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You Write the Caption: The USA-Costa Rica edition

One of the most bizarre aspects of the U.S. men's national team's 2-2 vs. Costa Rica was Costa Rican head coach Rene Simoes' ejection and the subsequent dust-up that saw a team trainer also tossed and Simoes escorted from the field by security.

That scene not only contributed to the additional stoppage time the United States used to find last-gasp equalizer, it also provided some comic relief.

With that in mind, here is our latest You Write the Caption:

Rene Simoes ( 
                                                                       Photo by

"I don't know where it went. I had a two-goal lead right here officer."

Now it's your turn. Write a funny caption to go with this photo and we will select the ten best and have SBI readers vote on which caption is the best. I will work on securing a prize for the winner (And no, I didn't forget the Beckham-Referee YWTC, I will post the best of those entries on Friday).

Send your captions our way.


  1. -Please Officers…Please…Dont make me watch a replay of Jonathon Bornstiens Play at LB. i’ll do anything! This is in-humane! IN THE NAME OF PAULO MALDINI…PLEASE!

  2. Coach – “Oficial. Yo no hecho nada. Sueltenme!! Que gringos mas cabrones!!!! Solo quiero patearle el culo a mis jugadores!!!

    Officer – No way Jose. You are out of here. Please let me escort you to Dulles airport.

  3. Q: How many different kinds of uniformed security personnel does it take to escort the Costa Rican soccer coach off the field?

    A: Three — one to explain what has happened, one to make him show his hands to make sure he’s not carrying anything dangerous, and one to make sure he doesn’t flop on the ground and writhe around for five minutes.

  4. Simoes: “But, officer, I can’t leave now! We’re about to book a trip to South Africa!”

    Officer: “Just walk away, Rene, and you won’t see Bornstein send your boys back home.”


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