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Beasley, Shea among 29 players called into USMNT training camp for summer qualifers

Herculez Gomez Clarence Goodson


There weren’t many surprises in 26-player roster chosen by Jurgen Klinsmann for the upcoming U.S. Men’s National Team training camp starting in Cleveland on March 26th.

The camp, which will prepare the team for a busy stretch of matches from late May to mid-June, features Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard and Michael Bradley, as well as March qualifying standouts such as DaMarcus Beasley and Matt Besler.

Missing from the list was Landon Donovan, which was no surprise by now given early reports revealing his absence. Also not on the roster are veteran Steve Cherundolo and Carlos Bocanegra, as well as  Tim Chandler and Jose Torres. Both Cherundolo and Chandler were left out due to injury.

A total of 29 players were named to the roster, but only 26 will be with the team at any one time as Klinsmann circulates a quartet of MLS goalkeepers for the five matches the team has in the coming weeks.

Here is the USMNT training camp roster:

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Bill Hamid, Sean Johnson, Nick Rimando, Tally Hall

DEFENDERS– Geoff Cameron, Omar Gonzalez, Matt Besler, Clarence Goodson Edgar Castillo, Fabian Johnson, Damarcus Beasley, Michael Parkhurst

MIDFIELDERS– Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones, Graham Zusi, Brek Shea, Maurice Edu, Sacha Kljestan, Joe Corona, Stuart Holden, Brad Davis, Danny Williams

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, Terrence Boyd, Eddie Johnson


The team will begin gathering in Cleveland on May 26th, ahead of their May 29th friendly vs. Belgium. Several players will be missing from the start of camp due to club commitments. Michael Bradley is playing in Coppa Italia with Roma while Corona and Castillo will be playing in the quarterfinals of Copa Libertadores with Club Tijuana.

What do you think of the squad? Disappointed that Donovan isn’t on the team? Who are you happy to see make the cut?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Lots of posts, too many to check if this has been posted, so I’ll make sure it has: Donovan > EJ



    U.S. fans.

    Or: Thanks,

    The Rest of Concacaf

  2. This is Klinsman saying so what if you want to play now, Landon! Does not matter to me. You did not make me first choice before.

    Donovan is clearly sharp again as proven by his last game. Klinsman is not helping the US team
    by playing these ego games!

  3. 6 goalkeepers, Shea a bench warmer, and still Adu can’t bite his way into the…. if Klins can give chances to Edu and Shea, he clearly can give little man a chance to help us create a scoring chance late in the game. I rather have a bench warmer Adu who has contributed successfully wearing the stripes, then most guys that get called in our NT. We need scoring threads or players who can create…. But once again we bring nothing but players who’s specialty is the 46defense. 6 goalkeepers? Oooh god -Big Sean voice

  4. This is the ultimate starting lineup:

    Goalie: Mike Magee
    Defense: Brad Guzan, Bill Hamid, Tally Hall
    Midfield: Sean Johnson, Nick Rimando, Tim Howard
    Forward: Clint Dempsey

  5. Regardless of all the talk about commitment, desire, team cohesion, etc., etc., etc., one thing should be crystal clear to just about everyone: By excluding Donovan, Klinsmann has deliberately decided play the next three qualifiers with a distinctly weaker team than he might have fielded. That’s OK, perhaps, if the team gets the points we need. But this will be pretty much the same team that scored just one goal in the last two games combined and, consequently, was very lucky to get results in both. A little different bounce here or there and we might easily have gotten no result in either.

    Yes, Donovan presently lacks the sharpness he has when he’s at his best. Except for his (rather spectacular) last 30 minutes of Wednesday’s game, he has been rather tentative and unsure of himself in all his recent games, missing passes and giving the ball up too easily. But it should be clear to anyone who has watched those games that he’s been getting sharper from one game to the next, with increasing flashes of his brilliance along the way. On Wednesday he showed that his vision, incisive passing and even his speed (at least most of it) are all still there. All that’s missing is the greater consistency that a few more weeks of practice and game time will almost certainly bring.

    I was delighted when Klinsmann was hired to coach the team. But I think he’s now being a jerk, talking about all the wrong things and running a needless risk by leaving Donovan out of the next three games of WC qualifying. What’s past is past. Donovan has apparently taken the time he needed to screw his head on right; I hope Klinsmann will now does the same. The only thing that matters is what someone can be expected to contribute, if given the chance, when we take the field against Jamaica, Panama and Honduras. Donovan is the all-time MNT leader in assists. By the time he retires, he will likely be the all-time leader in MLS as well. Thus, in creating goals that others will score, no one else in the player pool comes remotely close to Donovan. It is a talent conspicuous by its absence since Donovan last played for the US. For me. I would start Altidore and Dempsey up front, since they both know how to score if they get good service, and I would put Beasley and Donovan on the wings, since they are both very good at supplying the service required and have good-to-excellent speed to boot. As matters now stand, however, that can’t happen.

  6. What people need to understand is that Donovan being left off is not a form or chemistry issue. Klinsman is obviously punishing Donovan for leaving the team, as he should. My coach says that if we miss a practice for any reason we don’t play the next game, and that’s high school.Donovan should not be allowed to miss important games and just be installed back in like it was nothing

    • Spoken with the naiveté of a high schooler. Donovan’s been on this team for 15 years, and now he’s an old man, in soccer years, and he took a rest. That’s all. Klinsmann’s the one who is turning this into a pissing contest. Shame on him.

      ps: your coach sounds like a doosh.

      • Even If he needed a break you can’t just leave your team like that especially somebody so important like him, he just let them out to dry during a very crucial time
        P.M. we won states with our coach so I rather have a douche coach who knows what he’s doing than somebody who has no clue of what he’s doing and can’t help me improve

      • douché

        Also, no way you played team sports. No player is bigger than the team. If you are not available for the grind don’t come around looking for the glory. Donovan is getting what he asked for … A BREAK

  7. the way I see it there are 21 names with inside track on WC14.
    Howard, Guzan, Rimando,
    F. Johnson, Gonzalez, cameron, besler, goodson, cherundolo, chandler
    Williams, edu, bradley, jones, beasley, donovan, zusi,
    Dempsey, E Johnson, Altidore, Gomez

    Some of these guys because they just have too much talent to be left off (Donovan, Chandler)
    Some just fit the system to well (edu, gomez)
    Some just have the versatility and experience (Rimando, Beasley)

    Sure, things can change, but that would leave 2 spots open on the roster. I see Castillo, Corona, Holden, shea, and Boyd as the individuals battling for those spots. Weird, they are all in camp. Some of these players JK just really wants a good look at.

  8. Some questions…

    Why is not playing for ausberg more valuable than not playing for Aston Villa (or in this case, PLAYING for Asont Villa)? – form and playing time double standards

    What are the circumstances that would ever require the use of 6 goal keepers? – simply strange

    What to D.C., Chicago, and Houston all think about having their GK’s taken away for several weeks in June AND July (assuming those are your Gold Cup selections)? – Building terrible relationships with your professional feeder squads.

    What’s Klinsmann’s disdain for having veteran leadership in the locker room, even if not on the field? You’re telling me that Boca, Dolo, and Landon have less value than Goodsen, Danny Williams, and the 5th/6th GK in terms of what they can bring to a training session/film room/etc? – It makes me think he’s afraid of their potential influence

    Why does Klinsmann make me more upset that Bob Bradley did? – The list is growing.

    • On the GK’s… He is going to spell them. Howard and Guzan will only be there, but he will only have one other keeper training with them at a time. Only Hamid will miss a match and he will only train in DC.

    • just read Klinsmann’s GK explanation. I think now it makes even less sense. Why bring in players that you are not even expecting to be able to commit fully for the entire time? Bring in 2-3 more Euro guys whose season is over and can be there the whole time and either familiarize themselves with the system – Lichaj, J.A. Brooks or guys that are not quite healthy that can use it as rehab – Dolo, Chandler.

      • he isn’t. they are not being brought in as a number in the 26 man camp. right now, it’s a 25 man camp with the 26th spot up for grabs. that spot will be for a GK. apparently they could not make a decision and decided to bring them in on a rotation so they could evaluate them all.

        “Bring in 2-3 more Euro guys whose season is over and can be there the whole time and either familiarize themselves with the system – Lichaj, J.A. Brooks or guys that are not quite healthy that can use it as rehab – Dolo, Chandler.”

        This was my thought too, then I realized what was going on. Again, these extra keepers are players 26, 27, 28, and 29. they are not 1-25. meaning these keepers are not taking up ANY outfield spot. so by leaving them out, you can’t bring in one of the players you listed. No, instead, roster spot #26 will go to ONE of the remaining 4 GKs.

    • Lichaj has played a lot more for AV than Parkhurst has for his team. I don’t think one is better than the other, and I don’t think anyone expected to see Lichaj play in WCQs, but he would be a good option for the Gold Cup since he started playing again.

      You should up on the GK thing. I was at a lost for words too, but then I figured out what the deal was.

  9. the GOld Cup roster is going to be exciting:

    “There are definitely some 50-50 cases for players that we moved toward the Gold Cup where we want to have a very strong roster as well, and we are very excited about that tournament. A player like Kyle Beckerman could be in this camp, but having him in the Gold Cup is a tremendous value. We have players like Josh Gatt, Mix Diskerud, and Alejandro Bedoya, guys that are doing really well who could be ready for the upcoming camp, but will also be in a full rhythm for the Gold Cup, so in that moment we shift them over to that roster. Another player we have a very close eye on is Aron Johannsson, who’s playing now with Jozy Altidore at Alkmaar and is coming off an injury.”

    Confirms that we’ll see:

    Beckerman, Gatt, Mix, and Bedoya which is nice to hear. we all assumed it, but now we know. interesting about AJ though, sounds like he’s going to get the call. That’s not good news for Bruin or Jack Mac. I imagine Agudelo will still be at the Gold Cup as well as Boyd. Add in Corona and Castillo as well.

    Still hoping for Morales, Torres, and Lichaj though. And Orozco depending on the CB/RB situation.

  10. Starting XI:


    • It has to happen eventually, sorry Timmy….


  11. It’s official. Our national team is being run by an egomaniacal hypocrite.

    “You must be getting first team football, regularly, to be considered for national team duty”

    Really? How many names on this list are fighting for scraps at their clubs? Did I miss all these minutes that Brek Shea has been accumulating?

    Calling in six keepers and leaving off your nation’s all time leading scorer, who is working his way back to fitness at a faster rate than a couple names on the list, and a regular player for a top team in Mexico is nothing short of a huge F*** YOU in the face of those players. I don’t know what Jose did to Jurgen, but he seems unlikely to wear the shirt again.

  12. Pathetic. You need to look no further than the inclusion of Danny Williams who cant even sniff the bench of a Bundesliga team on the brink of relegation, has been nothing short of TERRIBLE every game in a USA uniform bar one game, to know Jurgen has no idea what he is doing. Shea can’t touch the bench for Stoke, gets called up. Parkhurst cant make the 18 ever, gets called up. Eric Lichaj been making quality starts for Villa (unfortunate that he got stuck behind the fantastic Lowton this season) and is almost always at least in the 18, left home. Jose Torres, Benny, Mix, all CM’s that deserved call-ups over Danny Williams. Bedoya is tearing the Swedish league apart, left home for the likes of the known not international quality Brad Davis (and Shea). Our best field player of all time, left home because Jurgen wants to set an example. Wake up and smell the coffee people, all those rumors were real. We are going nowhere fast with this bumbling idiot in charge.

  13. We can argue til we’re blue in the face about whether Klinsmann’s lineup (no Donovan and several players who haven’t played lately) is the right one. We may yet manage to pull out 6-9 points out of these next three qualifiers. But I think we can agree on the following:
    1. This lineup is likely to take a defensive approach
    2. We are unlikely to see more offensive production than we have thus far in qualifying
    3. Our forwards will continue to starve for service in exchange for a defensive shape
    4. Much hand-wringing will occur in June, because ALL of these games are likely to be decided by a goal at most.

    • I’d agree with that. I didn’t want to see LD but I fully realize that means our offense will be stagnant without a strong winger. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 4-4-2 to compensate until Donovan proves himself or another winger truly develops but I doubt that will happen.

  14. to get away from the who Donovan fiasco… Klinsmann had some interesting comments about the Gold Cup roster.

    “…Kyle Beckerman could be in this camp, but having him in the Gold Cup is a tremendous value. We have players like Josh Gatt, Mix Diskerud, and Alejandro Bedoya… so in that moment we shift them over to that roster. Another player we have a very close eye on is Aron Johannsson… We want to watch the Under-20s play in Turkey for the FIFA U-20 World Cup. We have some players there on the list that we want to introduce to the senior National Team…”

    So Beckerman, Gatt, Diskerud, Bedoya, Johannsson (possibly), J.A. Brooks (possibly) Donovan will get Gold Cup looks. Add that players like to Holden, Williams, Shea, Parkhurst, Corona and Boyd who could all be a part of both teams. That is a foundation of a strong and interesting group for the Gold Cup.

    • Yeah, I thought the Gold Cup remarks were interesting too. The roster for the current training camp is stronger than that for the March qualifiers just by virtue of F. Johnson, Castillo, Jones (who was injured for the Mexico game), Dempsey (who was coming off an injury), and Howard being there and fully healthy. I have full confidence that group can get at least 6 points from the 3 qualifiers.

      And then Klinsmann’s left open the possibility of having a mix of veterans and up-and-comers for the Gold Cup, who could potentially form a pretty strong roster and would have good incentive to prove they belong with the A team. I can imagine a ticked off Donovan tearing up the Gold Cup.

  15. Davis, Shea and Williams.


    Here is what I would like to see for the first qualifier:

    Cameron Gonzo Besler Castillo
    Zusi Bradley Jones F. Johnson
    Altidore Dempsey

    Here is what I expect to see when I am in the stands watching them vs. Germany

    Parkhurst Goodson Cameron F. Johnson
    Corona Williams Holden Shea
    Altidore Boyd

  16. Starting XI:


  17. Can someone tell JK he is an idiot. Has he seen Brek Shea play recently? bc i certainly have not? He must be scoring at will in TRAINING!!!!

    Bring back Sampson!!!!

  18. 1. If you complain about the keeper thing… reading is fun. Try it. Start with the article you are commenting on.

    2. Stop talking about Lichaj. Just… stop.

    3. LD hasn’t played much, hasn’t been particularly good when he has, and one good game a night ago doesn’t change that. Note: LD’s single good game came after JK publicly lit a fire under his arse. Coincidence? Perhaps, but having watched LD over the years, I’m leaning “no”.

    In all, some head scratchers (Parkhurst? Davis?), but not a huge surprise, should get the job done.

    • Great, he’s rotating the keepers. Glad that Klinsmann has addressed the most pressing concern of the USMNT, goalkeeper depth!

      It’s not only the fact he called in 6, but more so of what it means his PRIORITIES are.
      Right back depth? Better wing play/service/creative influence? No, no you guys we need to sort out this #3 GK problem

  19. The one thing I think people aren’t taking into account is for some players it’s easier for them to come into the camp and get some time. Shea, Holden, Williams will all be in off season so they aren’t pulling them from a club situation. However with that said I don’t see why you don’t bring in a Cherundolo then. Never mind Klinsmann has lost it.

    • No question. Bradley used to often use camp to allow some guys who have been injured or out of favor with their clubs to get some run. It’s a good idea, especially with an expanded roster. The problem is that JK continually, forcefully, and publicly makes a point of saying that he won’t do it…. then he does it… then he acts like he never said he wouldn’t do it. It’s flaky, causes dissent, and doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in his players. All he has to do is tell the press that he’s considering a bunch of different factors without saying, “I’m not going to do this.” It’s dumb.

  20. Parkhurst must sure be in a rhythm with all those games he’s been getting in the Bundesliga. Didn’t know he was receiving more playing time than Lichaj, etc….

    • Does anyone know: Is there a history of bad blood between JK and Lichaj that keeps Lichaj from getting a call up? Is Lichaj a Bob Bradley man and Klinsmann doesn’t like it? Doesn’t Lichaj speak German? The Lichaj ommission boggles my mind.

  21. i don’t mind the selection… except for danny williams and the RB position.

    Who the heck is playing RB? parkhurst is a bench warmer at his club and cameron isn’t a REAL RB. He can cover the role like Beasley at LB but he’s not a true RB.

    • what is Cameron’s natural position? CDM? most (almost all) of his minutes at Stoke have been at RB and he played pretty well there at Azteca. of the three positions that Cameron can play RB might be his best right now.. hopefully we won’t have to see what kind of form Parkhurst and Williams are in right now..

    • I’m assuming Chandler and Dolo were injured at the time this roster was made (Chandler is still injured right?). Cameron filled in decently at RB at Mexico and if we are going to start Besler after that one game sample I’m not opposed to letting Cameron fill that spot until his competition is more healthy.

  22. Great Roster! Can’t wait to see us get 5 straight wins.

    –E. Johnson—-Dempsey–

  23. With Shea and Holden here, but not Donovan, JK is talking out of both sides of his mouth. It’s a joke. Donovan has exactly what this team lacks right now, and JK is trying to prove some kind of stupid point. Get over yourself and do what’s best for the team.

    • Whats best for the team is not letting talent dictate what commitment a player needs to make to the team to get on the roster. Donovan shouldn’t even be considered in the pool until he proves his loyalty again. Club playing time and/or talent compared to other players are considered only after the commitment box is checked. That may not be JK’s reasoning but it looks like it and I support it.

  24. Herc and Deuce are too much alike to share the field at the same time. Get Boyd in there. Also, Zusi and Jozy are due for a break out game. Let’s see if Shea can be dangerous or at least keep possession.


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