My take on the MLS Expansion Seven

My take on the MLS Expansion Seven

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My take on the MLS Expansion Seven



Good evening folks. Apologies for the heavy coverage of the Red Bulls perfomance-enhancing drug suspension, but sometimes a story can take over a day.

For those of you a bit tired of that story, you can read my story on the seven teams preparing to battle for the two MLS expansion slots. You will notice that each bidder has a grade with their write-up. Those grades are the values of their bids, according to information I’ve gathered from various sources. It is still clearly subjective, but the grades are not my odds on who will get bids, nor my personal preferences.

There are no such things as perfect bids in this particular process, but you can figure out the stronger candidates from the weaker ones.

Feel free to discuss the story, and the grades, in the comments section below (and for those of you who have been waiting for This Weekend’s Soccer on TV, I will crank that out as soon as I finish my piece on the Red Bull suspensions).

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