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Angulo leaves Revs as talks with MLS stall

New Jersey-bred striker Jose Angulo has left the New England Revolution after failing to come to terms on a contract with Major League Soccer, a source close to Angulo told SBI.

Angulo has spent most of the pre-season recovering from a knee injury and became a victim of the numbers game as New England has loaded up on forwards, adding young Costa Rican forward Argenis Fernandez and seeing Kenny Mansally emerge as a threat to start for the Revs.

The former St. Benedict’s Prep star never had a chance to train with the Revs this pre-season after suffering a torn meniscus early in camp. New England wanted to see Angulo train with the team before signing him but Angulo chose to leave camp after it became clear that he was unlikely to receive an offer better than a minimum salary deal ($34K a year).

Where will the two-time high school all-american go next? We should find out soon enough.


  1. oh im sure he’d be able to get a 34k contract with USL, i’m more saying if he’s already too big for his MLS britches, how can he possibly consider the alternative.

  2. Getting a USL contract for 34K isn’t out of reach. D.C. United’s thirf-rounder Jay Needham spurned an MLS contract and signed with the USL’s Puerto Rico team for about 34K.

    If no MLS team deems Angulo worthy of that kind of money, USL may be the way to go for a couple years.

  3. dominghosa…

    putting my Revs bias aside and looking at Angulo’s situatino solely as an American soccer fan without a club bias, I’m dissapointed.

    I mean this kid is (or was) a serious prospect. A south american who grew up in the states, identifies himself as american, and wants to play for the US. That’s the perfect situation if you’re a US fan hoping for some new blood to come in and break the paradigm with a south american style of play.

    Now I’m worried though. If he doesn’t achieve citizenship he doesnt play for us, and if he doesnt stay in the country for 2 more years he doesnt achieve citizenship. But if he doesn’t play professionally these 2 years it’ll absolutely ruin his development (and i think he lost NCAA eligibility by training and trying out with pro teams/having contract talks with the league.)

    So the real question here is where does he play the next 2 years? What MLS team, after all these shenanigans, will pay more than the minimum for Angulo? And if he’s so mucher better than a minimum MLS salary I don’t see him compromising and playing in USL for 2 years.

    Ives, so many questions! Can’t you just get an interview with the kid so we can get the truth from his mouth?

  4. Andrew may be right, which is too bad. I don’t like Andrew. Just kidding, I meant that it’s too bad Angulo could be a bust. Hopefully the kid rights his own ship. I’m sure when he does settle down somehwere, his talent will come through.

  5. this guys a bust.

    he wants to play pro in europe. He wants to play for the US nats. So he wants to play pro here for 2 years until he gets his citizenship first, then move to europe.

    But he comes into camp out of shape and refuses to sign with the league at a salary that he doesn’t deem high enough.

    The kid obviously has no work ethic. Has the notion of hard work and paying your dues ever occurred to this kid. Or is he just in theo walcott mode, thinking he’s owed all this respect and playing time and money when he hasn’t really proven himself?

    I was really excited, as a Revs fan, when i heard we owned his rights. But now i could care less. I’ve got Kenny Mansally now. Look at the two, both young promising forwards. Except Mansally has proven his goalscoring abilities at the U20 WC and in preseason. Mansally works his a$$ off on the field too (according to preseason reports). On the other hand, Angulo has not yet shown his goal scoring ability on the professional or youth international level. Mansally’s willing to work for peanuts until he establishes himself, but Angulo’s already got a big head.

    But wait, here’s the kicker: 2 knee injuries. Mansally’s carear has been injury free while Angulo has already suffered 2 knee injuries. He came into Revs camp nursing a knee injury and then was injured again during camp.

    This is a smart move by the Revs. Tho i wish Nicol had stolen Mo’s idea and brought Guevara to NE.


  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but since it was Angulo that backed out essentially, if he is ever able to come to terms with MLS, New England would still hold first refusal rights, right?


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