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McGuire, McGlynn among call-ups for U.S. Olympic Team

The U.S. men’s Olympic team roster is starting to take shape.

Orlando City’s Duncan McGuire and Philadelphia Union duo Jack McGlynn and Nathan Harriel were announced as call-ups to the roster on Saturday. Marko Mitrovic’s 18-player roster is set to be fully unveiled on Monday at a scheduled U.S. Soccer event in New York.

The 23-year-old McGuire was drafted No. 6 overall by Orlando City in 2023 and has been one of the consistent goalscorers since. McGuire has totaled 23 goals and four assists across all competitions for the Lions and is the first Orlando City player to represent the club at the Olympics.

McGlynn, 21, has made 20 appearances for the Union this season, contributing three goals and five assists. The American midfielder has grown into one of the more productive midfielders in MLS since debuting in 2021.

The 23-year-old Harriel has made 20 appearances for the Union this season, registering three assists. Harriel, similar to McGlynn, also debuted in MLS in 2021.

Mitrovic’s squad will face off with France, New Zealand, and Guinea in Paris this summer, starting with a July 24 showdown against Les Bleus in Marseille.


  1. Olympic roster announcement on Today show at 7:50 eastern. Clearly wanted to make sure no hard questions will be asked. If they actually do a presser later I hope every question relates to Berhalter and when he’ll be removed. Example: You chose to leave Diego Luna off the roster do you think he would fit Herve Renard’s style when he replaces Gregg Berhalter or do you think Diego is more a Jurgen Klopp type player?

  2. We are just 12 days from beginning our defense of the Concacaf U20 Championship and attempting to qualify for the U20 WC. The tournament is being played at elevation so you’d think the boys should be reporting and getting acclimated. Roster anyone? Instead the federation is wasting time on a decision that seems obvious to everyone but them.

    • I think it has been clear for some time that the decision to hire, or re-hire Berhalter was not a good decision and the problem is not just the men’s coach. USSF has done a lot of things wrong for some time. I think there needs to be a real shake-up of that organization, but I doubt that it will ever happen. In the meantime, we aren’t prepared for a major international competition. Can we ever be a top soccer/football nation under these conditions? I’ll probably be dead before that happens.

  3. If Luna is bypassed it makes no sense to take an overage guy like Mihailovic. Does not help build future if US soccer. Wash Post Steven Goff reported that Miles R, Zim and Mihailovic will be the 3 overage players on roster.

  4. RSL didn‘t release him (Luna) for one camp, and he pulled out for the next one for mental health issues. He then started off the season slowly. Yow blew up and Pax has been very good since his loan move. They have both produced in friendlies for the U23‘s.
    Of course we have seen Diego go on a tear now over these last dozen or so matches. With there being so few spots for the team something ugly was going to happen and it makes me sad. Luna right now is in form, and all we have to do is look at our full Nats (GB rage excluded) to see many of our players out of form or playing poorly at year end. It matters. Personally, when a guy what Luna does I make room for him but what do you tell Yow and Pax? It sucks.

  5. Luna isn’t athletic. Dudes torso looks longer than his lower body. That is a serious athletic flaw. This will be a serious disadvantage for him against world competition. America will not win anything with low level athletes. Luna is a situational player, who needs to be use strategically, just like CP. We had at least 5 low level athletes starting all 3 matches @ Copa and didn’t make it out the group on our HOMEFIELD. Having Luna on the pitch, means the other 9 field players have to be high end athletes to make up for Luna’s deficiencies. All 9 players have to play defense because Luna isn’t athletic enough to keep up with the best in his age group. Let alone grown adults. The same commenter that said “Tim Ream is the US best 1 on 1 defender!” Now, thinks Luna is US gift to U23s and would be a shame to lose him to El Tri. News flash- It’s his choice. Instead of taking a few plays off, these SBI influencers refuse and keep posting. Unbelievable!

    • It is OK to think… Now do it!

      I seen a lot of bad takes on this website, but this is about the worst I’ve seen ever.

      “Luna isn’t athletic enough to keep up the best in his age group. Let alone grown adults.”

      Tell me you don’t watch MLS (top 12 league in the world) without saying I don’t watch MLS.

      Luna is playing on the second best team in the league. Dude just scored a goal and had three assist with “grown adults“. Last 12 games no one, and I mean no one with ann American passport has played better soccer or had a better run of form. I’ll wait while you make your list of players who’ve been in better form and fit the needs of this Olympic team…

  6. Won’t be surprised if we lose Luna to Mexico. He declined being an alternate. You say what you want, but Luna is one of our up and coming creative talents. It will be a shame to lose him. It will be a shame.

  7. Luna with his 10th assist this season. Still another half to go for Luna to add more.

    Sorry Mitrovic is a bit of a fool if Luna isn’t on the team.

      • We’ll know a little more Monday but if Mitrovic’s faves were released I’d guess Mihailovic, PAaronson, Booth, Paredes, Yow. On an 18 man roster you aren’t going to take more 3 or 4 attackers. He really rates Johan Gomez for some reason too. 2tone is giving you the MLS hockey assist numbers but still Luna’s 5g 8a is impressive (Mihailovic 10g 6a). They may feel Diego can’t play CM where Mihailovic, Booth, and Pax could. Unfortunately, they only gave Diego 26 minutes in one camp out of 4 they held.

      • Look, I think Djorde’s all right, definitely don’t hate the guy.

        But rating him ahead of Diego Luna, and then using an overage slot on him to boot? Really?

        Mind. Blown. And if you’re doing things like that, you’d better have one heckuva tournament, there, Mitrovic.

        I am really not crazy about our coaches at the top of the USSF. At all.

      • Q: sounds like the CF we’re all denied. Vazquez, Haji, Pepi were all no’s so I guess they then went for a MF. I’m guessing we’ll see Bassett too, so they’ll have 2 guys in midfield that play together.

      • That includes secondary assists, example Luna to Chicho to Gomez. The rest of the world only counts that as an assist for Chicho.

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