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Must-See Tifo: Seattle Sounders ECS


  1. I think those guys were picked specifically because they’ve pissed off Timbers. Keller is still a rookie to the rivalry.

  2. Where’s your trophies?

    Where’s your trophies?

    Where’s your trophies, Timber fans?

    You can’t win it, if we’re in it,

    couldn’t beat our marching band!

  3. lol! 80% is a B! So, basically . . . .

    Jimmy Gabriel was player/coach in the late 70s by the way, noted for scoring the first goal in the Kingdome.

  4. Nothing against tourists, but it makes harder to sustain a song when people are taking pictures instead of singing

  5. Yeah seriously. No team in MLS (or even the world for that matter) isn’t trying to run their club as a business. Thinking otherwise is just naive.

    Most Seattle fans make fun of the ‘free haircut’ thing anyway. It’s kind of ridiculous and funny, so we just run with it. It’s a part of the American sports landscape that everybody is accustomed to seeing in the NFL, NBA, etc. Rest assured that no Sounder’s fanhood is contingent upon getting all of this swag. That’s an embarrassingly common misconception about the supposed Seattle “customers.” We’ve got dedicated fans here just like everyone else.

    That being said, the tifo for any great fan base is a special part of the game specifically because it’s orchestrated by the supporters groups without businesses messing it up. Just like it is in Portland, that tifo display was “brought to you by” nothing more than pure passion and devotion to the club.

  6. I’ll correct myself. The Timbers have one trophy while Seattle was in the same league. Commissioner’s Cup 2004.

    Shall I count Seattle’s silverware?

  7. All that story says is that ECS paid several thousand dollars and put in over 3,000 man hours of work to pull it off. The ECS representative basically dismisses the question about FO financing as nonsense.

  8. +1

    TA impressed as well – road tifo is harder than home tifo, even though ECS’s is home tifo to the extreme.

    Glad to have such passion in the northwest.

    The very thing that could have boosted this rivalry even higher this year happened – the tie. It’s going to be a brutal wait to see who comes out on top.

  9. I’ll be checking that out–it’s really an interesting phenomenon, given how litigious people are.

  10. As epic as the ECS display was, and it was truly incredible to see it unfold, the North End display owned the night. The Timber Army was in the northeast corner of the stadium, and they had three banners that read “We’re the Timber Army Who are you?” and the North End Faithful supporters group dropped their “We Are Faithful We Are Sounders” banner. It was a completely unintentional (according to group members I’ve talked do) direct response to the TA banners…and it was FANTASTIC.

  11. Terrible that a 1st year and 3rd year team are appearing in the middle of the table. What about all of those below that wish they were in the middle of the table.

  12. and portland will never do such a thing, don’t kid yourself.

    If they can make money off of it they will do it. it is called a business, which might alos explain why there is a seattle based company on your uniform.

    I have no complaints about getting a free haircut if they score 3 goals.

  13. Sounder’s fan here.

    Lost in all of this is the TA. I thought they represented very well.

    Sounders fans going down there will be in for a treat too, I am sure.

  14. There’s a good chance it’s a name for the sort of thing in the video posted above, just applying simple logic.

  15. There is no doubt in my mind it was a cooperative effort between the team and the fans. The must have cost a butt-ton of money so I’m certain the team carried most of it. Either way, looked awesome….best I’ve seen in MLS.

  16. It’s too bad nobody captured all 3 tifo displays in order as it was a total event in and of its self. I was center field lower level across from where the TA were so was in a great spot to watch it all unfold.

    1. the portland tifo unfolded with the Who Are Ya?

    2. there was a pause and everyone was looking over at ECS wondering how they would answer.

    3. the epic Decade of Dominance tifo unfolded and the crowd went crazy pointing and yelling back at the TA.

    4. and then the north end dropped the We are Faithfull, We are Sounders.

    The combination of all three was truely greater than any of the individual pieces.

    A big thanks to Ives and Golazo for giving me the great tickets!

  17. In the immortal words of Mark Twain:

    “Too Legit. Too Legit to quit.”

    That tifo qualifies as top shelf in any league in the world. Don Garber must sleep with a smile on his face. To think that these two teams had to sit quietly for the past fifteen or so years and watch empty MLS stadiums peppered with soccer moms and tweens.

  18. Gabriel is a player from the NASL days

    Burpo was a keeper from the UW and played for the Sounders-there is a story I don’t know or remember with Portland.

    Schmetzer was a local player that played with the NASL Sounders and was USL coach and is a coach with the MLS Sounders.

    Marcus went to SPU and played with some of the better USL sounder teams before going overseas.

    The other two I assume you know

  19. ya could someone from Seattle explain why those players we the one’s selected?.. certainly not the obvious ones..


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