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Zendejas, Maloney among omissions for USMNT’s June roster

Gregg Berhalter named his 26-player U.S. men’s national team roster for June international window on Monday, and as expected, several worthy candidates were not included for upcoming friendlies vs. Colombia and Brazil.

The growing depth of the USMNT player pool meant there were always going to be good candidates left out, which led to at least a few surprises among those excluded.

Alex Zendejas was one of the more productive attackers during the 2023-24 season, but his absence was a worrying sign for his long-term future with the program.

Lennard Maloney helped Heidenheim to an eighth-place finish in the Bundesliga, serving a key member in the squad. Despite his impact though, Maloney remains behind several midfielders in the current pool.

Defender Auston Trusty enjoyed a consistent role for Sheffield United this season, but the center back’s eligibility for the Olympic Team could’ve been what cost him a chance with the senior squad.

Gabriel Slonina and Bryan Reynolds are also options for Olympic head coach Marko Mitrovic, but could’ve earned senior call-ups after their respective league seasons.

Here is a closer look at some of the most surprising omissions from the USMNT June roster:

Alex Zendejas

A 14-goal, eight-assist season would’ve gotten a lot of players a look at an international call-up, but not for Alex Zendejas.

Zendejas, 26, has been a consistent performers for Club America this season, registering double-digit goals for the second-straight season. The versatile winger made 48 combined appearances for the Liga MX side, scoring in three different competitions, including the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Zendejas has seven career caps with the USMNT, but none since the 2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Lennard Maloney

24-year-old Lennard Maloney made his USMNT debut last fall and proceeded to help Heidenheim to an impressive campaign in the Bundesliga.

Maloney scored two goals, added one assist, and logged 2,428 minutes in 31 combined appearances this season. The aggressive midfielder has made the jump up the German ranks in each of the last four seasons, going from the Regionalliga to the Bundesliga in four short years.

Maloney could be a senior option for the Olympic squad, but a USMNT omission will definitely hurts

Auston Trusty

Auston Trusty’s first season with Sheffield United ended with Premier League relegation, but overall it wasn’t a bad campaign overall for the veteran defender.

The 25-year-old made 34 combined appearances for the Blades, featuring as a centerback and a left wing back at times. Trusty couldn’t help Sheffield United avoid an immediate drop back to the EFL Championship though and will have a lot to ponder this summer.

I still expect Trusty to be in the long-term USMNT plans and a bounce-back campaign in the Championship could help with those odds.

Gabriel Slonina

Gabriel Slonina’s loan spell in Belgium allowed the 20-year-old to gain some valuable experience.

Slonina made 34 appearances for relegated Eupen, keeping four clean sheets and totaling over 3,000 minutes played. The Chelsea loanee remains a long shot to beat out Djordje Petrovic in London next season, but will be pushing for another loan move next season to continue playing regularly.

Slonina will fight for the No. 1 job with the Olympic Team this summer, but his youthful energy would’ve been a nice sight in the senior squad.

Bryan Reynolds

Sergino Dest’s absence from the USMNT squad has opened the No. 1 right back job and not seeing Bryan Reynolds called in was a bit disappointing.

Reynolds, 22, has played in 34 matches for Westerlo this season, registering four assists and serving as one of the club’s better one-on-one defenders. With seven international caps already under his belt, Reynolds wouldn’t have been a stranger in the squad, and could’ve been a different option than Shaq Moore.

Like a few others in this list, Reynolds is fighting for an Olympic spot and very well could be joined by Westerlo’s Griffin Yow on that list to Paris.


  1. IV: you had named a bunch of U23 guys I assumed you meant George since you hadn’t mentioned Cole in months.
    Why weren’t they called for NL? Well because they were playing France in the U23 camp. And because when there’s a tournament you play to win, so the NT was trying to win.
    Guys with potential to be regulars from your list.
    Gaga, Trusty, Paredes (Gregg has been gushing about him for years, not sure as a starter but certainly in the pool), Ferreira (already been could be again), Richie (3 years ago I would have said can’t miss, since ACL he’s not been the same, I hope so but he’s got to find the field).
    Okoh, Brown, Koleosho: aren’t US players currently but could be regulars if they switch but we’ve never gotten every switch
    Campbell: eventually if everything goes right.
    Again none of those guys are ready now to be better than the two guys in front of them. Not because Gregg thinks so but because I watch them play. Closest Paredes as a LB, Ferreira if he can get and stay healthy could fill in as 10 or W, Koleosho if he switches would probably walk right into the 23/26 man roster.

  2. Don’t look now but Palace just signed Chadi Riad a CB from Barca who was a regular starter for Betis this year on loan. Let the panic for Richards begin.

  3. Dest tore his ACL on April 21 which led to days of discussion about his replacement at RB. Several weeks of Dest: did not play injured on the weekly recap. If a month later you are asking why he’s not on the Copa roster you probably give up any “I think we should call” credibility. Especially when you name several players that haven’t played in months due to injuries.

    • since you “went there” ad hominem — and i wasn’t calling you out — i wouldn’t trust people who make fun of advocating reyna or richards or other players who are now regulars. as thoroughly on top of this as you present yourself to supposedly be, you somehow end up backing the coach’s choices, which, well, anyone who watched trinidad, germany, jamaica, etc. should be questioning. heck, anyone who was watching the wales friendly in 2020 should have about 4 years of like, nice theory, mediocre followthrough, try something else.

      i get new frightens you but if you hardly freshen a team that barely got to OT in its NL jamaica semi on an own goal, and then expect that to get you through brazil or argentina to win this next thing, you’re crazy. but your approach is this weird mix of cynically backing the coach while bemoaning the results, sort of jaded, we’re screwed. since you miss so many potential other options, or tell me they need to play U20s or something else, how would you even know.

      the game here is i gave you a list of 20 people and you try and turn a brief brain fart on 1 guy — that i corrected myself on — into some sort of personal attack. have fun with that. i guarantee you several of those kids will eventually be NT starters and roster guys. the question is whether we do that transition on a timescale that helps the current cycle, or delay this out to next time. but then you backed the coach on reyna which after the benefit of qatar plus a couple years, while not reflecting well on the reyna family as moral people, looks like horrible coach decisionmaking.

      my goal is this team finds its landons and beasleys faster rather than sandbags them so i can watch the equivalent of lewis and papa reyna implode on a world stage so they can play once more past 30. more front ends of star careers, less tail ends of careers.

      last thing but you’re saying this stuff while pimping ream who can’t even get off FFC’s bench, and has generally looked meh to bad this past year. i trotted out the numbers why this is the opposite of “playing to win,” but i guess he gets to blow a copa america or world cup before we move on. not unlike klinsi holding on a cycle too far with the team that got him fired.

      • “ kolosheo-Injured, gaga-U23, Celentano-sure but been in camp 3 times can’t earn minutes, cohen-can’t beat out Guzan, frei-38 yrs old, bello-terrible last cycle did ok in Austria, tanton-surprised you’re excited by an offense first right back, okoh- plays in Austrian 2nd division, n. brown-only represented Germany another offense first FB sure if he’s interested, dietz-U23s, Fossey-pretty average, Che-injured, sands-sure, trusty-played CB for the worst defense ever in EPL, Gregg basically said he’s going to Olympics, maloney-can’t play with the ball at his feet or progressive pass same issue you have with not calling similar player to Reyna Lenny is significantly different from Adams. Ferreira-injured, green-average, b. gutierrez-should be on U23 but Fire never release him, Vazquez-rumored on U23, parades-U23, yow-U23, pukstas-sure but should be with U23, campbell-fairly average at best in MLS, ledezma- played 5 minutes since 10/7/23 I love Richie but he was average with NYCFC and didn’t play for PSV, johan gomez-U23,
        Most of those guys will be at the Olympics and will have a chance to show their talents. Most of the rest are pretty average or have missed significant time due to serious injuries and haven’t shined since. James Sands, Roman Celentano, or Rokas Pukstas aren’t going to put us over the top against Brazil or Argentina. We have players in Serie A, EPL, Bundesliga that are more talented than these 20 by bunches Berhalter (who I didn’t want back) needs to adjust his tactics to create more chances.

      • JR: first off, you know who i mean by campbell, it’s the cole kid at dortmund who switched, not anyone in MLS. the kid looks good, plays a need position (wing), and has better numbers than gio did at the same stage — which likely means dortmund first team is imminent. but per usual we have to wait for dortmund first team coach to make it official this summer. we can’t do our own homework, we have to wait for signals from abroad.

        second, you couldn’t have read my posts, or maybe want to ignore them, if you think “U23” is definitive. it explains CA in june — yes, they will be in paris in july. it doesn’t explain NL back in march. it doesn’t explain january. it won’t explain this fall. to me, “U23” is actually a compliment of sorts. that’s all you can think of. given i am saying part of the problem here is an error in planning where the leading U23s weren’t tried much earlier when we had time.

        third, buried in your text wall of dismissiveness is the implied suggestion we’re better off with scally, ream, LDLT, seanjohn, mckenzie, malik, and aaronson, which i find laughable. you’re good at figuring out how to dismiss. there are lists of reasons why each of those shouldn’t make it — if you were even trying to be objective as opposed to just tear down for the sake of personal attack.

        fourth, for someone acting like they follow everything closer, a lot of your dismissals are either parroting GB — “he gets called in but doesn’t make it” (which begs the question, really) — or “surprised you like him” (which is not really critique) or team-evaluations as opposed to does that player have talent. (‘oh, he’s second division,” “oh, his team sucked). i mean, you’re going through calling green and others average who i think are better than people seeing time like malik and LDLT. what does that make them? or are your critical jabs only pointed outside the tent, even if the team is fairly meh on results?

        fifth, division of labor, since when is maloney playing 10? you compare it to reyna. maloney’s primary job is to be in position and destroy. to me we’d be a lot better if we won the ball more and then just handed it to reyna and pulisic and co. to run the offense. i think we get punished every time we get cute and play attacking backs against good teams.

        sixth, up top you made sweeping statements about me picking a bunch of injured people — which you offered as basically “ignore everything he said” — then found 3 total including a guy who literally pulled his hammy this past weekend. so this is really more of a disagreement of U23 usage and talent eval, posed as “not knowing what’s going on” because you have to make it personal and distract people.

        which, when what i think is about to happen, happens, we will revisit GB doubling down on this unit. half the problem with this team is an obsession with using conservative personnel choice to pursue constant playing to win even as the team’s results are only meh recently. which should be a contradiction in terms. how are you so sure this is as good as we can do when germany trashes it and jamaica takes it to the last corner? to me it can’t possibly be. i wouldn’t be this arrogant unless we had a string of Ws for like 2 years. which we clearly don’t.

  4. My thoughts on the omissions:
    1) Zendejas was actually very poor at the last GC. In a B-Team environment where he should have been a leader and a stand-out his play was very bad. Was it because he tried to do too much? Possibly, but he failed to show well in what was an extended opportunity.
    2) Meloney is a more difficult omission. With Adams injury history and Ream’s advanced age it’s hard to understand why GGG chose T. Tillman over Meloney who plays in a higher league, is a true CDM and can also play CB.
    3) Trusty omission is a more difficult to understand. A left footed CB who can play in a 4 back or 3 back system would be very useful. I rate him higher than McKenzie & M. Robinson.
    4) Slonina is most likely going to be pushing to be the starter in the Olympics. So I don’t have an issue with him being left off the Sr. Team. That said I still believe that there were better options than S. Johnson.
    5) Reynolds is another who is likely to be the starter in the Olympics. But like the GK position there are much better options than Moore.
    The Johnson, Moore, and T. Tillman callups for Copa America are continuations of GGG’s poor evaluations of talent and his mismanagement of our player pool.

    • i feel like CB and DM are stuck in a rut. CB it’s like he bought his own headlines when ream and CCV were really injury filler. i even like CCV but would just like to see open competition at the slot with ream pastured. the play at CB hasn’t been up to part. DM it’s good sense to do contingency trialing. playing adams a lot makes cynical sense but with how little he plays club, we should be managing minutes, and exploring our other options.

      i thought we got meh wing play at NL and would like to see the position opened up.

      i thought reyna showed we could really use more of a true 10 in the system at which point you need to identify players with similar games (if inferior quality) who can play the same style. you cannot expect weston or musah to make those same touch passes. if you don’t find similar players then the team is like 2 different styles depending who is on. how many times do we have to be blown out 1 half then competitive the other, or nearly eliminated then win with subs, to wake up?

      i thought the 4 guys at striker is overkill. i know he will justify it as some of them can also play wing, but i doubt they can play wing at the same level of specialist wing options. it came across to me as refusing to make a decision. are we trying to win the whole thing? take the best. we basically know who the best 3 big game guys are and it’s not sargent. if we are instead compromising some and trialing some people, do more trialing to mix it up, and leave off some regulars.

      the US used to be more at ease with playing around in these summer tournaments trying things to see if they could improve. i think we developed a “complex” somewhere in there around that 2018 cycle team and klinsi. weird mix of afraid to try things but also not reacting to meh game results. paralysis basically.

      to me if we’re not running the table on everyone you have to make at least some changes. and to me every game we play cannot be taken so seriously we are scared of trying new things. you have to make some priorities then try things in other events. you have to hold people accountable to stumbling in priority events.

      • i know this coach thinks he knows exactly who should play, but the results don’t show that should be the case. to me you have a finite amount of games and tourneys to test things and if you spend it all on the usual suspects you have learned very little from the process. and then our usual excuse at the end will be that x hasn’t played enough to be reliable yet. and then reyna will be one of the core stars the next cycle.

        to me it should have been either NL serious then copa experiment, or vice versa.

        i am sure the coach’s excuse would be the meh B team results, but i’ve explained before how this coach has a systematic “european B team” hole in his process. he likes the A team often and then when he takes Bs it’s usually MLS dominated. which is neither a true B team nor gives the euro Bs the same shake.

        last point, i get that guys this summer may be EITHER CA or olympics BUT that doesn’t explain why you didn’t use NL to trial some of the U23s as senior players. this has the side benefit of the NL and CA rosters not being almost identical and limiting the information value of the exercise. but then i think this coach cynically rests his laurels on regional tournament wins for his resume which have little seeming predictive value how we do on a bigger stage.

      • IV – I have nothing but disdain for Berhaulter and his approach to managing, player evaluations/selections, & tactics. The inclusion of retreads and underperforming MLS lifers (Johnson, M. Robinson, Moore, etc…) has always been an issue for me. Since the Copa America allows 26 players in the roster I’d have preferred GGG had called in players who could have actually contributed to the team.
        To a certain extent I don’t have an issue with pushing some players to the Olympic squad (Peredas, Reynolds, Slonina, Brady, Schulte, Maloney, Trusty, etc….) as they’re unlikely to get many minutes at Copa, but should be mainstays with the Olympic Team. However, if these over-aged players aren’t with the Olympic squad it’ll be a seriously lost opportunity to leave them off the Copa Team.
        Copa should be the last showing for Ream. He has to be replaced and the sooner the better.
        With Adams injury issues I’d kind of preferred if he was given the summer off to completely recover. Give Cardoso the entire tournament to fully integrate into the starter he could be, or prove he’s not up to the task. Meloney should have been the back-up for Copa….but that ship has sailed.
        I’ve got no issue with all 4 strikers called for Copa. Wright actually spent a lot of time as a wide attacker this past season and had some success. I think a healthy Sargent is possibly our best CF for GGG’s crap tactics….as the CF isn’t intended to score in GGGs system. Balogun is probably our best CF if we’re going to play a quick transition game and/or use counter attacking tactics. Pepi may have the best upside of them all, but his lack of Club PT is worrying. Wright is a depth guy at CF….and a place wide place holder (until after the Olympics).
        I usually want our team to succeed every chance we play…..but if we crash and burn in Copa it may force USSF to fire Greg. My biggest worry is we’ll eke by and be stuck with Gregg through 2026.

      • LIS: i don’t wish us ill, i just think every single game after the bolivia opener (they suck) will be hard. panama, uruguay, then likely colombia, brazil, argentina.

        re olympics, i get it, my wishlist is more “year long” — as in give them a chance sometime — and my complaint is even when it’s not june we won’t be bothered. or more broadly that using fairly identical rosters in march and june lacks accountability and doesn’t really teach anything. it’s more like we are trying too hard to win everything and never prioritizing like, we need to win x, but we can use this friendly and tournament y to try a few things. we instead want to win everything, x, y, z, and the personnel choice gets very conservative to seek it — even when we are kind of win some lose some which suggests (a) they don’t actually consistently win to be handed the job “to win” and (b) we need to do better in general.

        we have had tournaments before where GB called too few wides or AMs, and i’d swear what we learned was that playing people out of position didn’t work that well. now, i wouldn’t mind pulisic as a 10, or some others, but i am dubious of a personnel plan that seems to assume in a bind we just go with sargent or wright wide. i get an experiment with them wide. i don’t get double booking them and not calling enough setup men. maybe people forget GC 21 with a bunch of strikers and no one to pass them the ball and we win everything 1-0 at the end.

        bigger picture, it’s just that this team seems glacially slow to adapt to poor results or underperformance. to me he has been trying variations on this lineup and system since 2020 wales friendly with limited success outside of NL tournaments or this continent. it is plodding and neither dominant offensively nor airtight on defense. we have continued to have meh results, losses to japan, holland, germany, tnt, nearly lost to jamaica. how many wakeup calls before you wake up? so we will take the same unit that could barely get past jamaica to try to beat brazil. the odds of that succeeding are obvious. but ever since GB took the job we just kind of make excuses and kick the can down the road. they have to start mixing in something else if this is going to do anything this cycle.

        i dunno, people think this has forever. next cycle some key guys will be pushing 30. when do we plan on shaking it up to try to be better? this time? next time? 2034? to me we’re wasting talent and if you’re paying attention the U20 cohorts behind the current stars, are more middling, cowell, etc.

  5. on AZ, first off, has he ever played a minute for GB? he was “mexican” for a while, then the case got resolved against mexico, he was called and played for callaghan and not GB. GB came back and all he was, was either off the roster or unused sub.

    second, it’s like people forget he was a fairly unproductive and nervous looking part of the punchless gold cup offense. this is precisely where “club form” me gets riled. he looked like a useless nervous wreck with the B team, he is not a favored son of the regular coach, and how does that commend you to the A team.

    • i would like to see some mix of kolosheo, gaga, celentano, cohen, frei, bello, tanton, okoh, n. brown, dietz, fossey, che, sands, trusty, maloney, ferreira, green, b. gutierrez, vazquez, paredes, yow, pukstas, campbell, ledezma, johan gomez. not all at once, but just try some new things. we had to work a little too hard for NL. i have said before we have a euro-sized hole in the B team, which tends to be MLS dominated.

      i would like to see both jedi and dest tried as wings. still in the team for offense but with less critical defensive responsibilities.

      schulte, gaga, celentano, dest, pukstas may be with the U23s. not sure what level this brass sees campbell as.

      i would consider bringing in kochen just to lock him down a little.

    • Berhalter talked about Zendajas in the run up to the WC as a possibility while Fifa was reviewing his eligibility. He hasn’t stepped on the field for Berhalter but Gregg was involved in his recruitment.

      • if you view zendejas as meh or at least a nervous wreck at international level, then GB taking credit for his scouting reads less as you think and more like his weird obsessions with yeuill or zardes.

        personally i think it’s the coach aggrandizing anyone he touches while nonetheless actually not using the guy. the lack of use explains the omit. he probably saw the same thing i did last year.

        to me it’s telling this is so personality driven as opposed to systemic. i am not a zendejas fan but i found the overkill at striker with not enough real wings to be odd. like we need to see some actual wings and yet this whole conversation is like why not zendejas — who got his chance and blew it — or excuses for, seemingly, going with wright or sargent as “slash” options. this sounds clever til we get in games and need actual wing play.

        kind of like, calling adams and not much else DM is strange particularly when you have 26 spots and his recent history.

        but then about every tournament despite abundant forewarning the man shows up short at some position.

      • IV thought you were insinuating that Berhalter didn’t want/like him. Must have misunderstood your comment.

      • JR: you’re misunderstanding me. in terms of GB’s newest tenure, since last fall, he either omits the guy or calls him then rots him the whole window. thus him being left off is par for the course and seems to reflect a stable evaluation.

        i am just saying GB has a decent size ego and tries to avoid plain critique, and therefore does this odd thing of taking credit for a player he omits. to me this is about opposite of what someone like arena would do. he would brutally vent the critique not brag on his scouting eye for a player he had gone meh on.

        zendejas reminds me of trapp in the sense they were getting treated like young age groupers with time to polish things as opposed to being mid-20s when they broke in — at which point it either works or not. he will be 28 for the upcoming world cup. for the next one he will be 32. he’s either ready or not. to me the guy looked like a nervous shankerific wreck — regardless how club goes — who isn’t (to name a few other nervy pool guys) 22 like malik, 19 like esmir, or 20 like cowell — ages where nerves can be calmed and technique fixed.

  6. 1. HQ pro? He’s average in the 2nd division
    2. So has 75% of our roster and it wasn’t during the Obama administration
    3. Plenty of guys with leadership skills who play at higher levels, never remember from any US camp, Julian’s just such a great leader.
    4. Ball skills ok 1/2 a point. Leads by example, do you have examples of that or are you just assuming since he’s older now he must be a leader.

    • Ok never mind some of those points make sense for the Olympic team. I do think they add 2 CBs and 1 attacker no midfielder.

  7. Maybe Zendejas gets the opportunity to lead a young group at the Olympics? If I were coaching I would have a very at every level of the outfield players.

    FW-Zendejas or Pefok

    MF-Julian Gressel/Green

    DF-Austin Trusty or Mark McKenzie

    • LOL Green. It is amazing that people still have any hope for him. He’s not any good. I’d pick any American player in MLS or any first division before Green.

      The other picks are all fine. But what is is with the Green love? Honest question.

      • 1. HQ Professional
        2. Has been apart of WC Tournament
        3. Can offer leadership
        4. Good on the ball and leads by example

        What else do you want from an overage player? Which of these qualities is superfluous for the Olympic tournament?

      • green had 4G 8A for a german team this year. 7G 3A last year. still only 28. had goals on belgium and france. we have wings and mids in the pool who have literally done squat NT attackingwise and modest productivity for their club but that’s somehow insufficient. ok boomer.

      • IV: Because Green plays in a lower division. His career top division numbers 29 app 0g 0a. Yunus, DLT, Johnny, Aaronson, Adams, even Tim Tillman have better top division numbers. You like to trash Sargent because he only produces for 2nd division teams, but he’s produced more goals and assists for top division clubs than Green.

      • downintexas,

        I believe there are 3 overaged players allowed. If you feel you need all three then, in theory, you want a forward, a midfielder and a center back.

        Strength, experience and wisdom down the spine. Use those young legs for speed on the wings. All three need to be the kind of player who can step on the ball and dictate the proper tempo, faster or slower.

        If winning the POS Olympics was the most important thing ever, my choices would be
        1. Pulisic
        2. Reyna
        3. either Chris Richards or Matt Turner, I’m not sure.

        Green would be fine. He’s a leader at his club, GF from midfield and he has sufficient international experience.

      • JR: dude, that’s funny. we should discount world cup production — or friendlies against the world cup finalist — for how does he do in league. like laying right out how club form obsessions play out.

        yes, by all means, leave off green who has scored on belgium and france so we can play LDLT because his one club goal this season was outside the 18.

        also, for all the making fun of me for stats, you’re pretending like players’ skillsets are equivalent which are not. the whole point is green and ferreira are more similar to reyna — touch players with striking ability — than someone like weston or musah — who are tanks.

        before you get going too much on tim tillman, i have been pushing for him for ages.

      • JR: also, you miss my point on sargent. dude plays striker. dude better be scoring “someplace” or he goes the way of soto. the question there is can he score in an international soccer game. he hasn’t much. we have like 4-5 guys who have. at that point i don’t care if his club form is first division or second division, that’s academic. to me it just underlines maybe he’s not as good as some of you think.

        fwiw on the other thread you posted his striker vs. wing numbers. what you’re confused about is we are loaded at striker which makes you like 5th string. so what. we need wing help. maybe he can play wing. if he stays where you think he should based on numbers, all the others have numbers too, and they score for the US more often.

        if you ever played serious ball you’d know when you are The Guy at a position, you might want to stay put, but if you’re young or marginal, you want to be as flexible and versatile as possible. if an all-american upperclassman for your college plays striker maybe you don’t want to be just a striker, so to speak. we are loaded at striker. it’s awful advice to encourage that other than GB is sufficiently batty he might screw over pepi again and hand it to him.

      • IV: when was the last time you saw Green play? Seriously he doesn’t play as a #10. Against 1st division teams 7 apps as a#10 0g 0a. Diego Luna’s a better like for like than Green who will be 29 next week by the way.

      • JR: first and foremost, he has the technical skillset of a 10 or SS, can dribble, can pass, accurate shot from outside the box, that alone should suffice. or is this more of the club form thing where i have to do what his club coach says? then let’s appoint his club coach US manager then.
        second, dude played AM a fair amount for the US back in the day. played some club CAM this season. in previous seasons (going back several years) was primarily CAM. so what are you doing, gaslighting people like one season playing some DM makes it crazy to say an AM can play AM for us? dude.
        third, ironically, for half the rest of the team, the fact he can play wing or DM in addition to AM would be considered “versatility.” but we kind of play games where favored sons are brought in to be versatile while we typecast players as one thing who actually have three things.

        but then, we are still stuck on dest as a wingback.

        to me it’s the epitome of monkey see monkey do club form stuff we have to do exactly what the club coach does. if weah moves, we have to move him. i was once RB for HS but RW for select. this is kind of like arguing RB can’t play LB or vice versa. but that’s being indulgent as the point here is a guy who played AM a ton can surely play AM for us even if his club coach sometimes uses him DM.

      • IV: you avoided the question when was the last time you watched Green play a match? According to SofaScore, Fotmob, and Transfermkt he has not played as a #10 this season.

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