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MLS Playoff Race (Through Week 27)



With the Rapids' failure to grab three points against San Jose, the playoff race fails to get shaken up. The Rapids loss is another blow to their bid, however, with New England and Chivas still with games in hand to make up the distance.

Seattle's inability to score at this point of the season could end up proving costly in their quest for a playoff berth. While finishing at home is favorable, they haven't scored in a league match at Qwest since July 11. The Revolution's draw against New York over the weekend was certainly a blow, but they still have enough games in hands to forget it.

The battle for the Supporters' Shield will also come down to the wire, with Houston and Columbus leading at 43 points with Chicago and Los Angeles right behind them. A full look at the up to date playoff race after the jump.

Eastern Conference

Columbus………..1.72 points per match (ppm); 43 points from 25 matches

Chicago………….1.54 ppm; 40 points from 26 matches

Western Conference

Houston………….1.59 ppm; 43 points from 27 matches

Los Angeles………1.58 ppm; 41 points from 26 matches

Wild Card Playoff Slots

Chivas USA……..1.54 ppm; 37 pts from 24 matches

Colorado………..1.46 ppm; 38 pts from 26 matches

Seattle………….1.46 ppm; 38 pts from 26 matches

New England…….1.41 ppm; 34 from 24 matches

Playoff Contenders

D.C. United……..1.38 ppm; 36 points from 26 matches

Toronto…………1.30 ppm; 34 points from 26 matches

Real Salt Lake…..1.30 ppm; 34 points from 26 matches

Current First-Round Playoff Pairings

Columbus Crew vs. New England Revolution

Houston Dynamo vs. Seattle Sounders

Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids

Chicago Fire vs. Chivas USA

At this late stage in the season, losses kill bids — and perhaps RSL's loss to Houston was their death knell. Toronto and RSL both have the least room for error, and will need the likes of Chivas and New England to lose their games in hand. D.C. has three league games at home remaining, and will need to avoid their nasty habit of drawing in front of the RFK faithful if they hope to make the playoffs.

What do you think of the MLS playoff race at this stage? Will either D.C., RSL or Toronto sneak in? Or is the top eight going to hang on? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I agree with some here saying DC needs a new coach. Clearly, Soehn’s cycle is over. I’d like to see somebody interesting come to coach the most decorated team in the league. There’s a lot of firepower in the team with Emilio, Pontius, Quaranta, Gomez, etc… Too much for too little in return.

  2. @Hardhead

    Right now Colorado is behind Seattle. They are equal on points but Seattle won at home and tied on the road against the Rapids.

  3. As a DC United fan: I want to get in, while Seattle misses out.

    As a soccer fan: I would like to see Seattle get in. The atmosphere is going to be great and will help create extra buzz.

    As an MLS fan: I’d like to see New England miss out, their support is horrible.

    I will welcome Chicago back to RFK with open arms for another playoff game. I remember the last time Blanco…

  4. DC will be going through, but barely. It starts with a win this weekend at home against San Jose. If the cannot get three out of that, they will be toast. But I think they will dominate the Quakes this weekend. Unless Soehn can get them deep in the playoffs, he is gone.

  5. Either way, D.C. United will need a new coach. This year has turned into repeat of last year’s disaster.

    Still, I’m hoping United can get their act together and win their remaining matches. Too many draws!

  6. Why would LA draw Colorado and not Seattle? Doesn’t Seattle have a better head-to-head against the Rapids?

    You never know about RSL, they could pull one out. Without Olave next match, it’ll be tough

  7. Sorry, I can’t edit that comment. Chivas isn’t ranked last in the west, Seattle is. So the pairings are:

    Columbus Crew vs. Seattle Sounders

    Houston Dynamo vs. Colorado Rapids

    Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Chivas USA

    Chicago Fire vs. New England Revolution

  8. These playoff pairings are incorrect. The rules state:

    A team switching conference brackets will be seeded below all other teams in its new conference playoff bracket.

    So, it would be:

    Columbus Crew vs. Chivas USA

    Houston Dynamo vs. Seattle Sounders

    Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids

    Chicago Fire vs. New England Revolution

    Which makes finishing first in a division seem like a liability if the other division has 5 teams. The first-place team has to travel cross-country to a possibly higher ranked team compared with the second place team in that division who gets to stay on the same side of the country.

  9. RSL allowing stoppage time equalizers on multiple occasions this year might prove to be their ultimate downfall. I can think of 8 points lost like that this season, 6 at home.

  10. games in hand is huge in all of this.

    Columbus has games in hand on Houston (2) and LA and Chicago (1). That gives them a big edge in the SS chase.

    New England has one to two games in hand to just about everyone. That is also notable.

    I expect this weekend’s match between Columbus and LA will basically decide the SS. If Columbus gets three, it will be tough to catch them. If LA wins, it’s still up for grabs, but that brings others back into the mix.

  11. KCB & jig-

    im not given up hope either, its still possible, must win the remaining 3 home and try to get all the pts in on th road.. atleast we are seeing improvement now

  12. i cant believe LA’s turnaround this year. Supporters shield would be fantastic! would guarantee us home field advantage and Champions league next year.


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