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Report: Inter Milan in talks to acquire Tanner Tessmann

Tanner Tessmann has already been on the radar of several Serie A clubs and the current league champions have reportedly entered talks to acquire him this summer.

Inter Milan are in talks to acquire Tessmann in a permanent deal from Venezia, Sky Italia reported Friday. The move would include an immediate loan of Tessmann back to Venezia for the 2024-24 season, according to the report.

Torino and Bologna have also been interested in his services this offseason. 

Tessmann heads into the final season of his Venezia contract after leading the club back to the top-flight. He played a key role in Serie B last season, scoring seven goals and adding three assists in 42 combined appearances. 

The former FC Dallas midfielder teamed up once again with fellow U.S. men’s national team teammate Gianluca Busio. 

He recently completed an international window with the U.S. men’s olympic team, featuring in a 2-0 friendly loss to Japan. 

Inter Milan returns to the UEFA Champions League play this fall, as well as defending their Serie A title. 


  1. Tessman is far more physical than any player in Inter-Milan’s midfield. Those of us that pay attention, know Inter has been in a 3-5-2 for years. We also know the network didn’t show the Champions League semi-final 2 years ago with them in it. Fratessi & Barella are small. Short area quickness, ball possession types. Myhkitarian & Canhaloglu are offensive skilled types w/ lil to no defensive bite. They sign a defensive midfielder then Tessman slots in at left midfield, in between LWB, and Inter has an American athlete who’s from the southeastern US, never seen before. Outside of the US CP (cerebral palsy) team, & the US power (wheelchairs), soccer consists of running. Running really fast is called a sprint. The Italians just won their 1st medal ever in the sprints last Olympics. He’s an American born & raised in the state of Texas. Wasn’t fast enough to compete for the US. His Mom’s from Italy; runs for Italy; won a gold medal. Go figure. Italy has a 2 time gold medalist in the high jump also. Other than that, they (Italians) are one of the least athletic countries on earth. Any country that hasn’t participated in a championship track final is less athletic than Italy. Tessman is a athletic enough to play safety for Clemson. Dabo (Godfather) would’ve coached him up to be an NFL player, judging by the safeties from Clemson that are in the NFL. If the U.S. are on the podium at the Olympics for soccer, T square will be a big reason why. That would definitely raise his chances of playing for the defending Serie A champs. Playing in Serie A with a pay raise is great news.

  2. Wow, this is crazy…….Buy a player from a club and loan him to the same club you bought him from…… a club that just got promoted to THE SAME division you’re playing in!!!! Hmmmm….What is the logic here? Its like they see big potential in Tessmann and want first dibs on the kid because of the attention he’s getting from other clubs or want to “test” him in the top division first before they POSSIBLY decide to bring him into the team…… see how he copes with the pace of Seria A without him ACTUALLY being an addition to their team this season. Hmmmm…..I don’t like it. Something’s not right, lol

    • My guess is that the loan will have a clause that prevents TT from playing any games vs. Inter.

      It’s pretty standard w loans like this.

      If TT is a holy terror against everyone else that is a help to Inter.

  3. If true it’s a win, win, win….Tessmann gets a pay raise & insured an opportunity to stay in the 1st division regardless of how Venezia does this upcoming season. Venezia gets $$ and retains a key player for the 2024-25 season. Inter gets a good prospect at a relatively cheap price who’ll gain 1st division experience at a low risk to the parent club.
    Not sure if Tessmann will ever actually be good enough to be a starter for Inter. In some ways it reminds me of Gooch’s going to ACM (less the injury)….but if he does pan out it will add another quality CDM to back-up Adams & Cardoso.

  4. As flattering as a AC Milan interest is, I don’t really see where Tessman benefits from the sign / loan. He’s already in Serie A with a likely starting position, club that knows, trusts values him, owns him. The benefit is all to AC Milan, they see potential and want to cut the line, pay todays price and possibly profit tomorrow. If they thought he was close to ready, he wouldn’t be going on loan. Everything hinges on his performance this upcoming season in Series A. Focus on that. If he thrives he’ll have p l e n t y of opportunities- him not being tied would better allow him to put himself in a situation that benefits him with ability to evaluate the right club, right time for him with style of play, playing time available. AC Milan starter is a huuuuge leap- being in loan purgatory has ruined or severely stalled careers. Patience. The interest is a symptom of doing the right things- keep doing the right things.

    • inter ain’t ACM, certain italians would be driven to despair

      i generally agree with where you’re headed. i was already concerned how much the venezia bunch would play in serie A. you then transfer to the league champion?

      to me all these “sale-leasebacks” are about making money. it’s implicitly telling you upfront how they rate you — you aren’t being kept, you’re being loaned back to the same team.

      to me if i can run out my deal and pick a destination that wants me, and will play for the same team if i stay put a season, why am i turning myself into an asset of a team who i pretty much know will loan me out? i should go find a team that will play me — straight to the horse’s mouth. cause the likely outcome of this is he makes his transfer and loan fee cuts while trying to find someplace new to go on loan each year — what he’d do in a year anyway, but could better control on a free than on rotating loans inter would control.

      he’s just building himself up where he gets senior NT interest. why mess with it for a buck? i am sure he’s making plenty.

      • It’s called being a “professional” athlete. You play the game because it’s your job and you like to be paid for doing your job. If there’s an opportunity to make more money (in such a limited window of opportunity) you take the money and meet the best of the opportunity. This ain’t rocket science.

    • As I said below there’s not a better place to be loaned than your old club. Tessmann is going to play nearly every minute in Serie A next year for Venezia. Even at Torino or Bologna he’s likely a backup. At Inter he’d barely play. However, Inter’s midfield contains 5 or 6 guys in their 30s or late 20s. So Tanner gets experience, Inter gets him in Fall of ‘25 when a few of those vets have moved on, Venezia gets to keep their star player to help stay up and probably get an additional Inter asset in Oristanio who’s rumored part of the deal.

      • “inter ain’t ACM, certain italians would be driven to despair”
        LoL. True that. As would my father.

      • If you’re going to do a sign & loan, this is definitely the best scenario. I assume his salary will raise, but I think standing pat gives him more control, flexibility, options in relation to his career. Regardless, he has earned himself a good situation and more of the same progress and all will be well.

    • Rico: gives back to the club that brought him to Italy. Yes he could play out his contract, but then Venezia gets nothing for him. Obviously big caveat is if this gets done. Fabrizio Romano is reporting it yet so I wouldn’t get to involved in it yet.

  5. Win, win. Venezia keeps a player that will be vital to their success at staying in Serie A, and Inter will get a player with another year of experience in Serie A. Quite clear Inter recognizes the potential Tessman has.

  6. Not sure I’m wildly excited about a monster team like Inter picking up his contract just to immediately loan him back where he came from….we’ve seen many an American get into Loan Hell getting their contract snapped up by a big-name club. The name “Inter” is great and gets everybody all excited-like but that arrangement tells you they’re just playing the numbers and seeing if he works out, and you wonder if he might not be better off with Torino or Bologna where they’d almost certainly play him.

    • Either way he will be playing in Serie A, the first division. The only difference is who owns his rights. If he does well, Milan will keep him. If not, they will probably loan him again or sell him. It’s in Tessman’s hands (or feet) where he ends up..

      • this sounds good as vague theory not knowing the 2 teams involved. but when you think like i am a long term U23 kid who the league champion is buying, what are the cold blooded odds he cracks their team? as opposed to dreaming and then blaming the player when he can’t start or crack the team for the best team in italy. only our best players should think this type of move results in even sub time. is he christian?

        even reyna or richards could make this move and i’d be like, dude, that’s flaky, do you want to play any?

  7. This looks good ESPECIALLY so with the loan back to Venezia for the upcoming season. Plus, plus and plus for all involved.

    • This is more complex than it appears. If he plays at Venezia but is not owned by them, they have less interest in his development. As we have seen for MANY loanees, you are strictly hired help and if they have another player at your level, they will play the other player. There is danger here. Better to play for who owns you.

      • Kind of different since it’s his old club. Tanner started 40 of 43 for Venezia played in all but one (yellow card suspension). Played 93% of the available minutes, the most of any member of the squad. They don’t have someone better and aren’t likely to use their increased revenue on a CM when they have Tanner on loan.

      • JR is right on!

        Typically the money they will get from the sale is going to give them some dollars to pick up some attacking help on loan or buy some help down the spine to make them a solid defensive team.

        This will not be Venezia’s first time in Serie A. Their last appearance was doomed by not scoring enough goals … but more importantly, too many goals given up. If they can use the cell of parent and subsequent loan back) of some players to show up the spine and give them some solid defense, they might be able to stay in the league this time.

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