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Gio Reyna appears for Borussia Dortmund’s Under-23 side


Gio Reyna’s long-awaited return to the field for Borussia Dortmund finally came on Friday, but it occurred with the Bundesliga side’s Under-23 team.

Reyna featured for Dortmund’s U-23 side on Friday in a friendly against Schalke during the September international break. The 20-year-old missed Dortmund’s opening three matches of the new campaign due to a lingering calf injury he suffered in June on international duty.

However, after two weeks of training with Dortmund, Reyna did participate for the first time this new season.

Reyna enjoyed a positive 2022-23 campaign with Dortmund, scoring seven league goals and adding four assists across all competitions.

He also registered two assists against Canada in June’s Nations League Finals victory in Las Vegas before being substituted off due to his injury.

In total, Reyna has earned 20 caps for the USMNT to date, winning the Nations League on two occasions.

The Black and Yellow sit ninth in the Bundesliga table with one victory and two draws under their belt.


  1. i thought the revised story was reyna hairline fractured a leg bone rather than pulled a calf.

    that he is returning to game action at any level is positive news but — and i know this is a loaded issue with the relationship history, playing out publicly — i would play it by ear when to bring him back, whether it’s october, november, or next year. we need him back fit before we load him up.

  2. I am okay with this, let him heal slowly and get a little scrimmage under with with he u23 side. He is only 20 and is going to be even more of an awesome player when he is 25 26. We know he is 1st team quality, but we have to figure out a long time solution where Reyna is not injury prone. We need Reyna, way more than we need Gregg.

    • The June injury was revealed to be a fracture. Not much can be done to rehab that type of injury other than give it time to heal. His previous injury was a hamstring that he injured and then re-tweaked (likely trying to return too soon).
      I’m not yet ready to call him “Injury Prone” as they were two different types of injuries….both of which the only thing you can do is take the time off to allow it to heal properly.
      Gio’s return to the field for the BvB U-23s is a good sign that he’s close to being back to full health. It’s a less stressful environment to build back game fitness and get involved in contact to insure there are no lingering effects.

      • Lost In Space, Transfer Market begs to differ! He is injury prone, why do you all always have to come one here and make strawman man arguments when their is proof and it’s facts! Go look at his injury list he is injury prone! 22/23 Foot Injury 74 days 22/23 Strain 10 days 22/23 Muscular problems 7 days 22/23 Muscular problems 7 days 21/22 Muscle Injury 80 days 21/22 Muscle Injury 84 days 20/21 Muscular problems 7 days 19/20 Muscular problems 3 days

      • Striker91 – First off I don’t come on here “making strawman” arguments. I come on here and express my opinion. I clearly stated that “I’m not ready to call him injury prone”. You may not agree w/ my opinion, as is your right, but I don’t have to agree w/ yours (or Transfer Markets) either.
        I personally don’t consider 3-7 day restricted training stents as being indicative of being “Injury Prone”. These are often justifications for clubs to who are rotating their squad. Or precautionary for Big Clubs with depth to insure players are as close to 100% healthy as possible.
        The 80 day & 84 day injury was the hamstring I referenced and the foot injury was the recent fracture. These 3 are the only real injuries Gio has suffered and are not the type that are cumulative, or pose a problem long term. As say a concussion or ACL injury would be.

      • If you look at pictures of Reyna from 3 years ago and compare them to today, I think it is clear he has grown significantly. Lots of young players struggle with injuries when their bodies are growing and that often resolves itself when the players size stabilizes. So I am cautiously optimistic that he will return to play with out the injuries that have clearly affected his playing time.

    • With so many BvB first teamers gone on international duty, they might not have any first team friendlies so this gets him some game time. Tyler Adams had said he expected to participate in a Bournemouth friendly this week. Paxten Aaronson scored in a friendly for Frankfurt yesterday. It’s pretty common for Euro clubs to have friendlies during breaks for fitness. They’re usually just on the training grounds without crowds.


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