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Revs cut ties with Feilhaber

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The writing was on the wall as the New England Revolution added midfielders after the 2012 season, but it was still bit of a head-turning development to see the Revs part ways with midfielder Benny Feilhaber.

New England declined to pick up the option on Feilhaber’s contract, with sources telling SBI that Feilhaber’s large contract option make it unlikely that he returns to MLS in 2013.

The Revs crowded midfield includes Kelyn Rowe, Juan Toja, Lee Nguyen, Diego Fagundez and recently-acquired Andy Dorman.

Feilhaber endured a disappointing 2012 season with the Revs, finishing with one goal and two assists in 29 matches.

What’s next for the 27-year-old playmaker? A move back to Europe seems like the most likely scenario, though there is an outside chance he could stay in MLS if he is willing to take a sizable pay cut.

What do you think of this development?

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  1. This is the perfect example of a good player on a team that’s not a good fit. If your timing or tempo is too fast because you are use to a higher level of play, if the players around you don’t get open or can’t make the right runs, If the players around you can’t finish off your passes, if teammates can’t read your plays/your movements because they lack that same level of play then everything is off, it doesn’t matter what you bring to the table. Quality players need quality around them. It makes you wonder:
    How does NYRB get rid of a player like Dwayne De Rosario? For Dax McCarty?
    How come Adu, one of our most dynamic players, cannot connect in Philly?
    How come NE can part ways with a quality creative player like Benny?
    How can Eddie Johnson come in from almost quitting soccer to winning an MLS award?
    ….because a team’s style of play that compliments a player’s skill and ability brings the best out of that player. I hope Benny finds a good team in MLS to jump start his career

    • Given the situation with the Rev’s it is very hard to evaluate any of their players. It does not seem like any player will thrive past a ceratin point with that team.

      However, when he was called into last year’s Camp Cupcake, Benny did not exactly cover himself in glory. So the jury is still out on Benny but the clock is ticking.

  2. Skilled attacking midfielders with premium experience don’t come cheap. Benny’s being paid $446k guaranteed this year by NE. A few points of reference: Flaco Fernandez, $367k; Higuain, $324k; Ferreira, $705k; Brad Davis, $312k; Freddy Adu, $519k; Javi Morales, $477k; Tiffert, $625k. Gotta imagine Benny’s market value within MLS is still somewhere between $275-350k.

  3. Look at the Revs record last year when he started and when he didn’t. Their record totally disintegrated when he was sat down. Never clear why he was sat down. Then brought in as a late sub and the team always played must more dangerously. He was one of the most fouled players in the MLS. Other teams knew not to let him alone to create.

  4. Benny and Heaps had bad chemistry. Nicols liked him. Heaps disliked him. He is very creative and skilled. Cut throat passer in the middle. However, the Revs lack the creative and dangerous strikers who can benefit from him. More than most players, the better the players around him, the better his game is. He isn’t a player who can carry a poor team, such as the rev.’s are, on his back.

  5. Diego Fagundez is a striker, not a midfielder. Rev’s current midfielders are: Kalifa Cisse, Andy Dorman, Ryan Guy, Lee Nguyen, Sainey Nyassi, Kelyn Rowe, Clyde Simms, Juan Toja

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that, if he stays in MLS he will end up at Chivas USA? 1) homecoming, 2) a new regime intent on playing possession style soccer, 3) some Latin roots. He would fit well there, esp. Since Chivas wants more SoCal roots on the squad. Not the galaxy. Even with a payout he will cost more than they will want to spend after signing lampard, kaka, or both–and where would he play? He is not beating those guys out, nor Juninho either.

    • I actually thought about that, Cairo. He’d be battling LaBrocca for a spot – similar players, although Benny is much more quality, IMO.

      With Califf and Kennedy (also California guys) there already, he’d have people to help bring him in the fold. And, it’d be a reunion with Shalrie Joseph.

      The issue is whether Chivas can afford his contract….

  7. I thought Feilhaber was just fine with the Revs, he was not the problem there. I hope he lands in a good spot where he will be appreciated and where he will have guys around to finish the chances he creates.

    Feilhaber, Rolfe, Nguyen, even Adu… these are the more attacking minded players that Klinsmann needs to be trying out with the national team instead of an endless string of Edus, Beckermans, Larenzwreewzs, and Rico freaking Clarks….

    • Corona and Diskerud are younger and have more upside than any of those players you’ve named.

      Edu’s recent national team performances have been very high quality despite his lack of club PTz

      Larentowicz and Beckerman haven’t seen the pitch under JK in a while.

      Yeah… you’re right though…

  8. I’d love to have him here in Salt Lake. Keeping possession, lots of quick short passes, freedom in the attack. He could flourish in the Javier Morales role if we are unable to keep Javi, which is our priority. Still have the problem that Feilhaber’s contract would probably be too big for a small market team like RSL where the team is the star.

  9. If he stays in MLS, I could see him do well in LA or with Seattle. I bet Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver would all take him in a heartbeat, for the right price.

    If he heads back to Europe, I see him in Spain, Netherlands or Portugal.

    • Would love to see how he and Alonso could work here in Seattle. Benny would have to take a pretty big pay cut though, and we already have some considerable decisions to make regarding our roster…

  10. Will help move him to NY. Would be a good replacement for Solli/Lindpere combo of aging Europeans. Would likely need to come down in salary, though.

  11. another case of the mls-usnt player lottery system putting usnt players in places they will not succeed. really a shame that our own league self imposes rules that hurt our national team pool.

  12. I am a die hard Revs fan. The fact that after being so excited the Revs acquired Benny and having such high hopes, that now I am not at all upset that the Revs have cut ties with the biggest name player left on the roster says it all. Benny is very talented, but he needs to improve his attitude.

    • your team’s organization has to give a damn about the team first. exactly where is your ire directed? Ask Shalrie how laim a gig it is to play for the Revs

  13. Why would any European team sign him? The guy formerly played in the Danish Second Division…this isn’t Clint Dempsey we’re talking about.

    • There are several Euro leagues (including 2nd divisions) roughly on par with MLS that pay much better than the MLS average. Ives said Europe, not a top-4 league. He also only played in the 2nd division b/c his team got relegated and he was under contract. That ALMOST happened to Dempsey at Fulham. He may never play for the Nats again but he’s talented enough to go earn six figures abroad if he can’t get it here.

  14. There are a plethora of teams Benny would excel for in MLS. I would love to see him replace Bosko in DC. Our new owner’s deep pockets make that move at least slightly plausible.

  15. He should take a pay cut and get some consistent playing time in the MLS, he is still talented enough to contribute.

    What I think he will do is go to some obscure European league, sit on the bench and collect a paycheck.

      • The Galaxy should take him with open arms…assuming they renegotiate a more reasonable contract. It’s entirely possible the Galaxy will need to replace Juninho,Beckham, and Donovan…so I can definitely see him as an option along with a major DP signing

      • I wish Buddle would get some more love for his first half performance in Leg 2 vs San Jose. His work as target man opened up space for Donovan and Keane to make plays – then he took a knock at the end of the half and struggled before leaving the game around the 60th minute. Not coincidentally, I would say, we didn’t score in the second half. I wouldn’t be so naive as to suggest that he’s anywhere near his 2010 level by any stretch, but I think a fit Buddle is still a force to be reckoned with.

  16. There will be more cuts for some players on the Revs team in the future. Jay Heaps and company have many transfer targets they want to sign going into to next year, I’ve heard they were trying to get Honduran Walter Martinez and some more.

    • I know. Especially some ahem analysts over at MLS soccer. I hope he lands on hi sfeet somewhere, but he hasn’t been particularly good at New England.

    • Even up until recently, there have been people on this site calling for him to be brought onto the NATS. Never understood that… its been a long time since he should have been even considered, and I never even rated him that highly when he was at his best- I always thought he could look like a decent midfield creator against weak concacaf competition, but thats it. However, I do hope he stays in the MLS and finds a team where he can fit in well.

      • wow – seriously?

        “I never even rated him that highly when he was at his best- I always thought he could look like a decent midfield creator against weak concacaf competition”

        You do know this guy was the best sub coming off the bench in South Africa, right. You do know this guys was money in the previous year’s Confederations cup right? Benny is a lot more than a “decent midfielder” against “weak concacaf competition.” Anyone who has watched the NATS over the past 6 years would know that.

      • +1

        Benny’s skills are unquestioned, but he’s clearly got some off the pitch issues. Things such as his not having his contract renewed in Denmark, not having his MLS contract renewed, and not being called back into a USMNT camp suggest so pretty heavily.

      • Absolutely. He looked like a future foundational player in 2009-10. It’s obviously hasn’t worked out since, but to write him off for ’14 is very premature.

      • if Eddie Johnson can basically play his way back into the starting XI for WC qualifiers after 1/2 season in MLS, I’d say writing just about anyone off seems premature at this point…

      • Anyone who wrote off EJ before his comeback could hardly be blamed.

        So I wouldn’t blame anyone who writes off Benny for the 2014 World Cup.

        The biggest reason why he still has a chance though is that his issues seem to be mostly between his ears. When I first saw him line up alongside MB90 I thought they would be our midfield duo for the future; at least I was half right.

        Of course he could make it back to the USMNT but I wouldn’t risk any of my money betting on it happening.

      • I was always a fan. His efforts on with the Nats always seemed worthwhile. He hustled and played and did an all around good job. I hope to see him in the fold again..

    • I’d still take him right now with the national team. Not as a starter, maybe not even as a regular, but he should be in the pool ahead of half the 25 DMs we keep calling in.

      Maybe he’s not a complete player but I like Feilhaber as a late game substitute when we need another attacking player out there to get a goal.

    • yes, I complained and continue to. He is still a great option for an attacking player in the 2nd half

      I complained he hasn’t gottena sniff while torres was force fed the role, Williams force fed the role, etc.

      all fails at that position, and there have been others, and Benny got like 5 minutes of run to prove himself

      I am one who watched him this year on a sad EFF team in New England

      bring it on

  17. Epic Feihabler! Yeah things have never seemed to work exactly with that guy in MLS (or anywhere outside of that Gold Cup final). Hope he finds a good home though, although I don’t expect to ever see him in a USMNT shirt again.

    • That’s a bit of a stretch. He may still be one of the most creative midfielders we have in the pool. If he gets playing time somewhere, anywhere, he may be back sooner than later.

  18. Have to agree with Ives, the writing has been on the wall for some time. Hard to see Benny doing so poorly; there’s so much potential there. Hope he can find somewhere to revive this game.

    • Agreed! I was there in 2007 for that spectacular Gold Cup winning goal. I’ll always remember that moment, but the kid has some serious work to do to restore his game.

    • Hope he follows Herc’s lead, learns to stay humble and quiet, and regains his form in dramatic fashion. The Rev’s have a many issues and it’s good to see him escape that mess. Hope he can earn a chance with a better club soon and work his way back to the MNT


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