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The SBI Show: Episode 364 (World Cup Episode 12: Talking Berhalter’s future, quarterfinal matchups, and more)

The U.S. men’s national team’s elimination from the FIFA World Cup happened just five days ago, but there are already reports of a potential new contract for USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter and the latest episode of The SBI Show digs into the latest on the coach’s future.

Episode 364 breaks down the possibility of Berhalter being offered a new contract, and why it might be in Berhalter’s best interest to not accept a new deal and instead consider a return to club coaching if the right opportunities emerge in Europe.

Host Ives Galarcep also discusses the World Cup quarterfinal matchups, including Argentina’s clash with the Netherlands, and the highly-anticipated England-France showdown.

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What did you think of Episode 364? Do you think Berhalter should accept a contract offer for a second USMNT cycle as head coach, or should he look to make a move to club soccer in Europe.

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  1. What a solid game plan my Croatia. One reason why Brazil lost was because Titi, took a page out Berhalter-ball and went all defensive by dropping back and defending after they took the 1-0 lead. No reason at all to do that. Croatia didn’t even have one shot on goal. He was inviting Croatia to attack. It wasn’t because of great counter soccer. Croatia didn’t even have a shot on goal until the goal being scored. Their plan was to defend well and play gritty and take it to penalties. if need be. Titi did the same thing GB did vs Wales and Iran after getting that 1 goal lead. The only difference is that Iran didn’t have the quality to score. You continue to play your game if you are the better side, put in the correct subs- not someone like Fred who loses the ball and can’t get back and you get hit on transition. Fred’s job was just to defend; not to go forward and lose balls. You need to put in the correct subs, get another goal and finish off the game.

  2. hopefully the croatia counter equalizer and PK victory puts to bed the childish beautician arguments about counter soccer being a loser dinosaur approach. to be fair, brazil was my pick based on pretty soccer but let’s not confuse aesthetics and substance. one team continues.

    i even grant that we have to continue to elevate our skill game to increase our chances, but think a possession game that tries to avoid taking anyone on with keepaway passes hit 3 beats too early is the opposite of learning to take people on or thread contested passing needles (in short, you don’t create the next messi teaching him to pass the ball sideways before anyone steps up). i also was brought up in the “create chances” school rather than the “possession for possession’s sake” school. i personally think the effort asked to be expended by high press tactics more than offsets any value we would gain if we passed at higher tempo and skipping players, and actually made the other team run and tire from the possession.


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