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You Write the Caption: Twellman in Cancun

It is that time again. I wasn’t planning on doing another You Write the Caption contest just yet, but that was before my boy SF at The Offside Rules uncovered an absolute gem of a photo.

The picture comes from the Boston Globe, which is chronicled the New England Revolution’s pre-season trip to Cancun, Mexico. It is a picture of Taylor Twellman spending some downtime in a whirlpool with some teammates and some unidentified females. Here is the picture, along with my caption suggestions. Enjoy:


Caption 1: "Damn, developmental players will hook up with anything."

Caption 2: "I miss Pat Noonan. Sigh."

Caption 3: "You know, if I were a damn Designated Player I could have a hot tub of my own."

Those are my three suggestions. Now it is your turn. Offer up your own caption ideas. Try to keep them short and definitely keep them clean.

Fire away.


  1. Ives What happened to my comment?

    From the Dude in the background: “Hey Taylor why’s your your right hand under the water?


    “Cancun during spring break? You’ve got to be kidding me,” says striker Taylor Twellman. “This is great. The weather is great. And then there’s all the extracurricular activities.”

    Extracurricular activities? Like sitting in a hot tub at the historic Welshley Arms Hotel without a chick, but right next to Chris Albright who is obviously wearing some good ol’ Tighty Whities?

    I’m sure you could see right through those things when Albright gets out… Wait, I just realized why he and Beckham were so close…

  3. There are some great ones but I liked this one the best:

    Taylor Twellman is despondant as he once again fails to score while on international duty.

    Posted by: ManicMessiah | March 11, 2008 at 01:39 PM

  4. Fresh of his big raise from Preston North End being yanked away from him, Taylor Twellman is reintroduced to the concept of shrinkage.

  5. “Taylor Twellman is despondant as he once again fails to score while on international duty.”

    That is fantastic! Spent at least a minute cracking up. Sure winner right there!

  6. having yet grow the wings from simply drinking it, revolution players soak in a tub filled with red bull (chicks not included)


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