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Cade Cowell registers brace in Chivas’ Champions Cup win over Forge FC

Cade Cowell’s CONCACAF Champions Cup debut will certainly go down as a memorable one for the young forward.

Cowell scored his first two goals and registered his first assist for Liga MX side Chivas in Wednesday’s 3-1 first leg victory over Canadian side Forge FC. The U.S. men’s national team forward scored once in each half while Ricardo Marin also found the back of the net for the visitors.

Cowell’s opening goal came in the 26th minute after Fernando Gonzalez played him in towards goal with a through ball pass. The 20-year-old made no mistake on the finish, slotting home into the top-right corner.

Despite Forge FC equalizing in the 31st minute through Terran Campbell’s goal, Chivas regained its advantage before halftime. Marin headed home Cowell’s cross in the first minute of first-half stoppage time, giving Chivas a 2-1 lead at the interval.

The former San Jose Earthquakes homegrown capped off his Man of the Match performance in the 63rd minute, stroking home Jesus Sanchez’s pass for a 3-1 Chivas lead. Cowell was substituted off shortly after, but finished the match with nine duels won, three fouls drawn, and four dribbles completed.

Chivas will resume Liga MX action on Saturday against FC Juarez before hosting Forge FC at Estadio AKRON on Feb. 13.


    • Because Forge FC from the Canadian Premier League is on par with teams in the Scottish 3rd division. He scored 1g in mls last year.

  1. fun with zonal marking. the one guy who seems interested in marking him is caught behind the break on goal 2. the CBs are marking air as he just sits in a gap.

    • That gap one was bad. Like: wut? I’d have been howling at one of my youth teams for that one. There’s ball-watching, and then there’s impersonation-of-a-traffic-cone, and they were definitely all the way to Category B on that one.

      The other thing it shows, though, is the physical mismatch you can get with Cowell, especially against lighter, slower guys. The CB just couldn’t run with him, and then bounced off and went splut just to add insult to injury. Poor dude was eating grass by the time the ball was in the back of the net. And what was up with that other CB, #23? Dude was just jogging along all casual-like behind, seemed totally unconcerned Cowell had toasted his partner and gotten in on goal.

      Whatever, Cowell’s definitely in a technically and tactically sophisticated enough league to really polish his game. Can he learn to harness that against better teams, or is he just going to be a smurf killer?

      • Hard to find individual club numbers but it looks like the CPL salary cap is about half of USL and about a tenth of Chivas.

    • JR,

      ” the CPL salary cap is about half of USL and about a tenth of Chivas.”

      How many of the Forge FC players would play for the Quakes?
      It seems to me that these guys were not as difficult for Cade to play against than what he faced with the Quakes.

      • Umm yes that was the point. Forge FC is lower than USL so yes Cowell should have dominated them. He couldn’t score against Vancouver but he can against lower division Forge FC.

    • Going to give him confidence to do this to Liga MX defenses. His athleticism is ridiculous. If he can harness that and gain a few more tools to his tool box i.e. making the right runs, turning defenders, hold up play and making right passes he could be a monster at striker. He may be the most athletic attacker the USMNT has. Both of his goals were classic striker goals. And his assist was a thing of beauty. All with his weaker foot.

    • to me he’s at a pivot point. he starts getting a consistent finish or final product or he gets converted backwards. if he can finish i like his aggression and chaos/chance creation right when many of our crew go passive and possession oriented. if he can’t finish then to me he should get turned into a DM or wingback. so the question is can he finish on someone better than CPL level (~USL).

      MX to me fits because they don’t play the same defensive intensity but someone needs to teach him shooting technique. someone needs to teach his whole generation that, based on U20. not sure how you have a YNT system and don’t identify/teach much of anyone to be a precision striker. we miss a dempsey type who you could hit him a spot ball and he’d put it corner of the net. or people who can score top of the “D.” easier sniper goals. and deadballs too. cheapies. this is my concern with the system is every goal can’t be some hard worked eternal buildup, blood and guts.

      • They already tried to convert him as a WB. Never turned out well. He does not have defensive instincts. His instincts are to attack. He just needs to harness that and gain a bit more technical ability. Which he will in Liga MX.

      • he does remind me a little of a young dempsey c. NER years, who used to be very flash and less product. but dempsey clearly just started living on the training pitch at some point around the fulham switch and came back a sniper.

        good finishing, to me, is a highly technical business. you get in with the right coaching it takes off. one reason i am so critical of the pipeline on this is it strikes me as a key coaching oversight. it’s a goals game how can no one through this pipeline shoot.

      • IV,

        “he does remind me a little of a young dempsey c. NER years,”

        I’m reminded more of Brek Shea.

        With apologies to Cade, who I really haven’t seen much of ” million dollar body, ten cent head”. comes to mind. Fantastic athlete, I’m not sure he’s found a position yet. Hopefully Chivas is working with him.

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