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You write the caption: The Beckham-Donovan edition

While nobody ever accused Landon Donovan and David Beckham of being best friends, their already awkward relationship isn't likely to ever blossom into BFF status after Donovan's revelations in Grant Wahl's soon-to-be-released book, the Beckham Experiment.

We will have to wait a few weeks before Beckham returns to the Galaxy and the awkwardness reaches record heights at Home Depot Center, there is no reason we can't begin to have some fun with it now.

With that in mind, here is the newest You Write the Caption: The Donovan-Beckham Edition:

BeckhamDonovan (

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"You had to tell them the Morton's story, didn't you?"

Now it's your turn. Submit your best caption for this photo and the top ten entries will be put up for a vote, with the writer of the winning caption receiving an SBI Mafia t-shirt, courtesy of Objectivo Apparel. If you haven't yet, be sure to order your own SBI Mafia shirt today.

Let's hear some captions.


  1. We has season tickets for the Galaxy last year and we did’t not renew them. Beckham is a failure for the USA. Let him go back to Europe, Donovan is a good player…and he is brings more to the game. We are burning Beckham stuff…..he is a looser in my eyes.

  2. LD: David can I have some water?

    DB: What do you say first?

    LD: Please

    DB: And…

    LD: Sorry

    DB: And…

    LD: And your the captain! Alright i said it, give me some water now!

  3. Beckham: “LLeyton, your comments about me were out of line. I never forgot about you or the rest of the Galaxy while I was away.”

    Donovan: “My name is Landon.”

  4. OK, let me get this correct. I was able to captain England’s National side but you have a problem with me wearing the arm band for the Galaxy? Are you kidding me?

  5. LD: (looking at the ground) I think you need to know, your tramp of a wife has been hitting on the entire team, and Alexi of course.

    DB: (disgusted) Yeah, well… You’re wife can’t act!

  6. Happy Indpendence Day Becks, now go back across the pond so you can lead England to another World Cup penalty shoot out loss. I have work to do here in the States.

  7. Thank to Ives for (intentionally or not) encouraging people to “lighten-up” on this story. Its certainly helped my perspective. Hilarious captions, beginning with the hair frosting and moving on.

    I can’t judge either of these players’ behavior based on scant excerpts from a book that seems–from the little we’ve seen–to lean more to tattling than the serious analysis I expect from Grant Wahl. We’ll have to see what’s in the rest.

    In the meantime, considering Donovan, this interview took place right after the last defeat in an excruciating season–which he also likely thought would be his last with Beckham given his own stated desire to return to Europe. On Beckham’s end, can’t argue about the assessment of his on field efforts for the second half of last season. But, if the story is accurate, I did wonder that it took his management so long to get involved after how poorly the Galaxy/MLS handled his arrival and injury in the first season. Not they did much better, obviously.

    In my eyes the story here is how owners/management’s cynically motivated and inept decisions impacted the team, and continue to do so, not how the two players reacted.

  8. Becks: “Landy I heard you wrote a book, congrats, I was wondering if you could maybe read it to me sometime seeing that you know how to read and all that educated kind of stuff.”
    Landy: “I guess, maybe I could write a few more autographs for you for the guys on the bench?”

  9. DB: “Look here little buddy when taking a free kick the main objective is to get the ball over the wall and in the mixer.”

  10. Some of these are really funny, but sadly I can’t play along.

    I’ve just learned of some major, major sad things going on in Landon’s personal life and it’s made this so not fun anymore.

  11. Donovan is explaining to Beckham that his national pride is so strong that there is a magical link between his hair-line and the economy. Only now does Beckham truly understand how bad this “recession” really is.

  12. David: “Hold on Landon.”

    Landon: “Not again David!”

    David: “Hold it right there, I’m just checking to see if I got something in my teeth. Your forehead is better than a mirror.”

  13. Landon: “It’s just so frustrating because nothing is working!”

    David: “You know if you mix the rogaine and the just for men formula it might help.”

  14. Donovan: “I heard a funny joke, but I cant think of it. Give me a sec….”

    Beckham: “Yeaaa, I’ll be in the locker room.”

  15. Beckham: “Wot I fink is that when the Batman escapes on his motorcycle at the end of the Dark Knight, he’s really saying ‘f*** you’ to the evil doers in Gotham. And I fink it’s pretty obvious when I move to Milan, people are going to compare me to that kind of selflessness. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day, you’ll see. Gatorade?”

    Donovan: “I, uh, never saw the Dark Knight…”

  16. “Landy, you must shave your head when you start to bald, or the party girls will no longer fight over you”.

  17. Becks: See this captain’s armband? I like to think of it as a little circle of trust. And with that Spourt Illustrasted thing you are now outside of- hold on I gotta go catch a flight, but you know my mobile digits, so feel free to text!

  18. sorry typo correction:

    You are right Landon, if I gave a crap and trained I wouldn’t be all sweaty and thirsty. You look nice in your dry jersey.


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