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Reyna addresses World Cup drama via social media


The Gio Reyna-Gregg Berhalter soap opera took its latest turn on Tuesday, with Gio Reyna issuing a statement via Instagram to address the controversial revelations inadvertently revealed by Gregg Berhalter about the young standout’s behavior with the U.S. men’s national team at the recent FIFA World Cup.

Reyna issued the following statement:

I hoped not to comment on matters at the World Cup.  It is my belief that things that happen in a team setting ought to remain private.  That being said, statements have been made that reflect on my professionalism and character, so I feel the need to make a brief statement.
Just before the World Cup, Coach Berhalter told me that my role at the tournament would be very limited.  I was devastated.  I am someone who plays with pride and passion.  Soccer is my life, and I believe in my abilities.  I fully expected and desperately wanted to contribute to the play of a talented group as we tried to make a statement at the World Cup. 
I am also a very emotional person, and I fully acknowledge that I let my emotions get the best of me and affect my training and behavior for a few days after learning about my limited role.  I apologized to my teammates and coach for this, and I was told I was forgiven.  Thereafter, I shook off my disappointment and gave everything I had on and off the field.  
I am disappointed that there is continuing coverage of this matter (as well as some highly fictionalized versions of events) and extremely surprised that anyone on the U.S. men’s team staff would contribute to it.  Coach Berhalter has always said that issues that arise with the team will stay “in house” so we can focus on team unity and progress.  I love my team, I love representing my country, and I am focusing now only on improving and growing as a soccer player and a person.  I hope that going forward each person involved in U.S. Soccer focuses only on what is in the best interest of the men’s national team so we can enjoy great success at the World Cup in 2026.

— Gio Reyna

Reyna’s statement is a damning one for Berhalter, from the very valid point that Berhalter failed to keep the incident “in house”, to the rather convenient framing of Berhalter’s explanation of what Reyna’s role would be at the World Cup.

Reyna confirms that he was the player Berhalter was talking about in his recent statement about nearly sending a USMNT player home from the World Cup, but also takes the time to try and explain away his behavior as just the emotional response of a player who really wanted to help the team win.

The public reaction is what is to be expected, with Berhalter catching the majority of the heat, and USMNT fans siding with Reyna and accepting his message at face value.

The messy situation is very likely to impact U.S. Soccer’s own evaluation process of Berhalter’s future as head coach, and the clearly damaged relationship between Berhalter and one of the USMNT program’s most talented young players could wind up being a situation that Berhalter cannot recover from.

What do you think of this development? Believe Reyna’s statement and see Berhalter being completely to blame, or do you think Berhalter handled the Reyna situation the only way he could during the World Cup? See Berhalter recovering from this and being re-hired as USMNT head coach?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. so any coverage of Ream’s quotes on this BS?
    Gio getting some bad advice, and supported by lying media McIntyre and Wynalda, and the US public who cry about Gio’s weak spine. Damn we’re soft…….

  2. couldn’t be more disappointed in Gio, kid has a long way to go…….

    and Brenden Aaronson? I think he’s the best player, barely played…and he handled it like the true professional he is. Must have been very disappointing for him, but he didn’t sulk and pout and require the coach and teammates to deal with his hurt feelings


  3. So GB stiucks in everyone’s face at the World Cup, the USMNT advance out of the group, and GB’s detractors can’t strand it!!! LOL

    so even after success, got to find something….

    Gio is 20 years old and screwed up. Remember when McKennie broke covid protocols? How old was he? It was a tricky time, and included the away Honduras game.

    GB suspended him. That’s how you keep locker rooms together. otherwise the other players see the BS.

    GB handled it spot on.

    whoever leaked this wants GB out, like the posters here who got it wrong…they still want him out. OK.

    for Gio, who still lives on potential and has proved very little except that he gets injured all the time, and I mean, ALL the time, he’s the case…the guy who sulked and pouted, that’s the guy to rally around.

    • I just can’t believe Berhalter didn’t know what he was doing when bringing up this story at a speaking event. And even if was an honest mistake, it was still a pretty bad mistake to make. Keep it to yourself if problem was handled, or at least let someone else be the one to leak. This could do damage to the rep of one of our best talents. Not excusing Reyna at all, and fine with how it was handled during the Cup, I could’ve even accepted sending him home. I am neither a Berhalter hater (have defended him before) nor a lover, and can definitely appreciate how the team played in Qatar. But starting to believe it’s best for both Berhalter and USMNT to go in new directions.

    • I don’t have a problem with how Gio was treated during the WC by his teammates and the coaching staff.

      I dont’ have a problem with Gio being disappointed, but I do have a problem with him showing the reported lack of effort that led to the “team” (not coaches) having to address that with him.

      I disagree with GB’s subbing process during game, and as Beachbum noted it wasn’t just Gio, but Aaronson didn’t get in the games much either.

      I have a problem with Wynalda reporting the conflict with Gio during the WC, and then trying to take it back, knowing it would create problems within the camp.
      Did it cause us to lose to the Dutch, probably not.

      I have a problem with GB disclosing the issues with Gio in any form after the WC, and his (apparent) lack of understanding that it would be reported. Unfortunately, the s*+^show that has resulted is a big problem that could, and should, cost GB getting renewed for the WC2026 cycle.

      I don’t think GB should be brought back for teh WC2026 cycle, but that is not because of Gio-gate or the Gio-political issue. The USMNT historically has not fared well with a second term coach.

    • Your ire is a little misdirected.

      Gio screwed up and was corrected. No one is mad about that .

      What is concerning is Gregg laying it out there for all to see at this time.

      The incident was handled and it’s over with.

      There’s no good reason for this to be public NOW.

      The incident is bad for Gio but it’s also bad for Gregg who looks like a betrayer of the trust of a team that he is still the manager of and probably will be until 2026. He’s supposed to be the adult in the room.

      “whoever leaked this wants GB out, ”

      Gregg leaked it, Supposedly that conference he attended ratted him out but c’mon Gregg knows better than to think that it wasn’t going to get out from that setting. Like I said elsewhere, maybe he didn’t pull the trigger but he sure gave the media the gun.

      His handlers at the USSF already knew about this so if it cause him to get fired it won’t be because of how he handled Gio.

      It will be because Gregg created this latest media shitstorm, unnecessarily, and opened up a can of worms.

      • my ire is not misdirected…please do not pretend to know where I’m directing things. Your cushy protection of Gio is misdirected…kid needs to grow up FAST and get out from under the spoiled environment that created his weakness in Qatar, and weakness that will persist if he doesn’t start getting into shape

      • Mr. bum,

        Gregg needs protection not Gio.
        Protecting Gio?
        Hah! Protecting him from what?
        I sincerely doubt he gives two shits what any of us say or think, nor should he.
        The last thing he needs is protection from the likes of me.

        He’s got a huge ceiling, an excellent support network and a good family. Assuming he recovers his fitness and form, he is on his way to a great career and a ton more money than I’ll ever see; all for playing a game we all love. It’s not a bad lifestyle. He does have bad hair but that’s because he spent so much time with Erling.

        Maybe he’ll never play another minute as Gregg freezes him out of the USMNT. No loss there for Gio he’ll be fine. If Gio plays like his talent suggests Gregg is going to need him a lot more than Gio needs the USMNT. A couple of years off from the international grind will do Gio’ s body some good. Gregg isn’t going to be USMNT manager forever.

        He came into this World Cup having missed most of a season and a half. And he’s still not entirely fit and recovered. Personally, I would not have been shocked if Gregg had not brought him to Qatar. I’m sure BVB would have been grateful.

        In that sense he looked very similar to Pulisic and Tyler, both of whom had fairly recent, lengthy episodes of injury recovery and indifferent form because of it. They both had periods where they looked like Gio, tentative not really trusting their bodies.

        I’m old enough to remember when many of us (myself included) thought neither Pulisic nor Tyler would ever be physically “right” again. Well, absent a pelvic contusion both of them looked physically pretty good in Qatar.

        So, I expect Gio to be back as well.

        Gregg did Gio a favor by mishandling this entire post World Cup situation. By calling out his childish dickishness he’s shamed him enough to increase the likelihood that Gio won’t act that way again. At least not so obviously.

        Gio now knows to act like he really gives a shit. He now knows he has to placate those USMNT fans who evaluate a player by how sweaty and dirty his jersey is. I remember when Clint was called out as selfish and accused of saving himself for Fulham and not running hard enough for the USMNT. Yeah Clint Dempsey of Nagdoches, Texas.

        And assuming Gio is productive, then no one will care whether he’s sincere or not. Messi, for example, may well be a manipulative ,selfish c==ksucker in real life. But who cares? He’s productive and they all give him a pass.

        Gio is absolutely no Messi but for the USMNT he’s good enough for government work.

        Anyway enough about Gio, the not so little prima donna.

        This controversy, shit storm, shitting the bed, etc. is all about Gregg and has nothing to do with Gio, not really. It could have been about Joe Scally or Jesus Ferreira.

        After the World Cup was over Gregg told a potentially negative story about a player during the World Cup. W/o that player’s knowledge or permission.

        The player screwed up , was confronted, humiliated and had to beg forgiveness from Gregg and his teammates for his bad behavior. If we are to believe Gio, the player was forgiven and that player, now that the World Cup is over, promises to be better and learn from this, which is what every criminal politician looking for redemption and running for office always says. And if you believe them then you also believe that Werewolves can kill Vampires ( not true for all werewolves).

        Anyway as far as most professions are concerned that’s it. It’s over, dead and buried. We all move on.

        Now the World Cup is over for the USMNT. Gregg has to go to some leadership conference. I guess he decides to cite this incident as an example of “leadership”.

        I maintain that using the Gio incident was a bad idea. Gregg surely has plenty other examples that were less explosive and controversial that he could have used.
        1. I’m sure there were lots of reporters who were still trying to figure out the Gio situation in Qatar and I’m pretty sure the story was eventually going to come out anyway. But if it happens that way so be it. Gregg could then say ”I kept my mouth shut. It wasn’t me who broke the trust” and he’d be in the clear and looking good.
        2. But instead it’s Gregg who, however indirectly, gives up the goods. He’s still the manager and Gio is still a USMNT player. Gregg showed bad judgement, unprofessionalism and lack of discretion. Did he have a right to talk about this in a public forum? 1000% he did. But if you do then you have to face the consequences. How many other embarrassing secrets does he know about how many other players? Are you going to tell me that Gio had the only asshole moment on that team?

        Gregg is going to keep his job, at least until they fire him for his next fuckwit moment but he’s just made it a bit harder on himself.

        Sunil wanted to axe Bob right out of the 2010 World Cup but JK wasn’t ready. So they let Bob lead the USMNT during the every pathetic 2011 Gold Cup where the USMNT was humiliated by Mexico and fired him then.

      • hey Mr. V, what say you now that it is clear reporter McIntyre for Fox is a liar…and you bit on all of it.

        I’m listening…GB got hosed by some media who didn’t get what they wanted, which was a failure by GB…and they whined about it…lied

        the media shit storm was vreated by…THE MEDIA, and wynalda, who will go down as the piss sucking little jerk he is

  4. Gregg tried to deflect/defuse criticism that was directed towards him for the lack of playing time Gio received during the WC, by insuring the details of the situation leaked. Gregg didn’t have to name names….most of us jumped to the assumption it was Gio based on the contradictions in their press conference answers. This was deliberate by Gregg. Gregg knowingly broke the confessional of the locker-room.
    Gio caught the grenade that Gregg lobbed and threw it back….allowing it to blow up in Gregg’s face. The fact that many of the other USMNT players (there in Qatar and some not there) actually “Liked” Gio’s social media posts tells me a lot about where the chips are falling. If USSF doesn’t move on from Gregg now….they find themselves replacing him in short order because the players no longer respect/trust Gregg….and that never ends well (see JK’s 2nd cycle or Arena failed attempt in 2017).
    USSF needs to sever ties with Gregg. They need to hire an experienced manager that the players can and will respect. That’s the only way to move on from this soap-opera at this point.

    • If Gregg wanted to leak the information on Gio any number of people would have ran it without using his name. One call to Wynalda would have been all it took. Gregg loves a redemption story, he saw this as Gio redeeming himself by making a change. Gio did not see it that way.

      • JR, well, I think it certainly would have been niave to think shaming someone for poor behavior would be a redemption story that the specific individual would be proud of. I don’t think that was the case, though. I responded to Vacqui below about this if you are interested in my opinion. Cheers!!

      • JR,

        Put yourself in Gio’s shoes.

        Do you really think he should see this as a redemption story?

        And do you really want your personal redemption stories out there for the world to evaluate, without your permission beforehand?


  5. People who have already made up their minds about Berhalter are not seeing this clearly.

    GB protected Reyna from public criticism at the WC when all of this was happening. He gave him the chance to earn his stay. Reyna pulled it together and stayed.

    Then after the elimination, Berhalter told a story and didn’t name who he was talking about. He was told it was off the record. He never named the player. And even credited the player with rising to the challenge to stay. Pretty even-handed assessment that doesn’t warrant animosity.

    The publisher admitted error in publishing the report. Other ppl identified Reyna not Berhalter.

    And then Reyna again comes out sore. I think his, and everyone’s emotions are getting the better of them. Some of the best friendships and sporting relationships are born out of challenge. Stop the false outrage.

    • Sean,

      Most likely Gregg had only the best of intentions when he brought this topic up at his conference. That’s great but if you think about it, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      A problem comes up, the two parties get together, iron it out. problem solved. Good right?

      I’m sure Gio would rather everyone involved forget about it.
      And frankly, you’d think that everyone else involved would rather move on.

      And it looks like everyone did.

      Until now.

      I’m sure there would have been ongoing efforts by enterprising journalists to ferret out the story.
      And maybe they would have eventually dug up the details.
      But in that case, Gregg would have been a participant in the story, not a purveyor of the story. And he might even have been the hero.
      And he would not have been open up to anywhere near as much scrutiny as he is now.
      But instead Gregg beats the investigative reporters to it and is the one who dug this up and put it out there where it was rather predictably leaked.

      That’s on Gregg. He chose trust these people with a secret and they burned him. Too bad.
      ” Other ppl identified Reyna not Berhalter.”
      Technically true but only technically. “Other ppl” pulled the trigger but Gregg gave them the gun.

      They are bad people but it remains his responsibility. Gregg’s not a callow, innocent fool so it makes you wonder why he did this.

      You can be happy with his performance as a manager but you can’t be happy with his judgement on keeping secrets. Bringing up this story with the publisher and the conference people? Unless they signed a confidentiality agreement, at best Gregg was being cavalier with the information.

      It’s a matter of trust. The players trusting a manager to do his best to keep a secret. Gregg did not do that.

      And for a national team manager that’s not good.

      • Vacqui, I think you are simultaneously giving Gregg to much credit and too little credit at the same time. Too much credit to think his intentions were good. You have to stray pretty far outside the center of the bell curve to think that shaming someone is a good way to demonstrate leadership through adversity. He could easily have given probably 50 examples of leadership to win the game against Iran with their backs against the wall and Iran only needing a tie without shedding negative light on anybody on his team. Too little credit to think this isn’t the outcome he desired. I am pretty sure he never said what team rules McKennie broke during qualifying but others leaked it from within the circle; he had to know telling that story to people outside the circle was going to get it leaked. I only hope he didn’t do it to try to defend himself against the harsh grass roots critism he was getting for not playing Reyna because those people were going to criticize and insult him no matter what he did and the lack of playing time for a Reyna was just a way to unite their followers and find a way to second guess a decision that ultimately worked in the sense that they got out of a very tough group without playing him much. If Reyna had played more, they would have found something else to rally around. For the most part, that same group of people criticized him heavily for not “telling the truth” about Brooks but are now criticizing him for telling the truth about Reyna. He was never going to win that group over so if that in fact was his motive, it didn’t work. Cheers!!

      • Tele57

        I’m happy to give Gregg too much credit.

        In the end it doesn’t matter because what’s wrong here is that Gregg re-animated something that was dead and in doing that , caused harm to Gio and to himself.

        Gregg breaking a trust is the story here, not whatever the particulars were of whatever the story was.

      • Tele, I don’t think Gregg saw it as shaming. He saw it as a teammate responding to a critical conversation with his team and responding appropriately. I think we can all understand why Gio didn’t feel that way. But if Gregg wanted to shame he could have done it any number of times or ways without taking heat himself,

    • I disagree, why would the coach name a player to the roster if they were gong to have a limited impact? He should not of named anyone that he wasn’t comfortable putting on the field. Why was Berhalter so dead set on playing a 4-4-3 without a true #9 and shoehorning players like Haji Wright onto the field when there were players like Aaronson and Reyna sitting on the bench? I would rather see the best 11 on the field than a formation.

      On top of that why did he feel the need to tell him he would be limited? If he didn’t get on the field all the coach had to say was that the game did not dictate or need his qualities? Instead he bumped his gums and put the player on the defensive. Berhalter can go fail in Europe as far as I am concerned.

    • excellent post Sean. Folks who were pissed before still are. They want GB gone, and this is all they have now because the USMNT showed well at the World Cup, even though all of these experts said it wouldn’t happen. Now they are left with this to stir.


      Gio can’t even freaking stay healthy…and he’s the guy we’re supposed to rely on? that idea from the start was flawed, for years it’s been flawed, because again…GIO CANNOT STAY HEALTHY.

      stupid. and then he shows up and acts like a wimp at camp. maybe when he grows up and becomes a man we can, but now Gio is still a boy, clearly.

      and for those saying GB leaked it…makes no sense. The leak is from someone who wants him out, like the fans who can’t accept they were wrong

      • Everybody sing the US was in an extremely difficult group I just don’t get it. When the draw was made in April we were freaking ecstatic to be in a group with Wales and Iran.
        You can do all kind of mumbo-jumbo mathematics or look at worthless ass FIFA rankings but on paper those two teams are beatable even with the group of players we had. Had the US not Been so soundly beaten by Japan and tied to Saudi Arabia I think the narrative going into this world cup would’ve been we’re absolutely advancing out of group no doubt but playing poorly in those two games created much doubt.

        Sing Japan and how they played at the cup now you understand they were much better than anyone thought and hail Saudi Arabia even found a way to beat Argentina who is now in the final. Think about this for a second back in June during a Friendly’s with almost full squads do US destroyed Morocco 3-0.
        This fiasco with Geo is getting blown out of proportion it was handled poorly by both sides at the end of the day the reason I don’t want to see Greg as a coach is I think he was a bit naïve and running the same lineup out four games in a row and using the same formation and tactics four games in a row. Van Gaal figured out how to unlock the US Defense. He’s a world-class coach and that was my main reason for being very nervous about that game the dutch players are very good but I think their coaching is far superior to what we had. Yes players play the game but tactics definitely come into play.

        For me I look at our World Cup as doing the bare minimum. Every World Cup other than 98 and 06 we advance out of group play. So why is advancing out of group play such a big deal? In fact with how much the game is evolved in this country you would think getting out of group play is a given. Look no further than 14 in Brazil with a coach who himself was somewhat naïve.
        I don’t hate Gregg But I think he hit his ceiling.

    • Sean-
      I think Gio has reason to be sore this time. During the World Cup the biggest USMNT story was “why wasn’t Gio playing”. You had the difference in stories after the Wales match. You also had the story provided by Wynalda. GGG didn’t have to name a player because it was clear as day that it was the story about Reyna.

      GGG might have thought this was truly “off the record” and acted in good faith to project a story of overcoming adversity and coming out better as a team at a leadership symposium, but he has a wealth of potential examples to bring up. It was naïve to think this wouldn’t get reported.

      And what happened after? Every pundit, fan board, and watercooler was abound on how Reyna acted like a spoiled brat. How this is almost unforgiveable. Opinions from other players given to pundits about attitude problems. Reyna had to respond

      Here is my take:

      -GGG was naïve and wrong to tell an emo starlet that they would have a very limited role this world cup before the first match even kicked off (assuming reyna didn’t lie)
      -Reyna was wrong to react the way he did. He acted like a spoiled brat, but ultimately given his options admitted he was wrong and underwent an intervention from his teammates expressing their disappointment
      -GGG was right to hold Reyna out of the Wales game (similar to how Weston was excluded after his infraction), and then he was used in a limited role the rest of the WC (as GGG mentioned)
      – GGG was wrong to bring up this incident, even if behind closed doors. It was always going to get out and here we are.

      I don’t think GGG should return (personally I’m a 1-cycle guy regardless, but this was the cherry on top). Reyna needs to keep his emotions in check. AND HOPEFULLY both parties will be able to move on from this.

  6. I do agree with Gio being immature and arrogant but most players like Romario and Maradonna had worst personality. Look at France and Brazil full mega-egos, yet their coaches manage to get these mega-egos interaction as a team and makes that arrogant/self-confident work for team.

    • GB strikes me as the aloof analytical type coach who just sits over at his computer or on the sidelines quietly judging you and your numbers. he doesn’t come across as the engaged psychologist who knows his players’ emotional states and buttons to push. so RoboCoach v1.3, with an imperfect empathy chip still being worked on, tells an emotional young player in literal terms he anticipates a limited role within the 90 minute spheres of contest. player freaks out and shuts down.

      i was reading something about how maradona was handled and the coach essentially put the tournament in his hands. supposedly he and a few others liked to party and violated a bunch of team rules. coach let it go. (vs weston got sent back home). which went great 1986 but ruined the later tournament when he failed the drug test.

      if you’re rules driven it’s black and white, and you’ll see this as violating player ground rules. if you’re results oriented, it’s do you think he’s extracting the most from reyna, weston, and the others, and what do the downside risks look like. i think weston’s prior partying poses more of a davies/maradona downside risk. i think reyna goofing off, if he doesn’t actually play, comes more under the heading of i don’t think this coach maximizes output from anyone except maybe keepers. i kind of doubt reyna turns the team into a bunch of walkers. that to me is more of an “i am boss” action. but then i’m like how about you use this boss energy to make him even better. cause there aren’t a ton of players except maybe dest — and just for game 1 — where i am like oh, have we found a new gear? they kind of come in at a level and stay there.

    • Did it work for Brazil? Despite often having the most talent they haven’t won World Cup since 2002 and have only won 1 of the last 5 Copa Americas.

  7. Why would you tell one of your players that they will have a “reduced role” during the world cup? How can that go well for anybody! I’m jumping on the “Berhaltor Out” bandwagon. That is terrible coaching in my mind.

    • I don’t think it’s bad coaching to b clear w players on what their role is even if it’s “very limited”. My problem is that Reyna is a clear talent who has the creativity and technical ability to b a difference maker and would have been at this WC. Something that very few players in the US pool have. I’ve always felt there’s no way Berhalter should have been named coach, not just bc of the nepotism aspect, but he just seems not up to the job and not good enough. If he can’t recognize that Reyna is one of our best players then he doesn’t the acumen to b the USMNT coach in the first place.

      • look, i’ve said i think his dual natjonal approach is stupid. “look at us, look at them, pick who you like.” not very salesmanlike or motivational. “i have a limited role planned for you” is similarly unmotivating. it emphasizes the negative and potentially triggers exactly what happened. player is like, why do i bother, mentally and physically shuts down. you can phrase the same thing as “look, gio, you’re coming off the bench, but be ready because i am going to get you on the field and i want you to be my difference maker.” he then may in fact play a limited role but do you see where one is delivered with honey and is motivational while the other is delivered with lemons and is deflating.

        i see GB’s limited value as he sometimes sees things on film and exploits them eg wales first half, cuba first half, and he has some ability at getting kids involved. essentially scouting. i think he’s a mediocre selector, a poor game manager, and in the case of this, cold as a fish. personally i think the right response to fighting for a dual national is something like i can’t promise anything but we have high hopes for you and think you should consider noplace else. likewise, here, you sell him as “supersub” or something. then he’s motivated and none of this happens.

        or, bluntly, a coach with a brain would have made him one of the AM or 9 slots. i agree weah is a better RF but then i didn’t think reyna was a wing anyway. i kind of think he has it all backwards, his technical guys wide and his athletes in the middle.

      • Can/does he run like Wes and Yunus in MF? Is he stretching lines like Weah? Is he making well timed 40 yard runs like Pulisic behind the Iranian defense? Not currently. When Gio is fully healthy is he better than Weah, most likely. Might he be better than Christian in future, maybe. But those things were far from givens based on his performance the last 12 months. Healthy Gio of June 2021 was a first choice starter, mostly fit, tentative to run full out, reluctant to defend Gio was not. Gio started 8 of his first 9 matches under Berhalter (only sitting the 4th match of 2021 summer window). He started the WCQ opener at El Salvador and both October window matches. Gregg rates healthy motivated Gio. We also don’t know what Gio’s definition of “limited role” is or when his poor performances in training began. I don’t like that Gregg talked about so close to the event, a few years from now and Gio has 100 caps and 50g it’s a cute look how he’s grown story not now, but it’s hardly a clear case of he can’t evaluate talent.

      • JR,

        “I don’t like that Gregg talked about so close to the event, a few years from now and Gio has 100 caps and 50g it’s a cute look how he’s grown story not now, but it’s hardly a clear case of he can’t evaluate talent.”

        Gregg can evaluate talent. You can’t manage any team, even the USMNT, if you can’t do that.

        But that’s not his primary job. His primary job is to take the available talent and get something out of it. That’s a win-win situation. With Gio, Gregg had a lose-lose situation.

        He got nothing out of Gio. And given just how much talent Gio has that sucks. He might as well have brought Lletget and played him. These World Cup coaches are supposed to be player whisperers not Domino ‘s pizza dispatchers.

        The World Cup is full of entitled possibly spoiled brats many of whom are in Gio’s class in terms of talent. But you can see other managers get something out of them. A lot of people seem to feel so sorry for poor Gregg having to deal with spoiled kids. Especially and painfully, the spoiled kid of one of your best friends.

        Well it’s the fucking job.

        If he can’t handle it he should have sent Gio home or not brought him in the first place and brought in Lletget or Yueill or some other acolytes of his who would grateful just to be there and not rock the boat.

        Not only do we have snowflake players, we have snowflake managers.

        You may have heard of Bill Parcells a successful non-snowflake manager. He did not treat his players all the same. Parcells’s explanation for the discrepancy was straightforward: Treats all players fairly, but don’t treat them all the same.

        “I have no interest in being consistent,” Parcells said between Thursday’s two practices. “That’s not what my objective is. My objective is to be right, and to have it turn out right — first for the Dallas Cowboys and secondly sometimes, hopefully, for the individual involved.”

        Two objectives there. Gregg doesn’t seem to be good at multitasking.

    • amen. this tends to cement my idea of it as either punitive or one of his system-fit things. it doesn’t make sense for the player. it is poor motivation and coaching. but i’d toss in, how the heck do you know how much he’ll play (unless it’s punishment). coaches do have definite “ideas” but then we start playing games and someone gets hurt or we’re down. eg when netherlands was going away from us 2-0 reyna is on at halftime.

      i do think quietly part of this is he thinks weah and morris would track back better. i think that’s a nuts way to pick forwards or a sign a 433 is a silly formation.

    • Gosh, maybe you’re right.

      But, what would have happened if Reyna heard this and instead of pouting and poisoning the well, he thought about it for a second and said…

      “Okay, coach. I will be ready for my chance. But, I’m going to make it very hard for you not to change your mind.”

      Seems to me that most of the greatest players are the ones not with talent but with character too.

      • first off, reyna was starting as recently as the pretournament friendlies. it’s not necessarily expected. second, fair enough to judge the player, but not all players respond the same. if we change who we’re judging to the coach — and his contract is up — then i think it’s valid to say, is he extracting the most from his players, does he get their psychology and buttons to push. bluntly not sure why we can’t do both. reyna obviously needs to grow. but is this the coach to help that. i think that’s precisely his job. if the player wavers, buck them up.

        like i have been saying, one of my beefs is dude bends the knee and supplicates — and continues to at least nominally do so — and he then lets him rot (give or take 5 minutes or so) until the round of 16 halftime down 0-2. “ok, go bail me out.” soccer doesn’t work that way in reality. you want a confident player give him some encouragement.

  8. I actually think perhaps Gregg was really naive enough to think this wouldn’t get out. Why would he go to a leadership summit and purposely send a shot at Reyna? That doesn’t make sense you’ve been invited to share your expertise about leadership you wouldn’t then use that to publicly call out someone (show poor leadership). It was a mistake and anyone in this era should know nothing at a public forum is confidential. He thought hey this a great example of a team taking responsibility and holding one another accountable and a “bad apple” faced with the truth of their actions making good. It probably is if he tells that story in 5 years not a week after it happens.

    • JR

      Gregg naive?

      I’m more willing to believe that Gregg feels he is already on his way out. But even then it doesn’t make any sense unless he was drunk or high.

      Gregg’s been around a long time. Surely he has other soccer stories that fit that narrative that he can use to make a point.

      PART 1

      Gio was wrong and he needed righting.

      I’m not in love with the trendy HR leadership council thing. It feels like Gregg was passing the buck. If Gio was as much of a dick as reports seem to indicate then it’s Gregg’s job to take him aside and make things right. And if he couldn’t do that then he should have just sent him home. Economy class.

      Southgate sent Ben White home. More to the point, Croatia’s Dalic sent home striker Nikola Kalinic who refused to sub late in the first game. Dalic sent his ass home and went to the Final with a 22 man squad.

      Whatever the problem was, if you believe Reyna, he was humiliated and forced to beg his team mates for forgiveness. It was supposedly given and for me we move on . End of story

      PART 2

      Gregg at the Conference.

      Confidential? Gimme a break. And if Gregg is that naive then he’s too loose cannon to be allowed to manage a team who rely heavily on their togetherness, which supposedly Gregg fostered. I’ve never played for the USMNT but I can’t imagine any of the 26 see this as a positive.

      In a tell all book published in 2027 after winning the World Cup , sure, Gregg can mention this story.

      But today, when he supposedly is in discussions to lead these young guys again, leaking this is maybe not a great idea.

      What’s he going to do when a reporter asks him ” Gregg, when Weston was suspended for the qualifier in Nashville for violating COVID protocol back in 2021 and allegedly partying with the sister of a player, who was the player?”

      Gregg and Claudio and Danielle are supposedly very close and great friends. Which makes this whole business even more painful and hurtful for Gregg to deal with since he doesn’t seem like the type who does direct confrontation well.

      This is one of those “no one gets out alive” stories. What a mess.

    • JR, I kind of agree with Vac on this one; I think it is inconceivable that he thought this wouldn’t get out and that was his intention all along in the guise of it was supposed to be confidential. We can all speculate for the reason but I don’t think any of them are good and he shouldn’t have said anything. Between coaches and players I am guessing about 40 people knew so it was eventually going to come out but until Gregg finished his speech, everyone else had managed to keep it out of the public. But the real question is what is a leadership summit?

      • I find it hilarious that this was leaked from a ‘confidential’ conference on ‘moral leadership’! Who said irony was dead.

      • if he thought it would get out then this was him laying down the law for a second term. give me the pay raise my agent sent you. and oh btw i play or bench who i want how i want when i want. either that or he doesn’t want the job anymore and for whatever reason has elected the “kanye exit.”

      • Right, but what does Gregg gain from purposefully leaking either? Gio’s not commenting on it. USSF already knows about it. The press had moved on largely. He gains nothing from getting this story out. If he wanted it out he could have said the same thing in one of his podcast interviews with Wiebe. Whether he says it wink wink at a private event or publicly in an interview he knows everyone attributes it to him. If he wanted it privately leaked 20 different reporters could have done it for him without his name attached at all. I did have Vacqui’s thought that maybe he’d had too much wine at the keynote dinner or was severely jet-lagged none of it makes any sense.

    • i don’t even think you have to get to “naive.” if you say it’s in-house it never leaves the house. on- or off-record is a red herring. word i’d choose is “arrogant.” in context he’s called to speak at a leadership forum. full of himself he seemingly pats his own back about round of 16 and how he handled this team, as his lecture. reality, his selection is subpar, his system malfunctioning, and we did ok, not great. if he was going to stay, he needed to be humble, work harder, and make changes. this, to me, was a sin of arrogance. look how great i am. look at this example how i handled this player. oh, is he talking about that one good attacker? wow, what a decisive leader. where is my honorarium.

  9. Berhalter handled it well during the World Cup.


    Berhalter blew it royally after the World Cup during his stupid speaker opp.

    What was Reyna’s blunder is now his. His only only only public comment ever about the entire situation should have been “no comment”

  10. This is a perfect case in point as to why countries who consistently compete in WCs do not bring teenagers. Very little work experience at being a professional. Very little life experience at being an adult. It doesn’t matter what upbringing or parenting the player has had if the player has no self-awareness. If we are just now hearing about this issue with Gio then it WAS kept internally with the team, or else this would’ve been out b4 or after the Wales match. There’s been a lot of confusion for US fans between immature attitude and talent. Meaning a players talent excuses their pis poor attitude. We’ve seen this with young players this cycle. Complaining to the refs; pointing at their feet when they don’t get the ball. If teammate misses a shot, face scrunched up, with arm’s railing in the air. A shoulder bump to the opponent when we have a 3 v1 break. Not ever rewarding runs. Complaining about being the best in practice. Not honoring contracts after 1 season. You only have 1 chance to switch clubs after relegation. At some point, you can’t just leave a club, if you’re not getting playing time, or the team sux. This sends a bad impression to future clubs that you’re not willing to fight for the club. Getting your throat grab, was def not an adult moment. Player(s) ignoring team rules. Who cares if McKennie was covering for other players, rules need to enforced by the leaders, or followed by them. Self-discipline is a hard thing to master because it’s learned through experience and not a taught skill. I hope Gio’s maturity rises to his skill level because his lack of understanding about why US reporters are reporting on this, shows me he lacks self awareness. My bad, I forgot to do the intelligent thing and blame the coach. It’s GBs fault and players bear no responsibility for their actions, on or off the field.

    • “his lack of understanding about why US reporters are reporting on this,”

      “this” was supposed to stay in house. Gregg leaked it. US reporters didn’t have to work for the story. It was handed to them by Gregg.

      “My bad, I forgot to do the intelligent thing and blame the coach. It’s GBs fault ”

      You’re painting with a very broad brush. But yes, in general, how a team behaves on the field, all those tics you pointed out, the manager builds the culture that allows that to happen. So while he may not shoulder the entire blame, he shoulders all the responsibility because he’s the only one who can fix it.

      “Complaining to the refs; pointing at their feet when they don’t get the ball. If teammate misses a shot, face scrunched up, with arm’s railing in the air” there’s only one person who can stop that kind of behavior, the manager.

      He can threaten to cut their PT . That would get through to most players. Now maybe you think that’s a bit extreme to which I say do you want this behavior stopped or not? Players care much more about PT than even money so fines don’t do it.

      What’s more important, winning games or behaving like proper gentlemen?
      Jesse Marsch stayed up by one point. Is he going to sit one of his starters because he acts like a child?

      Who cares if it costs the club millions upon relegation? If you want them to behave like proper gentlemen then you have to hope that creating a teaching moment by sitting down your star #10 for a game or two or three does not cost your your job or get the team relegated.

      It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

    • all due respect but GB tried very hard to take an older set of players c. 2019 and we all saw what happened. zardes, jozy, bradley, brooks, etc. that was the remainder of the older generation who couldn’t qualify. they still weren’t that great and lost gold cup. i thought the 2018 young sarachan team was better and just run through an insane woodchipper schedule. when he circled back around to them and elevated the kids he’d sent to U23 and U20, it got better. ultimately under his guidance still only made it from WCQ on a tiebreaker. the kids bailed him out, including reyna to be blunt. i think some degree of immaturity is a downside risk on where he had to go, but he had no choice. that’s where the qualifiable talent was.

      stories i’ve read he may have been confronted by adams and yedlin about his effort. my response is, sorry, where is the coach on that. like if i had a day i couldn’t hit a pass straight the story would have started with, “coach yelled at TIV.” “coach called out TIV in front of the team at the break.” “what would your dad think of you walking around like this at a world cup camp.” stuff i am reading is like some players gave him grief then a vote was taken. bears noting he’s sent home weston before — this wouldn’t have been the first. i’m struggling with it because i’m like surely you knew you were going to be coaching a near-U23 team of kids and being able to manage that is part of your task. and since the team is starting out young this is going to be part of your pool for the next decade. you have to be able to manage those relationships.

      personally i thought he had the team poorly prepared for difficult asian friendlies and then overreacted to the results. as a result reyna who started both games was shocked to be benched. but then pepi disappeared altogether, 3 starters benched. neither of the pre tournament friendlies were his lineup. granted, often 1 of the last friendlies is usually a glorified tryout, but i think he surprised reyna. to me it wasn’t a real stable hand at the tiller.

      • You see all things in a vacuum. Is Tim Weah the same player he was in 2019? Is Gio the same player he was in 2021? Were players like Weah and Musah missing in last friendlies? Did Gio have to be subbed off after 30 minutes against SA?

  11. Berhalter had to know his comments might leak, which makes me think he was not just upset with Reyna, but more like furious. The whole thing seems so uncharacteristic of both of them. The devil is in the details. Clearly Reyna’s behavior was out of line if the rest of the players called him out, but as far as I know Reyna does not have a history of being a problem or unprofessional, so where did it come from? I also find it strange if Berhalter did sit him down and tell him he wouldn’t play much, that just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would a coach do that before a tournament, not knowing what may happen and who may be needed? Did he say the same thing to Morris and Long? How about CCV? Feel like there is more to come, and both Reyna and Berhalter will look even worse for it. To answer Ives question, I think this is the end of Berhalter as USMNT manager.

    • What Charlie Davies, Heath Pierce and Jimmy Conrad speculated was Gio’s attitude was bad before that initial conversation that Gio mentioned. That likely Gio was picking up he wasn’t going to start and started “showing his displeasure”. At that point Gregg then has the conversation of hey this is where your role is now this is how you can still help the team and the behavior gets worse. So then the staff and leadership council have to decide does he get another chance or is he sent home. None of the former BT guys claimed inside knowledge just using their background as pros and NT members that made sense to them how it likely went down.

      • That sounds plausible Johnny, thanks for the response. Still speculation though, as you say, and certainly doesn’t excuse the leak from the horse’s mouth a week after the tournament. Unfortunate but I think the fallout from this is just beginning.

        To put my (very amateur) coaching hat on, I would have 100% started Weah over Reyna at the right wing as often as Weah could go. But I would have given up on the #9 spot as soon as Sargent was injured and found some way to get Reyna and Aaronson on the field more.

  12. It’s not complicated:

    1 – Reyna is a crybaby brat who isn’t mature enough to understand what’s needed at a World Cup

    2- Berhalter is a coward who airs out the family dirty laundry to save face.

    In any case, both need to be sidelined from the USMNT – Berhalter should move on to another job and Reyna should be out of the team for a year so he can think about it and man up.

    • Basically.

      Reyna needs to kill it at Dortmund, then take a summer off.

      GGG probably has something lined up. I’m just assuming that though. Don’t know why else he would air all this out now.

    • “Reyna should be out of the team for a year so he can think about it and man up.”

      That’s funny. A calendar year? What’s he going to miss that is worth a fuck? He needs to spend time rebuilding his career at BVB anyway. He would welcome a year off.

      I would argue none of the 26 should be called in for a year. They need to rest and focus on other things.

      Besides, if you believe Gio’s statement, it’s over and has been handled. The USMNT will have many problems to deal with.
      It has no need to revive an old one.

  13. One has to think Claudio, one of the most accomplished to wear a US jersey, may have had a talk with son Gio about professionalism and maturity. The truth is this entire episode should never have happened in the first place, and have his son get called out by his teammates. This will pass, he’ll learn from it, and we’ll see a better Gio in the next callup.

  14. i respect the first few paragraphs though they also can be understood as a hostage video in case berhalter keeps the job. however i think the last para is ambiguous or double entendre and not necessarily pro GB. we all know GB was the one who brought it back up — supposedly believing it was off record — so there is an ironic reading to “I am disappointed that there is continuing coverage of this matter (as well as some highly fictionalized versions of events) and extremely surprised that anyone on the U.S. men’s team staff would contribute to it. Coach Berhalter has always said that issues that arise with the team will stay “in house” so we can focus on team unity and progress.” that can actually be taken as critical of his coach if not in those exact words. similarly, i felt like some critique could be heard in “I hope that going forward each person involved in U.S. Soccer focuses only on what is in the best interest of the men’s national team so we can enjoy great success at the World Cup in 2026.” and that “each person involved” is vague in the context of the open coaching contract which i think could be taken as not assuming anyone in particular will be the next boss.

    i did not read that as an endorsement, and i think it could even be read negatively and as USSF it’s your job to get someone in here who acts in our best interests and can lead us to great success next time. but if USSF stays the course you’re sufficiently asleep from the abundant mea culpas of the first few paras that maybe the coach forgets. either that or it’s designed if he continues to go after gio he looks like the jerk i think he already comes across as for talking down his player outside the team, off the record or not.

    i am sure people assume i don’t want the coach back so the point of this exercise is more to walk others through the subtleties of the text i saw. maybe others saw some other quiet jabs or ambiguities.

    • “Elementary my dear Watson” – Sherlock Holmes.

      As a master of deductive reasoning myself.. I can deduce what probably happened based off the info that has been reported.

      1. Berhalter decided that the pecking order in midfield was going to be MMA.. then Aaronson off the bench.. and then maybe Gio. The pecking order up top was going to be Pulisic, Striker, Weah.. and then maybe Gio. For some reason Berhalter communicated that information with Gio.

      2. Gio is a bratty primadonna.. and started sulking and mailing it in. No effort/ bad team player/ bad vibes.. etc. Everyone noticed and both the coaching staff and a lot of the players got mad at him.

      3. Berhalter tells the press that Gio isn’t playing because he isn’t fit. While some people are criticizing Berhalter here for some reason, I personally think Berhalter was being nice and protecting Gio. Easier to say that Gio isn’t fit than tell the whole world how Gio has been acting.

      4. Gio- initially probably did not tell the truth to his dad about what was really happening. Instead of saying, “I’ve been a bad teammate and therefore got benched”; he probably said something vague like “Berhalter doesn’t like me daddy”.

      5. This lack of information for Claudio Reyna causes him to have his conversation with Eric Wynalda and basically give misinformation without knowing so. Then Eric Wynalda goes to the press and Gio tells the press he is 100% healthy. This probably pissed off Berhalter. If I was Berhalter in that situation I would be furious. Not only was he protecting Gio.. but then Gio contradicts him in the press. And also Wynalda is talking BS without really knowing what is going on.

      6. Once the press starts reacting to Wynalda at this point Gio tells Daddy the truth, and Eric Wynalda backtracks on his statement.

      7. Gio behaves a bit better.. he’s allowed to stay and actually plays some.

      8. World Cup ends and people are still criticizing Berhalter for not playing Gio more. In a moment of weakness GGG leaks what really happen so that people will shut up and see his side of the story.

      My personal opinion = I am not a Berhalter fan. I want a new coach. But in this specific situation, Berhalter was probably 100% correct and Gio got what he deserved. Gio probably should not have been played at all. Hopefully he learns something from this and his attitude improves. I think that Berhalter would have been better off sending Gio home, telling everyone what happened and humiliating Gio. That would have guaranteed that Gio learns his lesson and becomes less of a diva. But of course that would necessitate that Berhalter does not come back as manager. Because we still need Gio as part of the USMNT’s future.

      • Gio does seem have a big ego and has an arrogance about him but what happened here is nothing compared to what other coaches and teams go thru with their star players. The real problem here is GB. He has just made a mess of everything. Can you imagine GB being the coach of Argentina and telling the goalkeeper Martinez he’s not going to start? Martinez would stuff GB in a bottle.
        You just can’t send a star player home during a World Cup because you don’t think he’s putting enough effort in practice or because he’s pissed at you. You can sit him but not send him home. GB is a coach that does not know how to deal with players. You need a coach that can deal with egos. If not, you are going to weed out some great players and not have a long career. All GB wants is a bunch of “yes” men and will weed out the ones that do not agree with him. You can’t have this poor quality in a coach.
        After the Wales game, Gio apologized for slacking off in practice or whatever he was doing that GB didn’t like. After this, GB stated that all was good. So, then, why throw him under the bus now? It’s because GB is a crumb.
        He initially told Gio that he wasn’t going to play much in the WC. GB didn’t sit him because of an attitude problem initially, he sat him because he didn’t rate him; then he lied by saying he didn’t play him because of tightness; and when Gio said that he was 100%, GB got mad and now he is throwing him under the bus. GB is not trying to protect Gio, GB is trying to protect himself. He is doing it to save face for not playing Gio. If he told what really happened, people would think he’s (“GB”) a bigger Muppet than what he is already. Who cares if he’s pissed, it’s his fault for being an incompetent and lying to the fan base and getting caught red handed. That’s why he’s pissed. Too bad.

      • Sherlock.

        “I personally think Berhalter was being nice and protecting Gio.”

        That’s not his job. Gregg’s job is to get Gio to play his best for the USMNT. And to respond to the other players reactions to Gio.

        From the beginning, including this business about telling Gio he wasn’t going to play much( how stupid was that,) Gregg’s approach to Gio seems pretty clumsy and ham handed.

        The other players, the good soldiers. it’s clear any good manager can handle them. What separates the great managers from the interns, is the ability to handle the star divas and get them to be productive.

        Gio is the snotty brat kid, Gregg is the wise experienced adult who needs the kid to behave and be productive. He’s supposed to learn Gio some manners.

        Now remember y’all were saying, if nothing else Gregg was great with the kids and building this great family team atmosphere.

        Now, maybe Gregg’s not so great at that is he? Maybe it was all cow shit all along

        He got bupkus out of Gio.

        The way this turned out does not reflect well on Gio but he’s a kid and once he gets his head on straight, he’s so talented that you all and the team and the manager will all forgive and forget, even if he remains a big dick.

        I don’t need to list all the fantastic players in all sports who were huge jerks but played anyway.

        “But in this specific situation, Berhalter was probably 100% correct and Gio got what he deserved. Gio probably should not have been played at all. Hopefully he learns something from this and his attitude improves. I think that Berhalter would have been better off sending Gio home, telling everyone what happened and humiliating Gio. That would have guaranteed that Gio learns his lesson.”

        Agree but I don’t see why you and I had to know anything about it. That’s private business, Sherlock.

        If Gregg is to have a future with this group they have to believe they can trust him to keep their secrets. Well that’s out the window.

        Gregg might as well have hard knocks film one of his camps.
        This is quite the own goal.

      • I know that Gio said in his statement that Greg told him ahead of time that his role would be limited, but I don’t believe that at all. What would be the point of that? I’m sure Gio is leaving something out there. But if it is true then that is very dumb on Greg’s part.

        Peter- “ You just can’t send a star player home during a World Cup because you don’t think he’s putting enough effort in practice or because he’s pissed at you.”

        Why not? I think that you can. And Gio is not a star player- he is still just a talented up and comer. And once again- Gio’s behavior affected the locker room. His own teammates wanted him out.

        Vacqui- I don’t think Greg will have a future with the group now. At least I hope not. That is why I am less concerned about him than I am about Gio. Gio and his poor behavior is the bigger story here in my opinion. Yes he is a kid but kids need to be taught lessons when misbehaving so that they learn to act better.

      • (1) steve sampson sat on harkes-wynalda and subsequently got the Costa Rica and LA Galaxy jobs. people looked back at his qualifying run and said he can’t be entirely useless. he didn’t have to correct the record to get good jobs. (2) along those lines, whatever i think of GB, he made round of 16 and was going to either get this job back or something someplace decent. (3) but i think GB tries very hard to control the narrative so he was like compelled to “fix this” where we all “see him in the right light.” “why are people still talking about this, the player was walking around at practice.” sorry but having made it out of group you already have plenty of poker chips to deploy, you don’t need to fight for every single one. let them talk. (4). that all aside, GB wasn’t honest why he benched him. if he as you say is circling back around to defend himself, it’s because he wasn’t honest the first time and said health/fitness instead. if he says “that’s an internal matter i am not going to talk about,” reyna sees the response as honest and not undermining his market value, shuts up, wynalda walks his end back, no story. if a story ever comes out it’s not “coach fibbed about why player benched,” it’s “here’s why reyna was benched,” and it’s not flattering to him.

      • UCLA: Gio is arguably the US’s best player when healthy; so yes, he is a star for the USMNT and he is a force for club and country. If he isn’t our best player he is our second or third best player with qualities no other player has. He is a creative midfielder that dissects defenses. He does it for Dortmund all the time. That’s why he’s is so important to Dortmund. GB does not like creative midfielders for some reason. He likes his box-to box guys that push up and press. But the problem with that is that there is no creativity to breakdown a defense and feed someone the ball in the final third to score. Greg also likes to go wide and press and drop crosses that never work because the US doesn’t have the right personnel for that. Our guys dropping crosses struggle at it. Greg is like a middle school coach, “Go wide and whip in the cross.” To whom? To 5’2 Ferreira? If you are going to do that at least have the right personnel out there by maybe making the correct subs late in a game.

        Yes, or course, GB could have sent Gio home. A coach can do whatever he or she wants but it would just show his inability to deal with players that do not agree with him. And we know what happens to players that do not agree with him. If Gio had been a problem before the World Cup, all GB had to do is not invite him and lie once again by saying he wasn’t healthy enough. It would have been that easy. For this reason, I believe Gio. And this nonsense that most players support GB is absolutely not true. Most people tend to not believe the guy (“GB”) who constantly lies vs an individual who has never lied.

        Remember the French revolt in 2010, when the players refused to practice at the World Cup for Domenech? In that WC, Anelka was sent home for cursing out Domenech heavily at half time in the locker room during the Mexico game; and to boot, said horrible things about his poor mother in front of the whole team. And even with that, Domenech said that he could stay if he apologized for his behavior but Aneka refused. This was not even close to an Anelka situation. This Gio issue was a simple issue that coaches deal with all the time. This does not mean you kiss Gio’s *ss, but you deal with it in a professional manner. If a situation becomes that of an Anelka, sure, you send him home. As an international coach, GB sees these guys about every 3 months. What is he going to do if he gets a job in Europe where he has to be with players every single day who do not like him or do not agree with him? HA Good luck!! Once again, GB lied by saying, after Gio apologized, there were no more problems. GB will say anything. On another note, sources close to Dortmund have just come out and said that Gio has never been a problem. They do not know what that one source is talking about.

      • Mr. BearGreat,

        ” I don’t think Greg will have a future with the group now. At least I hope not. That is why I am less concerned about him than I am about Gio. Gio and his poor behavior is the bigger story here in my opinion. Yes he is a kid but kids need to be taught lessons when misbehaving so that they learn to act better.”

        Gio is what, 20? If everything I’ve ever read about him is true, he will learn and grow from this . He’s surrounded by a great support group and has a few years to work on things. And if he fulfills the promise of his talent, the other players won’t care how big a dick he is, he’ll be indispensible to the USMNT.

        Gregg doesn’t have the same kind of opportunity in front of him. He was supposed to be the adult in this situation and overall comes off looking like a doofus. And he may yet be re-hired by the USSF. I’m very confident about their basic tone deafness and incompetence. Gregg is one of the boys and they’ll forgive him.

  15. Both mishandled the situation. Reyna at first for sulking over playing time (which to be frank he wasn’t entitled to) and Berhalter later on for failing to keep it an internal matter when that was team policy. It’s definitely an awkward situation if Berhalter continues to manage the team because you know Gio isn’t going anywhere. Hopefully the team can move on in a healthy way and put this situation behind them because it’s a unnecessary distraction.


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