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Must-See Goal: Robin Van Persie

Robin van Persie of Manchester United celebrates scoring the opening goal of the game



  1. I did this in my co-ed game over the weekend with my shoes untied.
    [/end troll]

    Gee, thanks Ives, I went blind from overexposure to such awesomeness. I’ll try to get on with my life by taking comfort in knowing that the last thing my eyes saw was such a thing of beauty. jerk… 😉

  2. It’s cute that he’s such a hugger, bear hugging SAF last week and now WR. Just a Dutch teddy bear with a wicked finish from anywhere on the pitch. Wenger must have discouraged such PDA since I never saw him hug AW.

  3. Great goal. Also offside. He might as well just set up for a cup of tea with the opposing goalkeeper because the offside rule means nothing when it comes to him. 3 of his last 4 goals were scored from an offside position.

    Still, great volley.


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