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SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm Wednesday

Good afternoon everybody. The latest SBI Live Q&A will take place on Wednesday at 1pm. Be sure to have your soccer (and pop culture) related questions ready to submit and I will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Now that the SBI Live Q&A has become a regular weekly series, I do have one question for SBI readers. What would be the best time of day to hold the Q&A? Cast your vote here:

Get your questions ready (and no, don't post them here). Save them for tomorrow at 1pm.


  1. Popping in a little late here. I went with midnight because I live in Alaska and 8 pm is perfect for me for the same reasons BCC stated.

  2. I work when I am at work — I am in the minority. Would be nice to do these at night when I can kick back, light up a cigar, pour myself a glass of rum, and write a question or two.


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