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CONCACAF Abroad: Dos Santos loaned to Ipswich

GiovaniDosSantos (AP)


A year ago, Giovani Dos Santos was playing in front of 100,000 spectators at the Camp Nou with FC Barcelona. Now, he is packing his bags and heading to the Coca-Cola Championship.

Dos Santos was loaned from Tottenham Hotspur to Ipswich Town on Friday. The loan, which will last until season's end, should help the Mexican forward find playing time, something he has rarely seen over the past year.

Friday's deal is the latest chapter in Dos Santos' career; a career that has taken a gigantic plunge since Dos Santos transferred from Barcelona to Tottenham for $6.57 million last summer. After failing to crack into Tottenham's team consistantly, and after only playing in two league games, the Mexican is now heading to the Coca-Cola Championship in search of minutes. And while the league is no push-over in terms of talent, going from historical Camp Nou to Ipswich Town in one year surely is not a reason for optimism.

Ipswich currently sits in 10th in the 24-team table in the Championship.

What do you think of Dos Santos' move to Ipswich? Think he will thrive in the Championship? Secretly enjoying the downward spiral his career has taken? Do you ever see him making it back to top club? Think his club future lies in Mexico?

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  1. It is unfortunate cause this kid got talent. He should have stayed with Barca. I guess it is the same for our young talents, they are just not getting th opportunity to play.

  2. Wow, I wish I had found this post sooner. I haven’t read through all the posts on here but the ignorance about Ipswich is pretty shocking. But, they aren’t Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool so I guess I shouldn’t expect much.

    Yes, a few years ago Ipswich were one of the top clubs in Europe, but that was almost 30 years ago. BTW, how may clubs can say they’ve won a European trophy (UEFA Cup ’81) and have NEVER lost at home in the UEFA Cup or Champions League–or European Cup as it was previously known?

    Anyway, the topic of Dos Santos. His move from Spurs is a just to cover for Jon Walters who is out for the remainder of the season. In the Championship, not too many clubs have enough quality backup coverage for long-term injuries and loans like this are needed to keep things going.

    The chances of Dos Santos being at Portman Road in August are pretty slim. Must Town fans are just happy to have a player of his quality for the brief time.

    He’s played in two matches so far (came on as a sub late last Saturday and started on Tuesday scoring the equalizer against fellow playoff hopefuls, Burnley.

    Here’s the thing, the English game is very different from what is played in other countries. The pace is so much great and it takes time to instinctively react. Dos Santos spending a couple of months in Suffolk could do him a great deal of good. Ipswich are known for their passing game. Even though most clubs at the second level tend to resort to more defensive tactics, Ipswich have a long history going back at least to the 70’s of being a team that moves the ball around and plays attractive football. How else could Town have finished 5th in the EPL in ’00-’01 their first year back in the top flight (never mind the next season when we brought in too many new players) and qualified for the UEFA Cup?

    It’s a good move for Dos Santos and you can probably expect to see him back at White Hart Lane next season being able to contribute more for Spurs after his time on the coast at Ipswich.

    Oh, and anyone thinking Ipswich haven’t pretty much given up any hope of the playoffs this year are out of their minds. It’s not gonna happen. Time to start thinking about next season.

  3. He needs to play, even at Ipswich. The worst thing is to sit out a year, Jozy, or two years, Freddy. Playing is more important than ridding a famous bench.

  4. To be fair, Dos Santos was absolutely correct to not play the ball that hit the post in the qualifier – he would have been offside. OTOH, he could have looked good because he was playing against a player would can’t even get off the bench for a Bundesliga 2 side…

  5. This is a great moved for Gio (considering im an Ipswich supporter!!). He has obveously had some difficulty adapting to life in the premiership, coupled by injuries that have set him back.

    The fast paced, physical championship will give Gio an opportunty to get back some of his match fitness and slot into a team that plays (most of the time) attacking, quick passing football, not to mention a number of players who speak spanish (Campo, Counago, Civelli).

    There is no way he would go over to MLS (who would), or the slower paced european leagues as it would not be of benifit to his career in the prem??! A good move.

    (ps viva beckham at milan)

  6. I second Ethan

    And Christian, not sure how Dos Santos’ solid play (apart from his finishing as you said) against the U.S. in a CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier is relevant to a discussion of his situation with Tottenham and Ipswich.

    Unless, of course, it was merely brought up to antagonize people and give you an excuse to feed yourself Mexico kool-aid

  7. This is just a great example that young players from North American are learning awful training habits – Dos Santos, EJ, Altidore, all of them have the touch, but really need to learn the day-to-day discipline of a professional.

    I think all 3 can be good (even EJ) and the time abroad is critical – but how will they react?

  8. Leon and Daniel:

    No offense meant, but if you think the Championship is better than those leagues, you are delusional.

    Who do you take?
    Bayern Munich or Cardiff City?
    PSG or Reading?
    Benfica or Wolverhampton?
    PSV Eindhoven or Birmingham?

    None of these four teams are winning their league. PSV is fifth. From top to bottom, each of those leagues is better than the Championship.

    In Holland, ADO Den Haag beat AZ Alkamaar 3 to 0. AZ Alkamaar is the best dutch team right now, and ADO Den Haag is in a relegation battle.

    Hertha Berlin lost to Energie Cottbus.
    Lyon lost to Nantes.
    Porto lost to Naval 1 Maio.

    People forget that these leagues are actually competitive and the top teams don’t win every game by 3 goals.

  9. Spurs fan here.

    I had no problem with his purchase. I felt he is better than the guy he replaced (Malbranque), and £5 million was a reasonable price considering the money we were throwing around at the time *cough*Bentley*cough*.

    Then the Spanish manger was fired and replaced by an “old-school” Englishman, and then he had some ankle problems, so he was out of the first team.

    I haven’t given up on him — I’m not about to ditch a 19-year-old graduate of the Barca academy based on half a season.

  10. I agree with Leon and would like to add that although they’ve not had so much success recently Ipswich are still one of the most successful English teams in Europe.

    For another example of a struggling prodigy check out Cherno Samba. An English forward (striker and winger)whose reputation skyrocketed by being the best young player on Championship Manager. He’s never come close.

  11. “It’s even more funny when he forgets to mention that the US had no answer for Dos Santos back in February (although his impact on the game was more on the negative side by missing two goals) and anyone with half a brain can see the talent in this kid.”

    That’s what I meant to say.

  12. Funny how Gianfranco forgot to mention that two of Spurs other young players were also loaned out because Redknapp is trying to keep the team in the first division.

    It’s even more funny when he forgets to mention that the US had answer for Dos Santos back in February (although his impact on the game was more on the negative side by missing two goals) and anyone with half a brain can see the talent in this kid.

    Similar story to that of Adu, they believed the hype that surrounded them and in Gio’s case, bad management from his agent/father led him to ask Barca for more money and when that didn’t happen, he jumped on the Juan deRamos to Spurs train.

    He’ll be alright.

  13. I think the kid is a good player ever since I saw him play in the U-17 WC which Mexico won. I followed him at Barcelona where he showed potential, but thought his move to Spurs was strange. He is clearly not suited to the English league and the Championship will be worse for him as it is a very physical league with not so much skill. People were worried about Gio being too small and not physical enough in the EPL and now just think of him in the Championship!!

    Jozy is WAY more physical than Gio or Vela, although not as skillful. He is a handful physically as a target forward and would think he would be much better suited to the EPL! He should have gone to Everton on loan.

    Leon, you must not watch the Coca Cola Championship very much. It is more on a par with MLS or the Mexican League, although the rosters go a bit deeper. It is certainly not better than the Bundesliga, France or Holland.

  14. Whaqt are most of you guy talking about?
    the championship in England is a stronger league than – Bundesliga, Portugal, France, Dutch leagues. Aside from the few top teams in each league it is a very strong league and far more competitive than the ones I mentioned

  15. Dos Santos will be fine. He went into a bad situation at Tottenham. There will be teams after him in the summer. If it wasn’t for his ankle issue he would have been sold to Portsmouth for 7 million pounds. If anyone saw the goal he scored last week in the UEFA cup can see the talent. I think it is a good move, get used to the physicality of English Soccer and then come back up with the team or go to another team. No way does he go to Mexico. He never really played there, he was brought up in the Barca system.

  16. Emo dav: they are both still under 20…seriously? How old was Luci Toni when he developed? Adu/Josy/Dos Santos just need time.

  17. I don’t get it. What is it that these young players are doing to get themselves dumped? Is it mouthing off, being lazy in practice, or …? Dos Santos just scored a goal for Tottenham last week. At least the young US players aren’t the only ones.

  18. Dos Overrated be back playing for Chivas soon. Maybe even Chivas USA.

    hes a Mexican version of Justin Mapp.

    However the nightclubs in Ipswhich Town are in for a big influx of revenue

  19. To answer your questions Ives:
    Sounds like a good move to me, not that I can see what Ipswich’s plans for him are. I think he will thrive. Yes secretly enjoying the downward spiral. I see him making it at least to a team in a first division of a big league. Mexico? No idea

  20. Dos Santos is a very good player, where is Jozy right now similar sutation.

    Jozy and Santos let their ego get in the way. Work hard use your talent.

  21. Maybe the Mexican National Team needs to steal more Americans (of Mexican decent) to help them out. Or, they could get more Brazilians or Argentinians.

  22. I can’t see Gio making it happen at Ipswich Town if it didn’t work out at Tottenham. I’m not sure that it’s Europe, but the English record of Mexican players is not impressive. Borgetti’s a great example of that.

    Well, he’ll get to see Demerit and Johnson among others. That’ll be fun.

  23. JCC: I actually laughed out loud

    During the past two years or so, it’s just become more and more apparent that Vela has leagues more talent, potential and work effort than Gio could ever hope for.

  24. It is very unfortunate that these young players are not getting any playing time overseas. JOzy, Adu, and Gio. That is not good for the US or Mexico. I would rather have them play in the MLS and FMF than riding the pine overseas.


  25. Sounds like Dos Santos is having the same problems at the club level as Freddy Adu.

    I just don’t get it because Giovanni really is a talented player, and I’d like to think he’s good enough to be a super sub for Tottenham at this stage.

    My how far he’s fallen on the club ladder though.

  26. Sad to hear because I honestly feel this kid is a good player. Definitly one of the better Mexican players, have no idea why they don’t like him anywhere..sort of like Adu. Maybe Dos Santos’ problem is disciplanary plus he is also a little weak on the ball, English league is def. not suited for his style. Funny how in the Mexico vs USA game he was the only one putting the ball down and looking to touch it around but then he gets subbed out mid second half.

  27. Just think, had he kept his mouth shut and continued playing for Barca, he’d ne worried about winning a Champion’s League medal instead of playing in the Championship. Oh, how he has fallen.


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