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It’s SBI Q&A Time


With the FIFA World Cup winding to a close, and 2022 reaching its final weeks, now is a good time to bring back the SBI Q&A.

SBI readers are welcomed to submit questions in the comments section below on anything soccer related, as well as pop culture related. Want to talk USMNT? Curious about something World Cup-related? Have a question about TV shows or music? Send them our way, and they will be answered on SBI (and some will be answered on The SBI Show as well).

Send your questions our way!


  1. What are your thoughts on Josh Sargent’s prospects for developing into the solution for our #9 problem? It seems like he has all the tools – speed, height, creativity and especially great hold up play (as he showed until get got injured vs. Iran). Can he suddenly become a fantastic finisher as well, or would we have seen that by now if he had it?

  2. The USA has a big blinking neon HELP WANTED sign out at striker and Folarin Balogun has stated recently he and his family intend to make a decision soon. Am I misreading the tea leaves that such a decision would likely favor the USMNT if indeed it comes “soon”, because there’s a healthy logjam of English strikers ahead of Balogun for the Three Lions? Also Balogun has to be more than aware of how his former youth teammate Yunus Musah, as well as other English dual-nationals like Cameron Carter-Vickers and Jedi Robinson jump-started their national team careers (and career options, a national team is a giant shop window) by switching to the USMNT as well. And am I overestimating Balogun to think he’s even more talented and athletic than Josh Sargent and would likely be our top #9 in short order?

  3. What is holding US men’s soccer back compared to Europe? Is it the following:

    1) MLS calendar
    2) Lack of promotion/relegation
    3) Coaching
    4) Youth Development
    5) MLS salary cap
    6) Being in CONCACAF

    I just think off the top of my head that if the above 6 items were addressed properly, the program would greatly improve. What are your thoughts?


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