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More WPS games to be broadcast


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Fans of Womens Professional Soccer can look forward to some additional broadcasts and webcasts of future WPS games in the coming weeks. This comes after a positive response to the Chicago Red Stars' web productions and will also include WPS coverage on both Fox Soccer Channel (FSC) and regional sports networks.

The likes of NBC Universal Sports (NBCU) and the Comcast Sports Group provide many of the league's regional broadcasts in order to draw larger,more diverse audiences to the WPS fanbase.  These televised games also fulfill each team's requirement to broadcast at least two home games that are not already included in the predetermined FSC Sunday match-ups.

While most WPS clubs can only meet that minimal broadcasting expectation due to budgetary concerns and to the media's priority to cover Major League Baseball over the summer, Chicago doesn't have those concerns.  In fact, the Red Stars are the only team in WPS that maintains a strong following through online webstreaming by way of its consistent home game webcasts.

"We were certainly looking to webcast a few games," said Chicago Media Relations Coordinator Rob Coons. "But a couple local companies actually reached out to us." 

Both ClickStreamTV and Ollin Omnimedia are webcasting much of the Red Stars' viewing schedule, and either one company or the other produces the webcasts for any non-televised Red Stars home games this season.

The initial Red Stars webcast (back in April) received such a positive fan response that the WPS is now simulcasting its featured Sunday game on both FSC and online at

Rob Penner, WPS Director of Communications, assures fans that the league has gone a step further to ensure that "the entire two hour broadcasts will also be available on-demand"  via the league website under the video tab in case fans miss any of the action from the original broadcasts. 

The league experimented with the simulcasts on last Sunday's game between the L.A. Sol and Washington Freedom and had no issues with streaming or with placing it on demand.  In fact, the game is available for viewing right now at the WPS website.

From contracts with both regional sports networks and Fox Soccer Channel to webcasts by the Chicago Red Stars and more recently from the L.A. Sol, Women's Pro Soccer is providing a substantial number of games to mass audiences at an affordable rate for both the league and its followers.

As the WPS matures throughout this inaugural season, fans should expect to progressively gain more access to their favorite teams. As another weekend of play approaches,  a broadcast on NBCU and a simulcast on FSC yet again provides a two game viewing opportunity to fans of the most competitive professional womens soccer league in the world.

To check webstreamed and televised game listings, go to and click on the schedules tab.


  1. I watched a couple WPS games on Fox Sports en Español and I really enjoy them, they have the costarrican guy Jorge Caamaño and mexican Samuel Jacobo in those games and I am telling you that energy and quality is there, sounds like they are doing the world cup final, it’s great.

    Watch out, Jorge Caamaño will become the best sports announcer en Español soon, the guy is good, knows about soccer, he is like a coach, reads the game and explains every play really good, tha’t gonna help the WPS audience

  2. Sounds like a good development. Expanding coverage based on demonstrated demand is solid. Although the gate at WPS is much smaller than MLS (it is on target for the 5,000 avg attendance mark though), Sports Business Journal reports that viewership for FSC WPS broadcasts are only slightly lower than FSC MLS game broadcasts. Very surprising.

  3. I watched the first Red Stars webcast (featuring my Breakers, even if we did lose), and I was impressed. And when I discovered this week that the Freedom-Sol match was being webcast, I was surprised. So I watched it. I’m not a fan of either team, but I’m happy to see the coverage of the teams and league, and I’m happy that I’m now able to follow the action (couldn’t before with no FSC). This is a positive step forward and something that is becoming more popular to reach out to fans (the National Lacrosse League aired all of its games for free this year).

  4. Sunday night Comcast sports net, had the Red Stars on, I was surprised and I liked that it was aired. But I did not see any coverage on their sporting news shows. Well, it’s a good start.


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