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The SBI Show: Ep. 365 (World Cup Ep. 13: Remembering Grant Wahl, Berhalter-Reyna soap opera, and more)


It has been a sad and controversy-filled week in American soccer and the latest episode of The SBI Show digs into it all.

Episode 365 takes a moment to discuss the tragic passing of American soccer journalist Grant Wahl, who died suddenly while covering the FIFA World Cup. Host Ives Galarcep remembers Wahl and touches on his immense contribution to the sport in the United States.

The Gio Reyna-Gregg Berhalter soap opera takes center stage in Episode 365, with a look at why both men carry their fair share of the blame for the messy situation.

You can listen to The SBI Show on Spotify, the Apple Podcast App and Soundcloud, and you can listen to Episode 365 right here:

What did you think of Episode 365? What are your memories of Grant Wahl? Who do you see carrying more of the blame in the Reyna-Berhalter soap opera?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Why on earth would Berhalter tell Reyna he won’t play a major role? How can that help his performance? Take each game as it comes: form, injuries, cards, etc.
    BTW Ives, Reyna admitted he was wrong and apologized. Where is Berhapter’s apology?

  2. We appreciate and love your work Ives. So sad about Grant, I hope an American soccer annual award will be named in his honor. RIP Grant Wahl and thank you.

  3. Condolences Ives. As far as I am concerned, you and Grant are the OG US Soccer journalists. I hadn’t listened to or read much from Grant in the last few years, but a lot of folks are standing on his shoulders. Thank you for sharing the heartfelt tribute.

  4. What is absolutely needed right now is a public apology from Berhalter to Reyna and the fans. Reyna messed up, he apologized and was forgiven so nothing more is required from him. Berhalter messed up by making a private issue public. Failure to apologize means that Berhalter holds himself above the standards that he demands from his players.

    Also according to reports the coaches voted 9-8 to keep Reyna on the team. How did this information get out? Did Berhalter give a blow by blow? Where there other leaks? If so, who leaked? If Beharlter’s staff broke confidentiality that is on Berhalter as well, because the buck stops with him.


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