combination of skill , smarts and an ability to run seemingly forever. That’s great for him but he was not himself vs. Liverpool. He was just a bit off here and there.

    And at this level a miss by a millimeter is as good as a mile.

    He and Harrison, who is similarly peripatetic, both look a bit tired. Perhaps they are suffering from what USMNT fans used to call “JK overuse.”

    In 12 games with Leeds this season he has played a minimum of 76 minutes and usually goes 90. And Leeds always plays very hard as does Brenden, every play.

    And he’s not in the Austrian Bundesliga anymore. EPL games, especially relegation battles, are much more intense.

    If this keeps up I can see Brenden showing up in Qatar more than a little worn out.

  3. says to me the team are still fighting for their coach. however they have generally struggled so one needs to be mindful of the big picture. i personally think the “headless chicken” overdone pressing tactics are the sort of “play hard first 30” tactics bad teams use, and it’s an odd choice for a team with a poor backline. you can’t play that intensity for 90. pushing way high makes you vulnerable. they then don’t have great backs to mop that up.

    • A win next weekend against Bournemouth and he buys himself enough time to pick up a CB in the transfer window. A loss to Bournemouth and we’re right back in the “when do they sack Jesse” watch. Not sure people would really like Jesse with the NT, other than with our strikers instead of Bamford the US could probably score more than Leeds.

      • JR,

        “Not sure people would really like Jesse with the NT, other than with our strikers instead of Bamford the US could probably score more than Leeds.”

        How often has Bamford faced Panama or Grenada?

        How often do our strikers face EPL defenders?

        I can see Bamford scoring on Grenada or El Salvador.
        Our strikers don’t face EPL defenders and defenses. like
        Bamford does.

        He’s clearly not recovered from his injuries. Either that or he’s done.

        Jesse should stay in the EPL as long as he can. He can do a lot more for the credibility of US managers there than anywhere else.

        Even if you think he can win the World Cup in 2026, which I don’t.

      • Vacqui, for a professional in the EPL to completely misplay a near open net because they cannot do anything with their right foot is inexcusable. If he tried that against Grenada he’d be left wanting. Your right perhaps he’s not fully recovered from injury but his finishing has cost Leeds points this season.

      • like i said before, when klinsi first came in he tried this sort of insane tempo soccer and they ran around like mad and looked generally exhausted and sloppy by a couple minutes into the second half. he then switched to the 3 DM approach and changed personnel for brazil. the team became competitive. that team then got old in the 2018 cycle and he never found his way to a 3rd system iteration without jones and co.

        my personal impression is the few teams that have pulled insane tempo soccer offer are usually elite big checkbook teams . nothing about the US pool says we should be high pressing with high tempo. nothing about the US pool says we should be playing GB’s system, either. we do not have great crossing wings or a mcbride type 9. he doesn’t actually make use of the qualities of the good players we do have.

        i do think we should be a get back then counter with speed team, but that’s more like “hurry up then wait.” that’s not chasing around like chickens for 90.

      • JR,

        Bamford’s miss was bad. But it’s hardly the end of the world. I’ve seen worse misses from better scorers, including Clint Dempsey. And besides they won in no small part due to a rather lucky and clumsy assist from Bamford. Assists are like goals however, it’s not how but how many? To quote DMB.

        Patrick is either not fully fit/ healthy/ whatever or if he is then maybe he’s done.

        That’ Jesse’s problem. Jesse has to decide whether he can fix him or not.

        If he can’t then he’ll have to decide if he can import one of Pepi, Sargent, Pefok, Zardes, Ferreira, Haji, Dike, ad. nauseum., rely on his kids, Gnonto, Summerville, Sinisterra, Gelhardt, etc. to take up the scoring slack, or bring in Erling or the equivalent in January.

        Wouldn’t it be fascinating if he buys Vasquez, a noted “system” player, who could go on and be a big time scorer? This after Vasquez declares for Mexico and goes to Qatar. That would go down great with Gregg and his many fans.

        If Bamford can get back to what he was he’s better than any of the USMNT selection, at least this season and maybe next. Tyler and Brenden, for some time now, have very clearly been and still are, two of our very best.

        That’s not true of the USMNT pool of strikers.

        I don’t know how much money Leeds have but I don’t see a big time scorer of whatever age wanting to play for relegation bait like Leeds.

        Which leaves Jesse with having to “fix” Bamford and at the same time try to get something out of what he already has on hand.

        That’s what is most likely to happen and is probably the template for the squad going forward. Smart, affordable buys and a hefty dose of youth.

        At least until they can establish themselves as at least worthy of mid table status.

        Jesse already knows all this and has been working along those lines. The game is he has to stay in the EPL long enough so that he can learn enough to become the manager he really wants to be. It will be fascinating to watch him develop as a manager. Leeds is a quirky club used to being despised and loathed and if Jesse can win the fans over he’ll be a legend for life.

        Providing they don’t fire him first.

  4. Exciting game… Bamford is laughable. Aaronson with hustle but little to show for it. Adams looked like Adams, earned plaudits from the commentators every so often. Keeper for MOTM.

    One more draw or win should see Jessie through to the end of the year. Hope they can grab a (real) forward and a solid CB in January.

    • Little to show for his hustle? I disagree with that. Volley smash off of the crossbar, and many good passes that could have resulted in potential goals. And many dribbles that helped the team in the attacking third.

      • he was awesome last week, and part of a win at Anfield this week.

        talking smack…you’re not even watching the games, right? lol

      • Mr.bum,

        The comment was “Aaronson with hustle but little to show for it. “.

        It was subsequently answered by:

        “I disagree with that. Volley smash off of the crossbar, and many good passes that could have resulted in potential goals. And many dribbles that helped the team in the attacking third.”

        Guess what? A shot off the cross bar doesn’t count and you have nothing to show for it.

        And passes that “could have resulted in potential goals “.? Well, they didn’t result in goals so they don’t count either.

        “he was awesome last week,”

        BFD. Leeds lost last week didn’t they?

        Brenden can take satisfaction in playing reasonably well so they will get a better price for him when and if they sell him. He wasn’t bad vs. Liverpool and was in there hustling but he wasn’t prime Aaronson either. He can play a lot better. He and Harrison look tired. Which should not surprise anyone.

        But if not for Rodrigo and Somerville, Brenden, just like Leeds, would have been talking about how close they came but still got nothing.

        Leeds’ has had sufficient opportunities in the attacking third during this bad run. But they haven’t been finishing them off.

        So “smash off the crossbar” and “could have resulted in potential goals”, that’s not good enough for a team as bad off as Leeds. That’s the cheap excuses losers make after losing.

        Fortunately Leeds did come up with goals and, given their style of play, they need to continue to do so against Bournemouth in the next game if they want to save Jesse’s job and stay up.

      • Yes I watched the game. Yes he ran a lot. Sure, that is helpful but it’s not more than an “acceptable” performance. Some Leeds podcasts gave him half-credit for causing Gomez to make the errant pass Rodrigo pounced on. I think that’s overly generous USA-fan-service (“remember to like and subscribe”), but… you can have that if you want.

        And no, cross-bar isn’t much to brag about. Close counts in horse shoes and hand grenades, not in relegation battles or World Cup group stages. Love Aaronson, but he’s not as slick at this level. Not sure why pointing that out offends people. He’s young. Give him another season or two.

  5. Great video on YouTube from Tifo IRL earlier this week. The basic premise is weaker teams like Fulham, Palace, and Brighton have figured out just to draw Leeds forward and then play long balls over the top against Leeds isolated CBs. These teams then when Leeds win the ball drop deep and don’t allow quick play from Leeds. Top teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, and now Liverpool try to play through the Leeds pressure letting Leeds play the way they want. Great game for Jesse keeps him safe for awhile. He still needs to find a way to play against teams that sit back and then play direct because that’s likely how Bournemouth will play next Saturday.

    • Spot on. They very much need to reinforce their defense with a proper LB and CBs suitable for this style of play. The high line as it stands is a huge weakness and I think requires a little more pragmatism on JM’s part. Being a little more selective when/what situations to press, perhaps having one outside back stay back for cover/essentially using a 3 man back line. For sure they are immensely vulnerable without Adams protecting their back line. His retune was huge for this win. Anyhow, all that said- this was a huge win for Jesse and Leeds- hopefully they can build on it.

      • both spot on.

        and after a big win like this, the next game is huge to either stack and build momentum and belief, or slide back down.

        agree on the pragmatism rico…same with GB and the USMNT. Take a page from Jill Ellis vs. England at the World Cup, mix it up, a changeup, if you can throw it, the best pitch to make all the others better

      • It is sort of counter intuitive that Leeds beats Chelsea and Liverpool and plays a very close game with Arsenal but cant seem to beat any mid-table teams. Leeds is not the only team ever to find themselves in this kind of position. Marsch needs to figure it out or he will be out of a job.

        He is a smart guy it is just a question of whether his players can do what he asks of them or not. I recall that the previous coach used a very high pressure system and had selected players over a few years that fit that system. Can the players adjust to a new set of tactics successfully? (Assuming Marsch is as smart as I think he is.)

      • The video is referring to teams that don’t view themselves as elite. Teams not playing European football I guess would be another way to say it. Obviously Brighten that they highlight in the video is playing pretty well too. The premise is if teams just “do what they do” against Leeds they have trouble because Leeds is good in chaotic moments. If teams don’t act arrogantly and adjust their style to attack Leeds weaknesses they’ve been effective. Wasn’t meant as a slight.

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