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You Write the Caption: The Streaker Edition

Admit it, you saw the female streaker who ran around Raymond James Stadium and brought excitement to an otherwise boring match. You must have seen the repeated replays as Christian Miles nearly had to excuse himself from the FSC broadcast booth.

Well, now’s your chance to re-live it one more time.

No, I won’t be showing you a YouTube clip (let’s face it, you have already watched it a few dozen times). I’ll be bringing you a special edition of You Write the Caption (and no, I haven’t forgotten the Beckham/Xavier or Taylor Twellman installments. They’re coming). The great folks at ISI Photos were able to capture a quality photo of the streaker’s moment of glory and I want you, the SBI Mafia, to lend your creative magic to it.

I won’t be offering up one suggestion of my own, but rather an SBI Top Five of caption suggestions. The bar is being set high folks. Bring the comedy and PLEASE try to keep it clean.



                                                                         Photo by ISI Photos

5. A U.S. fan brings new meaning to the FULL-BACK position.

4. After watching Robbie Findley and Charlie Davies do such a terrible job against Cuba, Tiffany May shows everybody how you play the wing.

3. Nobody had the heart to tell the young lady that the Mons Venus tryouts were further down the street.

2. A clear offside is complete ignored by the linesman, who was too busy holding the wrong flag.

And the No. 1 caption suggestion for our streaker’s run to glory:

1. Sepp Blatter’s dream of the perfect women’s soccer uniform is realized.

Now it’s your turn. Bring the heat.


  1. US Soccer finally figures out how to get Latino Americans to support the US team.

    The Honduras fans in the section next to me at the game started Chanting “U.S.A.” when she ran on the field. The whole game the US and Honduras sections were yelling at eachother. But she United us.


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