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MLS releases 42-player Waiver Draft list

The MLS season may not be over just yet, but the offseason preparations for next year are already in motion for most teams.

Clubs have already begun waiving players and Monday will be the first big day in the offseason, as the MLS Waiver Draft is set to take place. A total of 42 players have been made available by teams and the New York Red Bulls led the way with 10, including centerback Stephen Keel, goalkeeper Bill Gaudette and forward Corey Hertzog.

Other notable names in the Waiver Draft, which is set to begin at 3:30pm, are former Philadelphia Union midfielder Gabriel Gomez and Sporting Kansas City midfielder Julio Cesar.

Toronto FC have the first pick in the Waiver Draft.

Here is the full list of players available in the MLS Waiver Draft followed by the selection order:

2012 MLS Waiver Draft players

Goalkeepers (3): Bryan Sylvestre (Vancouver), Jeremy Vuolo (NY Red Bulls)

Defenders (11): Jonathan Borrajo (NY Red Bulls), Cyprian Hedrick (Sporting KC), Ian Hogg (Portland). Flo Lechner (New England), Alex Lee (FC Dallas), Porfirio Lopez (Philadelphia), Neven Markovic (Sporting KC), Carlos Rodriguez (FC Dallas), Tyler Ruthven (NY Red Bulls), Nemanja Vukovic (Columbus Crew), Dicoy Williams (Toronto FC), Luis Zapata (Colorado Rapids)

Midfielders (14): Freddie Braun (Portland), Julio Cesar (Sporting KC), Oscar Cordon (Toronto FC), Edu (Colorado Rapids), Gabriel Gomez (Philadelphia), Cole Grossman (Columbus Crew), Evan James (Montreal Impact), Bryan Leyva (FC Dallas), Nico Muniz (Real Salt Lake), Alec Purdie (New England), Jan Gunnar Solli (NY Red Bulls), Teemu Tainio (NY Red Bulls), Tiago Ulisses (Vancouver), Konrad Warzycha (Sporting KC)

Forwards (14): Jose Angulo (NY Red Bulls), Jhonny Arteaga (NY Red Bulls), Etienne Barbara (Vancouver), Blake Brettschneider (New England), Sercan Guvenisic (San Jose), Corey Hertzog (NY Red Bulls), Matias Jara (FC Dallas), Nicholas Lindsay (Toronto FC), Ruben Luna (FC Dallas), Keith Makabuya (Toronto FC), Charles Renken (Portland), Michael Roach (New England), Olman Vargas (Columbus Crew), Krystian Witkowski (Philadelphia)


2012 MLS Waiver Draft selection order:

1. Toronto FC(23 pts)

2. Chivas USA (30 pts)

3. Portland Timbers (34 pts)

4. New England Revolution (35 pts)

5. Philadelphia Union (36 pts)

6. Colorado Rapids (37 pts)

7. FC Dallas (39 pts)

8. Montreal Impact (42 pts)

9. Columbus Crew (52 pts)

10. Vancouver Whitecaps (43 pts – Knockout Rd elimination)

11. Chicago Fire (57 pts – Knockout Rd elimination)

12. Real Salt Lake (57 pts – Conference Semi elimination)

13. New York Red Bulls (57 pts – Conference Semi elimination)

14. Sporting Kansas City (63 pts – Conference Semi elimination)

15. San Jose Earthquakes (66 pts – Conference Semi elimination)

16. Seattle Sounders (56 pts – Conference Championship elimination)

17. DC United (58 pts – Conference Championship elimination)

18. Houston Dynamo (53 pts – MLS Cup finalist)

19. Los Angeles Galaxy (54 pts – MLS Cup finalist)


What do you think of the waiver draft list? Surprised by anyone’s inclusion/omission? Who are you hoping your team picks up

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Does Julio Cesar have an inflated contract?

    The few times I saw him play this year he looked like a better than average defensive midfielder.

  2. MLS doesn’t give the playoff/cup teams much leeway. The expansion draft was two days after the MLS Cup in 2010. Dallas fared badly in that one, largely because they were caught unprepared.

    • It’s perplexing that this is being held while LA and Houston’s seasons are not done, but in regards to your comment, it’s not like front offices can do much at this stage so they SHOULD be prepared, blame Dallas for not being so.

  3. Slim pickings for the most part..Hertzog is the only one that stands out for me (isn’t he still GA?)
    Solli and Gomez have some quality but their contracts are inflated as far as MLS goes. I’d take a flyer on Rodriguez or Barrajo.

    P.S. looks like RSL has picked up Grossman

  4. The reason why Renken was released is because he has two bum knees. It was a risk for Portland to even give him chance last season. It has nothing to do with how well MLS teams develop players.

  5. Why is this draft taking place before the end of the season? What about LA and Houston’s players that get cut? I don’t think Seattle or DC has really had much time to decide what to do with their existing players either. Seems like a really odd time to have this draft.

    • Hmm. You do realise Hoffenheim let him go as well. He is not the same player he was. He has had two or three knee injuries already. It has has nothign to do with questioning MLS’ ability to develop players because Hoffenhiem developed him, and then deemed him not good enough, and now it seems Portland feels the same. Not all promising young players can hack it when the become pros. This is professional sports where not everyone gets a trophy at the end.

    • you know he’s had horrible knee problems since he was like, 14 right? Hoffenheim dropped him for that reason, and it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Portland is doing the same. Remember Marcus Tracy? Same deal. I’m sure his contract wasn’t small either…..

    • Waiver draft you get the player with his current contract. Reentry you get the (mls) rights to the player and can tear up and renegotiate his contract, if you so desire. This draft, you get a player, next draft you get the MLS rights to a player, he can go sign elsewhere if he wants

      • Apologies. I was mistaken. These players have options that weren’t picked up, or are out of contract. Not sure why some are now and some are later?

      • I think we should call this ‘a waiver’ draft and not ‘the waiver’ draft. This is not different than any other waiver draft thought the season, except that, being at the end of the season, more players have been released. LA and Houston dont have any players because they havent released anyone. They will still have plenty of time later to release players.

      • He needs to play a lot, but no team is going to give him time to do this in MLS. Should go to A-League to get lots of playing time and score goals then come back to MLS.

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