The Return of You Write the Caption

The Return of You Write the Caption

You Write the Caption

The Return of You Write the Caption


Well folks. You knew it was just a matter of time.

It has been a few months since that old SBI staple, You Write the Caption, has graced us but it is now time to get it back into the rotation. Many of you have been asking for it to come back and I will now look to make it a weekly installment.

I am working on securing a sponsor for YWTC so that contest winners actually win a prize like they used to. I will keep everyone posted on that in the coming days.

For now, here is a photo of Los Angeles Galaxy goalkeeper Josh Wicks, who may or may not be dazed from facing so many shots and seeing so many goals fly by his head since taking over as the Galaxy’s starting goalkeeper. Enjoy:


                                                      Photo by

"Giving up goals makes me sleepy."

That’s my shot at a caption. Now it’s your turn. Please submit your caption in the comments section below and I will select the 10 best captions later this week. As an added twist to the selection process, I will pick what I think the two best captions are and then have you, the readers, vote on the winner.

Now, onto the captions. Just remember to keep them clean and keep them relatively short.

Fire away.

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