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The SBI Show: Episode 360 (World Cup Ep. 8: USMNT-Iran Preview)

The U.S. men’s national team face a must-win situation in Tuesday’s World Cup showdown with Iran and The SBI Show breaks it all down, live from Qatar.

Episode 360 of The SBI Show digs into the matchup, what to expect from the Iranians, and what lineup options Gregg Berhalter could wind up considering. Host Ives Galarcep also digs into the topics ranging from Berhalter’s handling of Gio Reyna to the controversial press conference on Monday that featured Iranian journalists peppering Berhalter and Tyler Adams with propaganda-driving questions and statements.

You can listen to The SBI Show on Spotify, the Apple Podcast App and Soundcloud, and you can listen to Episode 360 here:

What did you think of the episode? How do you see the match playing out? Impressed with how Tyler Adams handled himself at the press conference?

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  1. Nice Episode, Ives. I grew up with some Persian friends and remember them telling me how Iran was pronounced in their country. However, they were nice about it and never made a big deal on how mainstream America pronounced it. These particular Iranian Journalists were just trying to stir it up. Adams didn’t have to apologize for anything. My opinion is that people just should pronounce Iran in a way that is natural to them. Mainstream America will pronounce it I-ran. There is nothing wrong with this. This is normal because people repeat what they hear from society and this becomes one’s pronunciation. You hear this same pronunciation by politicians, Journalists, university professors, and the everyday average Joe. It is a mainstream pronunciation. I, from Latin America, pronounce it, EE-rán. Well this pronunciation is still not the Persian pronunciation, which is ih-rahn. Every country is going to have its own pronunciation of countries and also have spelling changes to them. These Iranian Journalist were just bullies.


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