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Must-See Miss: Robbie Findley



  1. Here’s the thing hines, I look up stats because I like to be reasonably sure what I write is as accurate as I can make it. What you write says something about you. For example, it’s clear you know little about home runs, baseball or Babe Ruth.

    As for soccer,here is something I did not need to look up; if Findley is so terrible why do you watch him so much that you are oan be regarded as an authority on his value as a player?

    Or are you basing your opinion just on his bad patch in 2010?

    That bad patch did not derail Nottingham Forest from buying Findley and giving him a substantial raise from his RSL salary. And while he is not a star, he survived the firing of the manager who brought him in, no easy thing to do. He seems to slowly but steadily carving out a good career with Forest. If choking is his typical thing how has he gotten so many people for so long to pay him to do it? It’s mystery I guess.

    Should that continue he will be doing something very few American players do, making a good living in one of the best leagues in the world. Don’t take my word for it. Look up the Championship on the internet.

    Or don’t look it up. Just realize that the top four or so teams in this 24 team league are capable of making it and maybe staying in the EPL,allegedly the best in the world.

    Which means at least 8 times a season Forest plays an EPL level team with a lot on the line since that team is almost certainly gunning for promotion. How many MLS teams can say that about their regular season?

  2. Give me an accomplished holdup striker over a speedster with poor touch any day. Ching was a huge part of the qualifying campaign and is quite good at linking up with the onrushing midfielders. He is also a leader on and off the field. He should have been on the world cup squad ahead of Findley who wasnt ready. Not giving up on Findley yet, and all strikers miss an occasional sitter.

  3. You people do realize that Robbie is completely talentless, don’t you? What’s there to argue about? Take away his speed and he’d never have graduated from AYSO.

  4. my point exactly. we all make mistakes, difference is findley always makes mistakes. he may be a great guy, etc; but that isn’t what this is about.

    the guy needs to grow a set and get some confidence. a forward without confidence is about as useful as tits on a boar.

  5. actually watched the game . . . as i do all televised USMNT games (and have since 1990). i am glad to see you invested the time to google babe ruth to see how many times he struck out; oh wait . . . as you are the super fan i am sure you knew the stats right off the top of your head, right?

    anyone that thinks findley is anything more than a very athletic soccer player who doesn’t know how to pull the trigger, well they never watched findley play.

    so to summarize the point that you are trying to derail, findley did a very typical findley thing, he choked. do all you want to derail this topic, but point of fact is only you, bob bradley and a few RSL fans think he is worth anything.

  6. I was waiting for someone to mention that. Kamara’s miss is maybe the all-time worst miss of any professional soccer player in the history of the game.

  7. In the immortal words of my former Scottish coach, “What happened son? You could have knocked it in with your c*ck!”

  8. Robbie Findley doesn’t ‘occasionally’ miss those. HE ALWAYS DOES. That’s why it is so funny ^_^
    It goes like this: you read the top few articles on this site, and you see Robbie Findley failing, you just go: ahahahaha there goes the Findlyster again. Ahahahahaha.
    It is so funny how consistent he is.

  9. Ching was both over the hill and had recently been injured… what has he done since then that would suggest he should have been on the World Cup roster? We don’t hand out WC slots to aging veterans to reward them based on past performance.
    Findley sucks but he was the Davies replacement, it’s not like Ching could have provided speed.

  10. he was trying to avoid hitting it into his teammate and tried to finesse it. bad miss but understandable. too timid though in the end.

  11. Actually, Ruth struckout 1330 times, 39th on the all time list. Home run hitters pay a price for going for home runs and strike outs are part of that price.

    “btw, nice try comparing this dud to the leading american scorer in the EPL.”

    You clearly did not watch that Guadaloupe game did you?

    If you watch enough soccer you’ll see that better players than Findley and Dempsey have had worse misses. They happen.

    If those errors don’t define Clint as player thenthey don’t define Findley either.

    Dempsey’s credentials are unquestioned. Findley is getting significant playing time in a pretty good league, and may well have found a home for himself at Forest, so I would say the book isn’t closed on him yet, even though you all are giving him the same kind of flak you used to give Sacha, that useless bozo.

  12. He actually has done better for Forest imo. Its just that he has run into more injury issues & they have been through 3 different managers since he signed earlier in 2011. So its been hit & miss for him. I still believe he is Forest’s best attacker. As he showed today, he is actually a much better attacking winger. He doesnt do well holding the ball up around the box & actually has a better cross than most think. He looks alot more comfortable in the wide position. I will be interested to see if he starts right mid again next Championship fixture.

  13. btw, nice try comparing this dud to the leading american scorer in the EPL.

    I heard babe ruth struck out once or twice, does that mean he is on the even with your average A leaguer that can hit a fastball but can’t connect with a curve?



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