Mets want MLS expansion team in NYC

Mets want MLS expansion team in NYC

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Mets want MLS expansion team in NYC


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Confirming rumors that have been circulating in the New York/Jersey area for years, New York Mets vice president David Howard revealed that the Mets are interested in buying an MLS franchise in New York.

Howard also stated that a Mets-owned MLS team would have its own stadium, and would not share the Mets new Citi Field.

MLS Vice President of Communications Dan Courtemanche told Bloomberg that a Mets-owned New York franchise could be one of the league’s expansion teams in 2011.

What’s my take? I have been saying it for years: A second MLS franchise in New York is inevitable. I know there are enough jokes from folks outside of the area that the market doesn’t even support the team that’s here, but having a second team in the area that plays in New York City could provide a boost for the league as well as the New York Red Bulls by creating a natural rivalry. With Philadelphia set to join in 2010, having a third team in close proximity would create some amazing rivalries and help MLS establish a more visible foothold in the local sports scene.

It is time for a poll:

What do you think about a second New York MLS team? Like the idea? Hate it? Share your thoughts below.

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