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UEFA Champions League plays of the year

The UEFA Champions League final victory by Barcelona was a great display of soccer, but here we are, two days later, and soccer fans everywhere are already in Champions League withdrawal.

Does the idea of waiting three months for the next UEFA Champions League to begin drive you crazy? Do you need your fix of amazing soccer? Well, the only thing we can really do for that is take a look back at some of the best plays of the past Champions League season.

Here is a Top Ten list of best plays of the past Champions League campaign, courtesy of ESPN:

What was your favorite play of the past UEFA Champions League season?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Iniesta’s goal will go down in history… it gutted every Chelsea fan and brought smiles to everyone else.

    Oh also I thought Juninho’s set piece against I can’t remember right at the moment was a very sweet goal.

  2. Fulham Pete,
    I think you are talking about Eduardo’s (Arsenal) shot off the outside of the foot on a cross…

  3. Fulham Pete, Ibrahimovic (sp) did that with his back to goal and flicked it to the near post, don’t remember against who.

    In the Concacaf CL, I forget who, think Pumas, had a guy do the same thing a couple of weeks later against Houston, but from not as sharp an angle.

  4. I don’t remember where it was or who, but the guy who intentionally volleyed off the outside of his right foot on a corner was THE goal of the year.

    But I don’t think it was Champions League. Can someone help me with this?

  5. Even with a sportscenter anchor that likes soccer… announcing the game is still so clumsy here…

    to their credit Derrek Rae has been superb

  6. Nice to see ESPN give soccer some time on SportsCenter for a change. From their coverage you would think no other sports leagues exist except MLB, NBA and NFL.

  7. i thought adebayor’s goal was better than iniesta’s. but i see why the gave iniesta the edge because of the shot was so clutch.

  8. My favorite play was when Michael Ballack tried to French Kiss the referee after a denied penalty appeal during the Chelsea- Barcelona match, and baldy was having none of it.

  9. I dunno, i’m kinda glad it’s over for a little while… my heart got a pretty serious workout these past couple months.

  10. great top 10… its kinda ironic the amount of champs league coverage espn gave this year across its shows (more then ever by far in my opinion) considering it’s thier last year… i guess they realize they still have far too much soccer product in the pipes (wc; mls; confederations) to not promote the game


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