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Klinsmann offers insight into how Gold Cup squad will be constructed

Juergen Klinsmann


ARLINGTON, Va.– With a busy June featuring three World Cup qualifiers serving as the chief priority for the U.S. Men’s National Team this summer, the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup has long been as seen as a secondary task, and a likely showcase for the plethora of young American players currently on the fringes of the national team radar.

Jurgen Klinsmann isn’t so quick to agree.

The U.S. coach made it clear on Wednesday that he plans on bringing the best available squad to the Gold Cup, irrespective of age, and he also pointed out that the timing of the tournament could force some players to miss it. That means there is a good chance that some fan favorites will be passed over when Klinsmann settles on his final Gold Cup roster.

“The Gold Cup has a lot to do with the timing of their individual situations,” Klinsmann said. “At every position we try to bring the best players in there. Not necessarily we’re going out only for the youngsters.

“If we see an older player in a full rhythm, he’s available and in that moment he would be the number one spot, let’s say as the left back, he will be the left back. No matter of age.”

Klinsmann will select a 25-26 player roster to take part in the stretch of matches from May to June that includes a pair of friendlies and three World Cup qualifiers. He will then have to build a second roster for the Gold Cup. With the Gold Cup scheduled for July, some players who don’t make the May-June could could wind up missing out on the Gold Cup as well because of the fact the will likely be coming off of vacations.

“It’s also important who’s in a rhythm,” Klinsmann said. “Scandinavians are in a rhythm. The MLS players are. Mexico is in a similar break like Europe and that makes it difficult.

“Whoever you leave out of the Mexican-Americans in the May-June camp, most likely we would leave them out of the Gold Cup as well because they would come from vacation and they can’t catch up anymore.”

Based on Klinsmann’s comments, if you are a European-based player who doesn’t play in Scandinavia, where the domestic season runs through the summer, or a Mexico-based player, you are likely not to be called up at all if you aren’t part of the May-June squad.

Who could that spell trouble for? All of the top Liga MX-based players are expected to make the 25-26 player roster for May and June, including Herculez Gomez, DaMarcus Beasley, Joe Corona, Jose Torres and Edgar Castillo, but if any of them don’t make the cut, they will likely be facing long vacations.

The situation is more dire for European-based players on the fringes, though players like Josh Gatt and Mix Diskerud would still be strong Gold Cup options given that their league seasons will be going. Someone like Carlos Bocanegra or Brek Shea could wind up being left out of the mix altogether if he were to not be included in the May-June camp.

One player who could still make it despite being a European-based player unlikely to be on the May-June roster is Stuart Holden, who Klinsmann was very high on when asked about him.

What we do know at this point is that there will be at least a few players who are part of the May/June squad as well as the Gold Cup team. Terrence Boyd, Joe Corona and the goalkeepers not named Tim Howard are all candidates for that sort of double duty, but the overlap isn’t likely to be much more extensive than that. Klinsmann categorically ruled out the possibility of any first-team regulars playing both in the June qualifiers and the Gold Cup, point out the fact that July will be the last chance for many players to take a vacation before a season that will be followed up by the 2014 World Cup.

So what could a projected Gold Cup roster look like? Here is one potential squad:


GK- Nick Rimando, Bill Hamid, Sean Johnson

D- Steven Beitashour, Clarence Goodson, George John, Amobi Okugo, Justin Morrow, Tony Beltran,  Brad Evans, Matt Hedges,

M- Joe Corona, Mix Diskerud, Josh Gatt, Alejandro Bedoya, Benny Feilhaber, Kyle Beckerman, Stuart Holden, Brad Davis

F- Terrence Boyd, Juan Agudelo, Jack McInerney, Will Bruin


What do you think of Klinsmann’s comments? Do you like this projected Gold Cup roster? Who would you like to see included on it? Who don’t you want to see on the Gold Cup squad?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I hope Holden can be the pre injured Holden. We are so thin and have had such disastrous luck with injuries to our best up and coming players over the past 10 years.

  2. Why not just give the guys like Gyau, Renken, Shea, Adu a shot during the goal cup. This group at one point or another over the past 4 or 5 years have been thought of as the future of the USMNT.. Our under 23 failed to qualify. So give the core of that team a chance at redemption before they are wrote off. Our USMNT need to stop babying our youngsters. Every other country int he world throw their youngsters to the wolves and that experience proves to be vital in later competitions. I know Renken has lost a lot of luster lately but He still is very talented.

  3. Love to see Okugo and McInerney from my hometown Union getting some love.

    Okugo can be a solid CB who has good ball moving skills to help play out of the back and maintain possession. He can also come in as a DCM and help lock things down.

    In my humble opinion, Jack Mac has earned his first shot with the USMNT over the last year. The game seems to be in slow motion for him right now as he is leading the MLS in goals and half of his total are game winners! He is one of those players that just seems to rise to the occasion in crunch time so I am excited to see how he does on a bigger stage!

  4. He said there likely won’t be any A-teamers at the GC because it is their last chance to take a vacation before WC 2014, but if they’re an MLS A-teamer, then it wouldn’t even be their vacation and they should still be able to be called up right? What I’m getting at basically is why can’t Omar and Besler be called up for the Gold Cup even if they are called up for WC qualifiers? Seems like even when you figure in Klinsmann’s formula of who is eligible for a call up in July, Gonzo and Besler should still be available,

  5. Whatever this “American backlash” against Freddy Adu is within the soccer elite needs to stop…he’s the attacking/playmaking midfielder that America’s lacked since like forever(excluding Deuce of course)

  6. Hopefully we can put our American versions of bench warming Gio Santos on the field… Adu and Gyau who I’m referring to… both of these guys play in beast mode when wearing the stripes.

    Holden, Gatt, Bedoya, Mix, Castillo, Corona, Morales, would be very nice to go along with Adu and Gyau.

  7. Ives. You’ve got to stop writing these articles on your iPhone. This is a copy editor’s nightmare.

    Sent from my iPhone.

  8. This would be my 23 man GC roster (if all were available):


    Rogelio Funes Mori*
    Orozco Fiscal


    J. F. Torres


    Rogelio Funes Mori*

  9. If Ives’ projection is what the actual Gold Cup roster is going to look like, we’d best get as much player-development mileage out of it as possible, because we certainly don’t have any hope of winning the thing.

  10. I would like to see Kitchen instead of Beckerman or Davis. Otherwise with a lot of young players missing out due to the U-20 WC this roster looks pretty good. Personally I would like to see Gyau too, but given the outlines that Klinsy stated it looks like he wont be there. It has been a disappointing loan this year for him, I thought he would get more playing time. If Hoffenheim get relegated hopefully he becomes a first team player for them next year.

  11. If that’s the roster we should just hand the trophy to Mex now. Unless Boyd goes on a tear no one else on that roster can score

    • You’re right to some degree. It does look less than intimidating. But JK may be prudent in keeping it simple and concentrating on the larger goal, which is qualifying for the WC. Who knows what he will do. Perhaps we will do well in the WCQ and Klinsmann allows double duty. Maybe some guys will want to do it. All I know is I am going to the Baltimore game and the US better be playing in it.

  12. what about Besler or Gonzalez? why can’t they play in both? since they are MLS players, they will get a break in the winter (unless they move to Europe). if they aren’t with the Gold Cup team, they’ll be playing with their club teams either way. So why not use them? am i missing something?

    • On paper it is a good idea as they are young and could use the international minutes. I would think the obstacle to that would be that the clubs would push back big time. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember Bradley having any MLS guys pull double duty in similar situations. There may be an “understanding” in place that MLS guys won’t do double duty in these situations.

      • right, and i get that. that’s the only thing i could think of. but since he didn’t mention it, maybe there is a possibility. especially with this Gold Cup now meaning something.

  13. JK’s comments about the GC not being just for youngsters has me thinking we may see some veterans (or “regulars”) called in that are not currently starting 11 guys. I would not completely rule out guys like Guzan, Bocanegra, Gooch, Danny Williams, Castillo, Beasley, and Donovan. The winner of the GC this year does get a shot at the Confed Cup. Also, each one of the names above (except for Guzan who could play in the GC to make a case for #1) has something to prove in order to be called in later for qualifiers and/or have a spot on the WC squad. For me, Bocanegra is an interesting case because he is playing again and will be looking for a loan or transfer as I believe that he is still with Rangers and I don’t see him heading back there. Again, I am not saying that all will be on the GC roster, but a case could be made for each of those guys.

    • yeah, this is kind of what im wondering. if someone like Castillo does not start and maybe has a few quick sub appearances, why not bring him to the Gold Cup? now, if we do play him a lot in the WCQs, fine, he needs rest. that makes sense.

      like you said, same can be asked for Guzan.

      idk, i really think Klinsmann needs to consider better defensive options than what is listed in this projection. at least fullbacks. CBs are pretty solid.

  14. Edgar Castillo should make one of the camps. Damarcus has done surprisingly well, but it would be not so surprising if he got injured or fell out of form, otherwise known as “the cycle of Beaz.”

  15. I like that Gold Cup Roster, if only because it will be interesting to finally see the group play meaningful games together.

  16. Does Klinnsmann know that the winner of this year’s old cup has half a ticket to the confed cup of 2017? ives can you let klinnsman know. It seems like he doesnt
    He needs to assemble the best squad he can. and if it means pulling double duty so be it.

    • Morales and O’Brien would be interesting. Morales was arguably the most impressive thing about the Olympic squad that bested Mexico, and a huge reason they weren’t as cohesive in qualifying. Can’t say that I think O’Brien is a great talent, but he wins everywhere he goes. Worth a look.

    • Morales is still a very interesting option, the rest pass, although i am always open to freddy if he can get in good form

  17. I don’t think Timothy Chandler in the past 18 months has proved that he is 1000% committed to the USMNT or that he has helped to improve the chemistry of the team. I think participation in the Gold Cup this summer is just what the doctor would order to get Timmy back on track and make up for all those WCQ games he has missed. He would benefit greatly from more Concacaf international experience, plus it would show the USMNT fans and his fellow teammates that he is truly committed and did not join the team simply so he could get a free ticket to play next summer in World Cup 2014 while at some giving the least amount of effort possible. The Gold Cup would be a way for him to truly show he deserves a spot on the senior team rather than just having it handed him on a golden platter.

    Quite frankly, most of the time Chandler was not part of that process of USMNT team-building. That was his choice, and I totally understand that, and it’s no problem, but at the same time the team has been moving forward at its own speed. There is a chemistry being developed of a group and you always have to feel where this whole thing is moving towards, and Timmy hasn’t been a part of that development of this team most of the time over the past two years.

    • I agree. I was going to add to my comment above about Donovan being on the GC roster that the same scenario could happen to Chandler. I don’t see it as punishment for him, but a way for him to 1) demonstrate commitment and 2) an opportunity to showcase and possibly win the starting RB spot. To me, if you are a second string guy (like Chandler is), you want to be on the GC to get playing time and to try and solidify your spot and/or prove that you should be the starting 11.

    • Biff, Chandler traveled with the USMNT to the most dangerous city in the world for a world cup qualifier, where he started in 100 degree heat in front of hostile crowd against a tough opponent and is now officially cap tied to the US (i.e., he can only play for the USMNT). Is that not enough of a committment?

      • Yes he did that, but he was probably the worst player in the 11 and i doubt he helpped settle the ” lockroom divide” that was going on… With dolo and cam healthy id say he is looking like a gold cup option.

      • 1. It’s laughable to single him out as the worst performer when the whole team stunk.

        2. The “locker room divide” has proven to be imaginary.

      • It is easy to say Timmy Chandler was the worst person on the field. Everyone else was dreadful and made many mistakes, but he was the only one wheezing like a 57 year old man with a beer gut in a rec league. He literally stopped no one, contributing nothing on either end of the field. His was the only performance that begged the question, “is this guy for real?”

        There were locker room issues, that article was an accurate demonstration of JK’s inability to manage players- did you read JK’s quotes? He made it clear that he does If you think it is his job to settle locker room disagreements and thinks the players should bend to his game plan, not the other way around (literally stating that he doesn’t take players attributes and strengths into account, only his preconceived notions). Do you think that the author of that article made everything up and that no players are disgruntled, that there are still issues that the players have to overcome under his management? I can’t imagine that anyone actually believes that.

      • i still disagree. one bad game does not make me freak out. unlike what appears to be a significant number of people.

        and i’m sorry, i don’t think everything in that article was 100% accurate. in fact, i think a lot of it probably was half-truths or exaggerations. i don’t blame the author, but clearly Howard, Bradley, Boca, etc. didn’t feel the same as the sources who were unnamed.

        and no, i’m not saying there aren’t some issues. EVERY TEAM has issues. but this idea that our team is in a locker room meltdown is absolutely stupid. and they proved it on the field against CR and Mexico. again, we still have work to do regarding our play on offense, but as far as the locker room s concerned, it seems pretty air tight to me with maybe a few players who are complaining.

      • Sorry, Ed, this comment is actually directed at bryan.

        We are talking about one game, so I don’t really see your point. Chandler played well for us about two years ago, but in that situation he was beyond awful. Who’s freaking out? All I’ve seen are people noting how dreadful he was against Honduras, a game which puts Cameron and Cherundolo in front of him.

        So you think that Howard, Bradley, and Bocanegra standing up and showing some leadership means that the people who talked to Strauss and their complaints didn’t exist and weren’t relevant? They are team leaders, of COURSE they will defend the team and silence public doubts, they want the team to succeed. I have no doubt that none of them were sources, and were furious for those that broke that trust, regardless of whether they had legitimate complaints.

        That article was not about a total meltdown, but about hidden tensions, including the divide between German-Americans and the rest. None of these revelations were surprising, but they confirmed what was already suspected. The fact that American players would go anonymously to the press in this way is not normal.

        I do agree that if the team improves, the grumblings will become white noise. But no one will ever mistake JK for a competent players coach again.

      • You don’t see my point that people are freaking out after one game? Seriously? It happens all the time. Someone has a great game, they are the next best thing. Someone has a bad game, they are terrible. Same thing is happening with Chandler, and even more so because of his whole non-commitment thing.

        Dolo was always in front of Chandler, so nothing changes there. And I don’t think Cameron is a better RB than Chandler. I truly don’t. I put them dead even. And I think we need Cameron at CB more than RB. So that’s just a difference of opinion and neither of us are “right”. It’s completely subjective until we see both of them playing RB over and over and over…which we won’t because Dolo will there.

        Yes, I think their comments and leadership show how immature the original comments were. Sure, the team was clearly having some issues. But you don’t go to the press and make it into a bigger deal than it really is. Of course, that’s what happens in professional sports sometimes and it is what it is. It’s a sign people care. Gomez was spot on when he said it was nice to see people get upset.

        My point is, I don’t care where the article came from, every time I read an quote from someone “anonymous” I take it with a grain of salt. Marca is a perfect example. They ALWAYS have this inside information, they claim, but then nothing comes of it and we realize their source probably gave a half-truth. Same can be said for just about every English paper.

        So no, I don’t think there is a major locker room issue. And I do not believe there is a rift between the German-Americans and the rest. I can see people having a problem with Chandler, yes, but I do not believe, for one second, there is a major issue between all the German-Americans and the other players. This is what I mean about a half-truth. I think someone was bitter with Chandler and exaggerated the situation because they were personally upset and made it seem like the whole team was too.

  18. With the chance to swap 4 players after the group stage Im thinking thats where he brings in some regulars. A guy like Chandler or Fab can do the qualifiers, have a month off, then come back for the 3 games in 2 weeks knockout round.

  19. No details about Holden other than the fact that Klinsmann was “very high”. No direct quotes or anything like were provided in the rest of the article?

  20. I actually see the Gold Cup as a potential landing spot for Landon Donovan. He needs to work himself into Klinsi’s good graces and would be ideal veteran leadership.

    Donovan + Holden would be great “regulars” to have on the GC team.

    • I agree. I was thinking about this earlier today. I can see JK leaving Donovan off the qualifier sqaud but giving him a chance to be on the GC squad. By playing in the GC squad, he is demonstrating his commitment and “earning” his spot back. It would be interesting to see how Donovan would respond to just a GC call-up. I am sure the veterans on the squad would be curious as well.

    • I can agree with this 1000%. I would love to see Landon leading the Gold Cup team. The question is whether Klinsmann would love it. And after yesterday’s comments, it appears Klinsmann is trying to get rid of Donovan. Maybe Landon should publicly volunteer for Gold Cup service. As much as he has done for the program the past decade, which some people seem to be conveniently ignoring, I bet Landon would do it once again for the cause.

      • We haven’t forgotten about Donovan. However, his services do not excuse his two year absence while his country needed him, his team needed him, and his coach needed him.

        I don’t care who it is, you do not take leave like that. He has to earn himself a spot on the team and his teammates have to accept him back. Klinsi values loyalty and consistency, both of which Donovan hasn’t shown in the past two years.

      • Who wouldn’t take an extended vacation to sort out personal issues if your employer allowed you?
        There is more to life than soccer. He took the break he needed and is now better for it. Everyone who I have heard talk about it has said so. This argument has been played out a million times, but some peoples inability to see things from a different perspective than their own is strange to me.

      • He gets paid to play a game. While the rest of us toil in real jobs for much less money, he had to ponder if he had the fire to continue PLAYING A GAME. I love his skill on the field but I get so tired of hearing about how difficult life is for a professional athelete. Go to school, get an advanced degree, work hard and be lucky to make enough to go to a few games that these guys play. I have a much greater respect for the players who realize that this is a limited engagement and greatness in sport is achieved while playing through adversity. Taking time off to play beach soccer in Cambodia…wish we all could phone it in for a few months to go do that.

      • You’re right. Most people would never get the opportunity to take a break when we really need to. He was lucky enough to be allowed to do that. I’m sure most people would jump at the chance if they could. Are you just jealous? Many reports say his issues were more personal than just not wanting to play soccer.
        I’ll say it again. People need to have some perspective on the issue. The whole walk a mile in another man’s shoes lesson… cmon we all know that one. He is very lucky to be such a gifted athlete that he gets to play soccer for a living. That doesn’t mean the guy doesn’t have other big issues in his life. There are more important things in life than soccer.

      • KCTC, let me just break this down rrreal eash for you. When you go out with your friends on the weekend and kick it around for a couple of hours THAT’S A GAME. When you live a life for.15+ years where everything you do is dedicated to becoming a great soccer player THAT’S a profession. for some this isn’t hard to understand but for those who share your point of view it seems you can’t comprehend that to these professional athletes this is work, not play.

      • People earn sabbaticals ALL the time

        You appear to not understand this tho it’s hardly a new concept

      • “Klinsi values loyalty and consistency”

        Thanks for the good laugh there. What’s with the ‘Klinsi’ term by the way? Man crush?

      • Donovan was not absent for 2 years by choice, despite what Klinsi said. The only choice he had to be absent were the 4 months he took a sabbatical. The other times he was unavailable were due to sickness (flu/bronchitis hit him at Everton) and injury – injuries that started, I might add, when he played for US vs. Mexico – and playing for his club in MLS Cup final.

      • He even flew coast to coast to play but was sent back home because his knee was too injured. He has demonstrated his willingness and desire to contribute.

      • If LD doesn’t rate as one of the top few US players in the entire pool to the evaluators, it would reveal only their emotional bias in selecting, a reality in human decision making

        But it wouldn’t be about fielding the best teams because that best team has LD on it

  21. Why no Dax? Controls the ball great work rate if beckerman goes down we’d be screwed. I’m not s fan of Gatt he’s an American version of Dane Richards, Mix is too soft and Bedoya is alright but I’d still take an out of form Pontius over him. I honestly think MLS has eclipsed Scandanavia and that this team will only have 2 or 3 overseas players.

  22. i think the lineup is pretty accurate for sure. but man, that defenders group is not encouraging.

    i think Gyau, Morales, and Adu should be considered. with Brooks playing at the U-20 World Cup, i don’t think we’ll see him (assuming he would want to). but Gyau, despite playing in Germany, seems like someone we should seriously consider bringing in given our need to identify talent on the wings. Morales seems to be on/off with Hertha Berlin, but the kid is talented and Klinsmann likes him. Adu, assuming he plays well in Brazil, should absolutely be in consideration as well.

    i’m also curious about Kljestan. there is no way he can’t be called up to either team. no way.

    also, Klinsmann loves to point out that the U-23 team really missed out. so this seems like a perfect time to give them big game experience. not all of them, but certainly a few.

    • He said he wasnt going to name names because there are so many he wouldnt have time to go through all of them. Basically, anyone with an American passport and two working legs not named Landon Donovan.

    • Might as well be 100. I feel like JK is a littl butt hurt about Lando taking time for him. I wouldn’t be shocked if Lando doesn’t suit up again to be honest. I think he will but we’ll see.

      • You truly believe if LD is fit that Coach won’t call him up? Have you watched the Nats flank play without him?

    • Hopefully his new team can surgically remove his head from his rear, and fix his focus where it should be….when he’s on he’s wonderful to watch, but mental maturity of 14…still….
      I think he’s staring to realize after 9 clubs in 10 years, he’s running out of countries who’ll take him…sad…could be so much more than he is

      • It’s a warning to everyone who is quick to anoint young players as “The next __________.” Let them earn their stripes, and it would be beneficial to see them surface later. I know that is just short of impossible in this day and age, but it could be useful.

  23. Interesting lineup Ives! I think the GC provides a great opportunity to examine some of the fringe players in the MNT player pool. This is a great setting to see how some young fringe players preform at the international level. Players like T-Boyd, Mixx, Gatt, and Agudelo are going to be really interesting to watch!

    PS: I would love to see Hamid or Johnson start instead of Rimando!

  24. Ives’ roster looks about right this far out. USA should have no trouble getting out of group in the GC. If the USA gets to the Final, looks like your MLS stars are going to be missing all of July.

  25. Any chance a standout performer at the U-20 WC gets called to the GC? Group play ends June 27, R of 16 is July 2-3, and R of 8 is July 6-7, all before the first USA GC game 7/9.

      • Villareal looks like the real deal, and Cuevas has been a beast. They’d be in form and aren’t every game starters for their clubs. It’s not like we haven’t had 19 year olds contribute to the ‘Nats before 🙂 Mind, I’m only saying if someone has a breakout tournament.

      • Villarreal is a good example. good point. but Cuevas i don’t see happening no matter how good his tourny is.

      • If it’s not Cuevas, the guy I’m thinking of is a stocky, strong, fast midfielder that plays for a club in Mexico. He looked unstoppable in the parts of the qualies I watched.

      • cuevas is probably who you are thinking of. but he is on the reserve team for Santos. he hasn’t been promoted to the first team yet.

        it almost sounds like you are describing Rodriguez, but he plays in Germany.

        but still, most of the U-20 players are not playing for the first team. Brooks and Villarreal are two exceptions.

      • I thought Cuevas was very good. He keeps the ball close at speed. Most of our other young speedy flank players aren’t as clean with the ball.

      • I agree. He was great and is great at that level. My point is I don’t think he’s ready for the Gold Cup with senior teams yet.

    • Probably not, because the players will already be missing a chunk of time with their club, and that’s a relationship that must be managed skillfully by the national team coach.

      Also, it’s a lot to demand of a U-20 to devote basically 2 full months of the offseason to competitive international games.

      • There are some limitations on rosters as well. You have to submit a 35-player roster 45 days ahead of the tourney and then you can switch up to four players from their 23-man roster for up to 24 hours after the conclusion of the group stage.

        You don’t have a lot of flexibility to name players in advance “in case” they do well in Turkey.

    • Nope. I mean you are asking a player that just had an emotional roller coaster in the WC; not to mention the physical and emotional toll that U-20 WC will exact on a young player to be apart of and play in another physically and emotionally draining tournament? Not only that you are asking that young player to play in back to back tournaments. In no way do I think Klinsmann will invite a U-20 player that just participated in the U-20 WC.

  26. they just schedule the Gold Cup every 4 years

    like say have the 1 in 2015, than every 4 years so 2019 and 2023.

    Let Canada or Mexico host. Let’s make this into a real tournament

    • You’re forgetting the #1 (and #2) reason the Gold Cup is held every 2 years.


      It’s important for those Caribbean nations who have no chance of ever qualifying for a WC. By extension, its important to the USSF so that people like Gulati get votes from those Caribbean nations over people like Compean.

    • Ironically, I see that as a compliment. Brian Ching should have been in South Africa. I think that, to this day, is still one of the biggest roster dis’s of all time. Terrible decision by Bradley. Ching was the best holding forward of his generation and an excellent passer to boot. He would have given us 1-2 goals in the WC.

      If Will Bruin could reach that level earlier, it is possible that he could surpass Ching, and be more in the range of McBride quality in that position.

      • The whole controversy over the situation arose from two things:

        1. Disagreement about Ching’s form and recovery from injury.
        2. Poor communication of the reason for cutting Ching from the squad.

      • As I recall by the time selections had to be made Ching was recovered from his latest hamstring pull but was left off because the medical staff felt he was at high risk of re-injuring himself. He had been injured off an on the year leading up to the World Cup.

        On a 23 man roster with a lot of tough games over a short time period health and versatility count for a lot. They were already taking a risk with Gooch’s questionable fitness.

        A shame since a fully healthy Ching could have been an asset.

      • I agree, that was a mistake not bringing Ching. He was nails in the box, especially late in the game. One of my all time favorite Quakes. The relationship soured when Ching declined a previous BB invite to rest and get fully healed after an injury. BB froze him out.

      • McBride proved himself as a striker in the EPL. How is saying someone is Ching 2.0 comparing him to McBride? People forget players far too easily..

      • Ching and McBride were similar players. McBride was just a much better version of that player.
        Ignorant is saying a guy is Ching 2.0 and belongs no where near the national team. Brian Ching may not have been our best player ever, but he was no where near our worst. People get way too caught up in the extremes and don’t realize there is a middle ground where the answer usually lies….

      • And why in sam hell is Brian Ching’s name anywhere NEAR Brian McBride’s in the USMNT pantheon????

      • Im with Ryan from NYC or wherever he’s from on this one. I am 6’3 and I too play a hold up.Forward but you don’t see me comparing myself to Brian McBride. Putting Ching and McBride in the same sentence is probably the greatest international achievment Ching has ever had.

    • As a Houston Dynamo fan, I agree with you completely. In fact, please never call up another Dynamo player ever again.

  27. MacInnerney, Boyd and Agudelo should get the call ups for being forwards. We need 1 if not 2 to be added to the striking roster for the WC.

    O/T what does Klinsmann see in EJ?

    • EJ: speed, improved a lot skill wise since his Fulham days, 2 important goals for the nats when he needed them, offers a bit of a different look than the other strikers in the pool.

      I am not sold on EJ btw, but he does IMO have some qualities that explain JK’s attraction to him. I think at the WC level he’ll be a Robbie Findley minus– completely useless against the pressure and stakes of WC quality defenses, defenders, and the environment.

  28. Can’t find much to fault about with your projected line-up. Based on Klinsi’ words, I’d imagine a guy like Corona gets left behind, albeit he deserves to be there. Let’s see what he brings to the Yanks. Unfortunately, guys like Pontius just can’t seem to find form.

    That midfield and attack will be nice:


    I’ve never been a fan of Bedoya. Benny if Holden doesn’t make it or isn’t up to par.

    • Factors influencing the likelihood of Bedoya’s making the Gold Cup Roster:
      1. His current form since returning from prolonged injury (good)
      2. His past performances for the USMNT (if you only saw him vs. Canada, you can’t accurately assess this)
      3. He will be in season at the time of the Gold Cup, contributing to #1. This is directly related to Klinsmann’s comments.

      Factors not influencing Bedoya’s making the squad:
      1. The fact that you’ve never been a fan of him.

    • Nice
      would like to see Benny back in it & maybe give the younger guys…Villareal, Gyau, Mcinerney, Kitchen, Pontius, McCarty, Gil etc some exposure and maybe a shot at bigger clubs in Europe…longer season, better training etc

      • I would agree with Kitchen. However, I think DC as a team are holding him back from really shinning. Us losing the midfield battle doesn’t mean he’s playing poorly, on the contrary he’s playing his best soccer. But it does make him look worse than he is. I wouldn’t mind seeing him there as an understudy to Beckerman.

      • Gil and Villareal will probably be at the U-20’s. Mcinerney is interesting because he has been scoring

  29. Is it completely out of the question that some of the A-team players might play both in the June qualifiers and in the Gold Cup? I know it’s a lot of games, but the MLS and Scandinavian league players will be playing at least once a week through June and then head to the Gold Cup.


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