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Centerback prospect signs homegrown deal with Red Bulls

Matt Miazga, Mark Segbers

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Matt Miazga became the third homegrown player signing this season for the New York Red Bulls when he completed his first professional deal on Thursday.

The 17-year-old centerback is a product of the Red Bulls Academy and a member of the U.S. Under-18 squad. Miazga had previously committed to the University of Michigan before the Clifton, N.J. product decided to join the Red Bulls.

“I had other offers, but I chose the New York Red Bulls because that is where my heart lies,” Miazga said in a statement on the club’s website. “One day, I hope to play for the first team in Red Bull Arena in front of our wonderful fans and contribute to the club’s success in MLS. I want to thank my family and our youth academy coaches for helping me to realize my dream.”

What do you make of this news? Do you believe he is a good addition to the squad?

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  1. *Insert Pollack joke here*

    I wish him success and I hope he chooses the US if he progresses to the international level.
    If he progresses to the international level and chooses Poland, I wish him success.

  2. Some information from Polish-language sources, in case anyone is interested:

    Mateusz Miazga (his Polish name, which he reportedly prefers), was born to Polish parents in New Jersey.

    He earned debuts in the U-18 teams of both Poland and the US last year. After playing for Poland U-18, he stated, “What a feeling, to play for your country before 3,000 fans!”

    After playing for the Poland U-18 team, he reportedly received a trial from Werder Bremen.

    Maciej Chorążyk, Miazga’s U-18 coach in Poland, made this statement about the player’s dual-nationality prospects: “Let’s not make him into some kind of traitor. He’s a solid boy; he will play for us. He is searching for a club in Europe, and his play in the USA national team can help him with this.”

    He speaks Polish in his home and often visits the country. He also follows Polish national team games online. When a reporter from Przegląd Sportowy asked him whether he considers himself a Pole or an American, he replied, “Probably a Pole.”

    Marcin Dobosz, a Polish soccer journalist who has talked with Miazga, stated his belief that Miazga will play for the US national team while he is playing here and will play for Poland when he moves to a club in Europe.

    I hope some or all of this is interesting. Two articles from Przegląd Sportowy (Poland’s premiere sporting publication) are my sources. All translations are my own.

  3. I’m happy for the signing but can someone tell me what he does now? I’m not being sarcastic, I genuinely don’t know. Does he just train with the first team and never play a game? In Europe, he’d have u-21 or reserve league games, or he could be loaned out to a lower division side. What does a homegrown player do after signing with an MLS team if he isn’t ready to play for the first team?

  4. Congrats to Red Bull. The real groundwork for this was done under Backe, they’re seeing the fruits of his labor with the academy players.

    /sarcasm off

  5. Nice to see another homegrown signing. One thing is like to see the league do is, when young players are signed, say under 21, they get X amount of dollars set aside for future education if they choose. Maybe $20K per year they’re with the club during years 16, 17, 18, and 19? That might entice more players to become pro instead of go the college game route.

    • Also nice to have a young defender here to learn under a pretty experienced back four of Olave, Holgersson, Pearce, and Miller. And a solid additional crop in Barklage, Lade, and Kimura. I think it will be a positive environment.

  6. I wonder if these kids who pass on a full college scholarship, get some king of guaranteed pay that would at least pay for four years of college. Beacuse lets face it, very very few of these kids will make it to the first team and actually play. Not sure how I’ll advise my sons when the time comes. Maybe it depends on where there hearts lie, lol.

      • Yedlin over runs the occasional play, but he is pretty darn close to being among the best fullbacks in MLS. Hands down rookie of the year so far.

    • Louis Gil, Juan Agudelo. Give it some time, these academies have only been around for a few years. As players start with the academies at earlier ages we will see better results.

  7. Slightly off topic….but the Senate has actually done something useful!! They passed the Immigration Reform bill which eliminates that absurd Diversity Visa Lottery program. So no more subsaharans that will “enrich” our national team like Maurice Edu, Freddy Adu, Gale Agbossoumonde, and Ike Opara

    • Not sure if that last part is sarcasm or not…

      Because if it isn’t, you really need to take a look in the mirror.

  8. I mean if you’re a player who’s dedication lies soley with football, college ball is a hinderance and mistake.

    • I dont know that this is always the case. College ball has come a long way in only the last few years. When you add in the training/games these kids get for the academy and, for some, the US U-18s, it can actually be a good diverse training path. Now if he is a kid that is ready to be included in a match 18 within the next two years, then there’s no question signing is the best idea.


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