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After repeated snubs, Klinsmann didn’t bother calling Chandler this time around


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After repeated attempts to call him into the U.S. Men’s National team this year, only to be turned down on more than one occasion, It appears U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has grown tired of Timmy Chandler’s unwillingness to commit to the U.S. national team.

Chandler’s absence from this month’s U.S. roster is not because the fullback denied a call-up, but rather because Klinsmann did not offer him an invitation, sources at Chandler’s club team, Nuremberg, told SBI on Wednesday.

Chandler told SBI last month that he was open to receiving a call-up and getting cap-tied to the United States during the October qualifiers, but Klinsmann apparently did not deem it necessary to select the 22-year-old fullback.

That Klinsmann ignored Chandler for this coming camp may not be entirely surprising given that Chandler has rebuffed call-ups from the U.S. head coach in the past, not to mention previous coach Bob Bradley. Still, Chandler not getting selected when he said he was publicly open to doing so now means he cannot be cap-tied to the U.S. until the 2013 Gold Cup or World Cup qualifiers.

Chandler and Nurnberg have endured some struggles in the German Bundesliga in recent weeks, but whether that is part of the reason for the snub is not clear at this time. What is clear is that the Chandler saga is still not yet over and it won’t be for quite some time.

What do you think Klinsmann not calling in Chandler? Is it the right move given how many times Chandler has turned down call-ups in the past? Do you even want Chandler on the U.S. national team at this point?

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  1. You cannot base decisions on that type of scenario because even a blind squirrel gets a nut. Listen, no offense man but you just don’t know what you are talking about.

    Should Josi score a hat trick every time he plays for the national team against Concacaf opponents? Probably…however, he doesn’t. You just don’t know what is going to happen. We have kicked the Parkhurst can a few times and he isnt impressing anyone.

  2. regarding Jozy, I’ve wondered the same questions about this situation and the mixed messages, and the lineups/formations Jozy’s been included in OR not included in, and the fact that his USMNT goal drop coincides with Klinsmann’s arrival, and that no USMNT forwards (or any player) have been scoring consistently for the Nats under Klinsmann, and that the entire team succumbed in Kingston but particularly the midfield (an absolutely horrendous game from that unit in all respects) but that Jozy got benched for it when Klinsmann finally fielded an attacking lineup in Columbus…….

    Lots of stuff going on here man. Anyway, it’s amusing to me how so many resort to calling him lazy…like he was lazy in stoppage time vs. Algeria

    He does need the right management. Maybe Klinsmann’s snub is on target for that. we’ll see

    GO USA!!!

  3. Good for Coach. If Chandler wants to play for the USMNT he should reach out to Klinsmann at this point and say so and if not so be it. Chandler’s feelings and preferences are pretty clear, and that’s all fine and good imo, they’re his feelings and his life.

  4. Chandler left the door open and JK just slammed it in his face. Why?

    This may go down with Rongen/Subotic level idiocy.
    Chandler is a step up from Cherundolo which is saying a lot.

    Easy way out is to call him up and let Chandler make the decision.
    Tell him this is the last call. If he says no the tell the press and move on.
    Why do this after Chandler extended an olive branch?

  5. I want to agree, but frankly I think the men on the USMNT DO fight for their place, and some have earned it…Clint, LD, Howard, MB, others…and they have a place on the team NOT because they’re grandfathered in but because the team needs them and they’ve earned it and proven it. Others need to look at why those guys are staples and figure out how to emulate that! Obviously if they seriously drop form then it’s different, but for the sake of TEAM building you need staples to the squad

    then with the inevitable turnover that occurs there is still a sense of continuity, a KEY ingredient for the Nats for a long time now in overcoming the talent gaps

    personally I wouldn’t want to see that disappear as it’s been a major strength

  6. You’re right. I really like Zusi. He is a good soccer player and a decent crosser of the ball. His call up is definitely a good thing. I just wish he had a bit more experience with the team.

  7. to put things plainly and in perspective, it’s not klinsmanns job to appease the feelings of the fans. He’s there to do a job and if he feels like changing his mind or tweeking some decisions he’s made is totally his perogative….get over it!

  8. The difference is that Rossi was better and actually had a shot to make Italy’s team. Chandler isn’t likely to be called by Germany.


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