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USA vs. Mexico countdown: USMNT fans asked to wear red on Feb. 11

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If you are a U.S. national team fan who plans on being in attendance on Feb. 11 when the U.S. team faces Mexico, be sure to bring a red top to wear.

U.S. Soccer is asking American fans to wear red for the match as a show of solidarity, and to help provide a better home-field effect when the teams take the field for the crucial World Cup qualifier.

Here is the statement from U.S. Soccer:


U.S. Soccer and Nike are calling on fans across the country to show their support for the U.S. team by wearing red on game day against Mexico. Whether you will be part of the jam-packed crowd at Columbus Crew Stadium or watching in Official U.S. Soccer Bars across the country, put on your favorite red gear and make a statement for the entire world to see.

If you're thinking to yourself "but none of the USA's recent jerseys have been red" you have a point. That doesn't mean you can't bring along a red sweater or shirt to help create an unforgettable atmosphere at Crew Stadium next week (you also have a week to create your own custom-made red USA jersey, so have at it).

What do you think of the idea? Like it? Still going to wear your yellow Crew Jersey or throwback Alexi Lalas denim USA jersey? Thinking of what a sea of red will look like against a few smatterings of green?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. hahaha … so funny ..
    that cute little Swede …. hahaha
    Scott, I think Mex will do , Sven knows about pressure and how to handle it !!

  2. Romero, we will only kill Sven metaphorically-speaking of course. How could anybody hurt that cute little Swede? We shall see who executes that strategy more effectively
    P.S. The U.S will

  3. since red is a color on our flag AND on the mexi flag…well why the hell can’t we all wear blue? yeah, red is more intimidating, but both teams will have it on their jerseys. whatever, i’ll wear it, but still. come on you yanks!

  4. This is from

    [In an effort to to create a sea of red in Columbus, US Soccer and Nike are promoting a “Red Out” by distributing 22,000 15″x15″ red “Don’t Tread On Me” placards throughout the stadium to hold and wave to help create a unified visual of red to unify the entire stadium. They are encouraging everyone to wear red!

    In addition, they have hired NFL FIlms to shoot video for a future DVD promoting US Soccer. They want Sam’s Army and other supporters groups to be featured in this footage and will be shooting at the tailgate (see above) as well as shooting the march into the stadium around 6:15pm. Anyone wishing to be part of the DVD must be 18 years or older and must sign a waiver at the tailgate (see above).

    There will also be an additional 30 drummers from OSU to accompany our usual group of musicians

    The huge “Don’t Tread On Me Banner” will be there and will be unfurled before the game as well as the Big Ass U.S. Flag! We encourage everyone to bring their own flag, signs, banners to help decorate the end zone!]

  5. be easy Scott A. Sven says in a conference press that Mexico will play like Usa plays … a play based on defense and surprise with tough and faster forwards
    we will see …..

  6. “Vamos a prepararnos para hacerle la vida imposible a Estados Unidos”. it means –> “we will be prepare to make life impossible to USA”
    Sven Goran Eriksson

    yeeeahhhh!!! that´s what I´m talking about !!

    GOOOOO MEX !!!

  7. Even outside of Sam’s Army- I thought this was pretty much practice anyway…so, i’m honestly to see so many people shocked by it…i’ll be wearing my red training kit at the globe for this one…

  8. As a member of a few white outs and white houses at Beaver Stadium, white simply looks the best for this.

    Plus i don’t have a red jacket and have a new Kljestan jersey i’ll be wearing.

  9. As cold as its gonna be, everyone should get red pennies to wear over their jackets. Maybe add the Don’t Tread on Me logo to the front and back.

  10. I understand why Sam’s Army is always pushing for a red away jersey, but here’s my problem with that: we already wear white shirts and blue shorts at home. If we wear red away, then what does that make us? A: England.

  11. We (we being the USSF and Nike actually) do need to pick a kit and stick with it. Personally, I think it should be mostly white and fans should wear the white kits or other white shirts to games. Of course, I’m basing that on Penn State white outs for their home football games, but I doubt a sizeable chunk of a US soccer crowd could ever get color coordination participation on the level Penn State students do.

  12. Doesn’t Canada’s crowd wear red? I like the idea of navy blue or white.


    Canada has a national team?

  13. Fans have been clamoring for this for years. A red crowd screaming at and intimidating the Mexican team would be terrific. I’ll be watching at home — wearing red. And so will my 3 year old son.

  14. USSF is telling everyone to wear red b/c Sams Army has worn red since they were founded, and USSF is showing support for their most vocal group. Red was chosen by SA b/c they figured red stands out more in the crowd than Navy or white. The bitchin’ and moaning on here is amazing. I will be at the match w/jeans, a red under armour winter shirt and a red t-shirt over that. If it gets cold, I will be warm from the beer and from jumpin’ around singing.

    Also, no new jersey is being released, and they are not released every year. All the manufacturers release new jerseys every 2 years. The Jan./Feb. before the World Cup, and the Jan./Feb. before the European Championships. They chose these two tournaments to launch around. I guess next, some people will say Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. are a bunch of Euro Snobs.

  15. I refuse to wear my jersey from 2006. Way too many pathetic appearances.

    Even though we dont have a red jersey, I like the idea of wearing red. Stands out much more than navy or white. Navy would just look like people are wearing coats. Now I just gotta figure out what redshirt can fit over my parka.

  16. I know that Ohio State wears red but dont you think wearing white would be better? i mean you would more fans with white USA shirts. That way you can look like Beaver Stadium which looks quite remarkable all in white when penn state play

  17. It is about time that U.S. Soccer, Nike and the fans got on the same page! Now we need to stick with Red year in and year out. I hate that we chanage colors every year.

  18. How about they ask Nike to start permanently producing a red kit. That’ll take care of the problem of our fans blending into the rest of the crowd in white.
    The blues look good and I’d hope that we keep them.

    Red jersey w/diagonal stripe
    White shorts
    Blue socks

    Blue jersey w/horizontal stripe
    White shorts
    Red socks

  19. I will be there and have red, white or blue jackets. it will probably be to cold to wear just my white jersey so no problem with the other colors.


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